Looking for a college to apply to in Canada? Well, Canada is a great choice for anyone. It boasts the best education facilities and many more.

It has so many things to offer everyone. It even openly welcomes everyone.

It has beautiful sceneries, the best education facility, medical facility and many more. Moreover, it has an easy immigration process.

You can apply for Humber college courses and programs and get benefited by studying and then working there.

Humber College is an institute of technology-based in Ontario.

Ready to know more.

Humber College Courses and Programs

Humber Institute of Technology in advance learning was established in the year 1960 It is a public college in Ontario, Canada. It has three campuses: Lakeshore campus, North campus, and Orangeville campus.

It offers more than 200 different programs, including their degree, certificate, apprenticeship and many more. Moreover, it also provides rich training programs for globally trained professionals in the field, IT and engineering.

It is the first Canadian college to get silver-rated for sustainability tax assessment.

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Humber University is located on the Humber River. The North Campus of the institution has more than 90,000 students, and 1000 of them reside in hostels.

It provides both full and part-time programs of a wide range, such as health science liberal arts, media, technology, business, along with awesome hospitality and tourism.


The Lakeshore Campus 

It has more than 10,000 full-time students, with 400 living inside the campus. It has a more innovative cottage building for faculty.

Orangeville Campus

It has modern wireless classroom and computer labs and also has a swimming pool, a library, hockey rinks, restaurant and food courts.

It offers programs such as the police foundation,  social service worker (SSW),  early childhood education( ECE).

Humber North Campus

This campus had a variety of programs like business, applied technology. Health science liberals arts, hospitality and tourism.

It also has an indoor pool and sauna and also a spa. It is home to a researcher.

at the Barrett centre for technology innovation which works on automation user experience testing and applied research.


Humber College provides a variety of campus facilities and recommendations for its students which are more than 40,000, full-time students.

It has a digital broadcast centre like Humber tv, radio Humber and newspapers and various other facilities like arts and media studio and centre for urban ecology.


The college has more than  200,000 Alumni and  40,000  had made a major contribution in different fields.

Many popular players such as musician and songwriter Ben Bowen, football player Royal Copeland, Ontario politician Michael A Brown, Novelist and writer Anthony had passed from this notable college

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Humber institute of technology and advanced learning, now known as Humber college’s s one of the best leading colleges in Ontario and is ranked eighth in research worldwide.

It is also ranked between 500 to 600 in the US college ranking 2019.

Procedure to Apply

# 1– Students can apply using these steps outside of Humber College.

# 2– Register yourself on the official website.

# 3– Fill up the online application and deposit the fees of 75 CAD

# 4– Now choose a program and confirm it.

# 5– Now submitted required documents including English proficiency test scores, etc

# 6– Now, the procedure will be completed in eight to 10 weeks and accepted candidates will receive an offer letter.

# 7– Afterwards pay the tuition fees.

It is strongly recommended to pay tuition fees for the first semester before applying for a student visa.


Because this gives you extra points. It is proof that you can afford your education and living expenses in Canada.


Canada is a perfect Country for someone who wants to settle in a foreign country.

Why? Because it provides world-class education facilities, has an easy immigration process, and many more.

It is a beautiful country which has many beautiful sceneries of nature. It is famous for its Maple leaves and syrup.

It offers its citizens best facilities like health, education, employment, safety,etc.

It openly welcomes foreigners to settle in. Different provisions have their own laws and requirements regarding immigration.

But if you see overall it encourages immigration. Moreover every year it receives immigration from 200 countries.

Major populations comes from India, China, Africa, South  Asia, etc.

Visa Process

So, you got admitted to Lambton college now want to apply for a student visa? Let us help you to apply for a student visa.

A student visa or student permit is a document issued by Canadian immigration authorities, which serves as permission for children to study in Canada.


# You have to be accepted by a Designated Institute of Canada

# You need to prove that you have enough funds to pay for your tuition fees.

# You should have a clean criminal background.

# You should have a proper health care check and medical certificate to certify that you are in good health.

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Documents Required

#  A valid passport of acceptance by the second learning institution

# Proof of funds

# Passport size photographs

# Migration medical fee

#  English language proficiency test scorecard

# Statement of purpose: It is an essay which you have to write, to explain why you want to visit Canada and by choosing a particular institution.

# Credit card information.

Steps to Apply for a Canadian Visa for Study

# You can apply online or in person.

# To apply online you have to scan copies of the document for uploading and have a valid credit card for payment.

# You still have to provide a finger scan to the regional Visa Application Center.

# Visit the office on your passport and further provide confirmation of the formal fees.

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English Proficiency Test Score

Requirement of different proficiency score in Humber College programs. It is situated in English speaking countries and therefore must possess strong English skills.

English Proficiency Test accepted by Humber college: IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, MET. EAP, and CAEL.

IELTS : 6-7

TOEFL: 550-600

MTE: 55-65

PTE: 50-65

EAP: 75-80%

CAEL: 60-70 (60 in Writing)

Humber College Programs and Courses 

Humber College offers various courses.

# Undergraduate programs

# Graduation program

# Diploma

# Online courses

# Distance Education

# Advanced Diploma

It offers courses on different fields such as:

# Big Data and Social Analytics

# Software Engineering

# Basic Web Design

# Business Management

# Conflict Management

# Customer Experience

# Digital Marketing

# Employee Relocation Management

# Employment & Career Coaching

# Aging & Seniors Care

# Applied Arts & Liberal Studies

# Business

# College Readiness

# Community Services

# Computer – Information Technology

# Corporate Training

# Creative Industries

# Fashion Designing

# Food Processing

# Paralegal

# Legal and law

# General Education Electives

# General Interest

# Health & Life Sciences

# Hospitality & Culinary Arts

# Language

# Communications

# Fashion and Design

# Teaching & Education

# Technology & Trades

It is best known for Business Administration, Engineering, Software Engineering, Research and Technology.

You can apply for any of them easily. But remember one thing. Their courses are famous worldwide and hence the competition for each course is high.

Therefore to ensure successful admission apply for the course as early as possible.

Can’t find your courses? Well, visit Humber official website for more courses. Here you can find a list of all courses with requirements.


Humber College has so many courses and programs to offer you. Moreover, it ensures your placement in top paying companies.

It provides world-class facilities to its students and provides them with scholarships. You can apply for that at the Candian Visa process easily.

With so much to offer, we don’t find any reason to not choose Humber College.

What about you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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