In IELTS speaking cue cards, the candidate must choose a random cue card and speak for two minutes on it. A task card is affixed to the cue card and contains the points to be discussed.

The major goal of this activity is to see if the candidate is capable of structuring their response and keeping it going for two minutes. Task 2 requires 1 minute of preparation time, during which they can prepare notes to assist them when speaking. The examiner asks the candidate a few more questions after the two minutes are up.

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Talk About an Important/ Special Event You Celebrated

You should say:

What it was?

Where does it happen?

Why it was important?

How do people feel about it?

IELTS Exam Cue Card

What was It

A school hosts a variety of activities in which students can participate. These activities assist kids in discovering their skills. Participating in these events is usually a fun and unforgettable experience.

The Annual Function is my favourite event. In my school, it is held during September. This year, I took part in a theatre production. “The Mirage” was the name of the event. It told the story of a selfish wife and a fisherman. My character was a Golden Mermaid. On that particular day, our teachers instructed us to apply makeup at home before coming to school.

Where does It Happen?

The outfits were subsequently distributed to all of the drama students. After that, we all headed backstage. After the parents had taken their seats, the function began.

The rewards were first given out to the pupils. For coming in second place in an essay writing competition, I received a certificate. Our Principal then stated on stage that the story titled “The Mirage” will begin. The story started, and then there was a dancing performance. I was on the stage wing since it was my turn to take the stage after the concert.

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How do People Feel About It?

I went ahead and delivered my monologues. When I returned, my teacher stroked my back and complimented me on my efforts. The refreshments were then served to us backstage. With our professors, we also played games.

Following a song performance, the pictures of all the participants on stage were taken. Finally, our president congratulated the kids as well as the teachers in charge. We all went to meet our parents after that.

My parents were presented to my teachers by me. Then we changed into new outfits. It was a fantastic occasion. It is something I will treasure for the rest of my life.

IELTS Exam Preparation

  • Give an example of a moment when you received excellent news.

  • Describe a comedy film or a comedy movie that made you chuckle.

  • talk about a time when you squandered your time.

  • Describe something or someone who created a lot of noise.

  • Describe a future water sport that you’d like to try.

  • Describe an instance when you were taken aback when you ran into a buddy.

  • Describe a senior citizen you know and admire

  • Describe a risk you’ve taken that has resulted in a positive outcome.

  • Recollect a blunder you’ve made.

  • Describe a computer or phone programme or app.

  • Describe a special day that made you happy

  • Describe a product made in the region you come from

  • Describe a person whom you admire

  • Describe an application that is made on artificial intelligence

  • Describe an interesting conversation with someone

  • Talk about an unforgettable bike trip you had

  • Describe a time when you were encountered a wild animal


As a result, IELTS exam preparation necessitates perfection in all aspects of the exam, including the speaking test. The IELTS Ninja website can help you prepare successfully for the IELTS exam. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

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