IELTS cue card topics are an essential element of the IELTS speaking test module. This is the second of the three activities for the IELTS exam that aspirants have to perform when appearing. To be able to deal with this successfully, this aspect of the test needs a variety of skills learned over time. The questions can overlap to include a wide variety of subjects, from science, history, lifestyle, social media, and the list is infinite. Maybe the questions would not be in a reasonable order. You could be asked to describe a field of interest in research, and describing an award you win could be the next question. So, be prepared to answer every potential random question.

Here’s a cue card topic “Describe a Country Where You Would Like to Work for a Short Time” which will help you to become better in this task

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Format

You will be given precisely 1 minute to train yourself to talk about a specific topic in the IELTS Speaking exam, and this topic is called the IELTS Cue Card or Candidate Task Card. On a card given to you by the interviewer, the directions to direct your speech are written.

Your talk should last roughly 2 minutes before you are asked to leave by the examiner. One or two questions will be answered by the examiner at the end. The problem of the cue card/candidate challenge card lasts for 3-4 minutes – plus 1 minute of preparing time.

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic- Describe a Country Where You Would Like to Work for a Short Time

Cue Card Topics: Questions

You must answer by following these:

  • Where would you like to work?
  • What kind of job would it be?
  • When would you like to go?
  • Why do you want to work there?

IELTS Exam Cue Card Sample One- Describe a Country Where You Would Like to Work for a Short Time

Everybody needs to experience the world of numerous countries in today’s age of globalisation. The development of the aviation industry has made it possible for individuals to travel either to work or for leisure in various countries. In developed nations such as the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, individuals from emerging countries such as India have a deep urge to settle.

In my situation, Canada is the nation I would like to live in for a brief period of time. Many of my cousins have settled in Canada now, and they still recommend that I move to Canada. So, I wanted to go for higher studies there. In reality, in Canada, when studying, students can work 20 hours a week.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Sample Question Part Two

In this way, without being a liability to their guardians, students will handle their expenses. In comparison, persons are remunerated in Canada on the basis of the number of hours they work every day. Furthermore, to ensure that no one is cheated, the government has agreed to set wages for individuals employed in any industry. The reasons that I would like to work in Canada are these. Aside from this, when training, I would like to work in a restaurant or pub. I want to meet new people and make them my friends by being an extrovert. I will meet new people every day by working there and can hear about their lifestyle and culture.

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Sample Conclusion

In addition, I will become autonomous and will think about how to cope successfully with financial matters. Besides this, relative to other part-time workers, the wage rate of individuals working in a restaurant or bar is often high. So, I would certainly like to work in Canada for a short time.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Sample Two- Describe a Country Where You Would Like to Work for a Short Time


Well, in a prosperous world, everybody needs to live where they can get more opportunities to prove themselves and earn as much money as they deserve. I want to go beyond my country as well and want to do what I want to do. I have so many countries to pick from, but for many reasons, I prefer America and want to talk about it briefly.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Sample Answering Question Part Two

On our planet, America is the most industrialised and developed region. For several reasons, it has been rising briskly. In many sectors, such as technology, economy, etc., it has already surpassed so many developed countries. There is greater contrast between India’s economy and that of America. There are still too many individuals in America who are the most famous in the country. I think I can have an opportunity to explore myself by working there and also get a chance to see the way they work.

Conclude Your IELTS Exam Cue Card Answer

I want to go there as an architect to be honest because I’m going to get a chance to know the newest designs and software they use to create innovative designs for massive shopping centres, hospitals, and colleges by doing this. So, I’m going to try more ideas and create larger buildings in my own country. I have already begun planning on moving there, and eventually, I can make my dream come true.

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How to Prepare for IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic?

Memorized vocabulary does not provide a detailed measure of the English-language skills to the interviewer. If you have memorised your comments, the interviewer may be able to say and this will impact your final band score.

In your speaking test, you may want to inspire the interviewer with large and complicated phrases. But stop using terms you are not familiar with in order to be secure. By either mispronouncing words or putting them in the wrong way, there is a better risk of making errors. Your final band performance will be influenced by errors. Using a variety of words that you appreciate that is applicable to the issue being presented.


On the contrary, within the specified time period, you must answer your question, since it will play an important role in getting your desired band score. Also, if you keep these things in mind, you are likely to get a satisfactory band score for the IELTS test, stop hesitating a lot, concentrate on grammar precision, and speak correctly. Practice daily with new cue card topics to gain some confidence for your IELTS exam. Best of luck!

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