The IELTS speaking part 1 car trip is given in this article for the IELTS exam. All the candidates preparing for the IELTS exam can go through this article and fetch the information to speak confidently and perfectly in the speaking section. So, you must start reading this article for your IELTS exam preparation and to choose and move to your favourite country to study or work.

Let’s begin with the knowledge about the IELTS speaking section. You can also grab information about different topics asked in this portion. So, let’s start!

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Car trip

#1. Do You Like to Travel by Car?

Yes, I like to commute by car because it is one of the foremost vital edges of travel by car is flexibility. I will stop where I need, take any street, any shortcut that suits my commute hours. Another good thing about travelling by car is reaching fancy fantastic views. Also, I will save my time and in my accord, the car is the most convenient mode of transport.

#2. When Do You Travel By Car?

I favour travel by car once I head to the farthest places. The car enables me to travel in air-conditioned surroundings and provides adequate protection from inclement weather. In addition, cars are quick and ideal for covering long distances in a very short amount of time.

#3. Where is the Farthest Place You Have Traveled by Car?

Last year my relative came from Canada and he wished to envision a Golden temple. At that point I travelled by car, as a result, he had returned in less than two weeks and we failed to have enough time for a train reservation.

#4. Do You Like to Sit in the Back or Front When Traveling by Car?

Well, it depends on the case. Once I accompany my family then I favour taking a seat in the back seat, however, once I accompany my partner then I like to take a seat in the front row. I see the assorted majestic views whenever I sit in the front seat.

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IELTS Speaking Preparation

The candidates dreaming to migrate abroad must do a precise and strong IELTS exam preparation. To fetch good scores, you must be good at speaking, writing, listening, and speaking sections of the English language. The speaking section is the last one where the candidates move to the hall where examiners sit. They are required to discuss the topics on the given topics.

The examiners give this topic to the aspirants. You are required to be knowledgeable and creative to answer the topics or questions asked by the experts. You will be confident to speak if you have the correct knowledge. So, you must go through this article to acknowledge the sample answer for the speaking topic along with some other topics commonly asked in this section.

Let’s go through all the important information so that you can achieve your ambitions through this paper. You can also fetch questions and answers for IELTS Speaking Part 1 from this article.

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IELTS Exam Speaking Part 1 Questions

About you

What is your name?

Can I have your full name, please?

What shall I call you?

What is the meaning of your name?

How can I address you?

How important is your name to you?

Have you ever changed your name? Why? Or why not?

Why do people change their names?

Do you currently work or study?


Can you describe your job to me?

How long are you doing this job?

Why did you choose that job?

Can you describe one of your typical workdays?

What is your ideal job?

What are the things you enjoy about the job? And why?

What do you think is the main attraction of your job?

Are you willing to do this job permanently?

Do you want to switch jobs?

What are your plans?


Are you currently studying?

What is your major?

Why did you choose this subject?

What is the most interesting part about your subject?

What is the most interesting part about your course?

Do you dislike anything about the course or the subject?

What are your plans?

How long does it take to complete this course?

Free time

What do you usually do during your free time?

Why are you doing these things?

How much time do you get every week for this?

Do you have some other hobby or interest?

Do you want to try some other activities in your free time?

How has spending time in leisure changed over the years?

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