To describe a positive change in your life, here’s the complete article. You need to go through the information related to this cue card topic so that you perform extremely well in your examination. Let’s check out the knowledge for the IELTS exam preparation.

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IELTS Cue Card

The points that you are required to cover to answer this IELTS cue card topic are given below:

# What the change was?

# When did it happen?

# How did it happen?

# And explain why it was a positive change.

What the Change Was?

Well, several incidents happen in our life that bring an amendment to our personality or perspective. And here I’d wish to state one incident that happened that brought a positive amendment to me. Well, The issue is that very early I used to be very careless and I ne’er used to do things on time, I was not prompt in the least and I used to get late from faculty or alternative places.

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When Did it Happen?

I ne’er accustomed to doing any work on time that I typically get punished for. Although my parents tried to show me the worth of your time, it had no impact on me. I vividly remember that my tenth class exams were on. It had been my mathematics examination, consequent day however I was home alone as my parents were out of the city for a few family functions. Which suggests I had to induce myself up early in the morning on my own to prepare for college.

As per my habit, I unbroken on ‘ learning until late at night and I couldn’t get on my feet in the morning and I wasn’t prepared for college in time. I reached school nearly one hour late and by the time the examination had already started, I used to be in a real panic as a result of having to finish the 3-hour examination simply in a pair of hours. Since I used to be too stressed and traumatized, I couldn’t perform well in the examination.

How Did it Happen?

Eventually, once the examination result was declared, I failed the examination. I was very disappointed however I feel, I learned an awfully necessary lesson from this incident. From that day on, I have ensured that I will be able to be a timely person from now on. I will do everything on time. For that, my parents additionally helped me, my mother helped me in creating a schedule for the day, and I additionally began to keep a stir list in my pocket.

I invariably try and complete each work on time late. And indeed, doing things on time helps me to save plenty of additional time that I will apply to do a few of my favourite activities.

And Explain Why it Was a Positive Change

In fact, on my recent birthday, my sister gifted me a watch because she is aware that currently, I value time, and currently I often check the time furthermore. Overall, it had been the incident that helped me to bring a positive amendment.

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