Quebec is situated in eastern Canada, where French is the most widely spoken language. It is rooted in rich European culture and history with massive cities such as Montreal and Quebec City, the capital, where most people like to call home when they immigrate to Canada. It has a wonderful education system and a stable economy, especially in the aerospace, information and communications technologies, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sectors. If you wish to move to Quebec then you would need to know about the Quebec immigration program and its requirements. So let’s get started!

What is QSWP and Quebec Immigration Points Calculator?

Established by the Government of Canada, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) allows highly qualified and trained foreign citizens to immigrate to Quebec as skilled employees. The Quebec Points calculator assesses the applicant’s information and lets you know the minimum score points you need to apply for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Details of the applicant, such as qualifications, work experience, language skills, spousal characteristics, and similar variables, will be included in the assessment.

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Is French Mandatory for Quebec Immigration?

No, french is not mandatory but it can give you an edge in Quebec immigration application. It has immigration programs that do not include French, like the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW) and the Quebec Business Immigration Stream. Although most of Quebec’s immigration services give some kind of benefit to French speakers.

For example, QSW uses a point system to rank potential candidates. Candidates earn more proficiency points in French than proficiency points in English. Having said that, french is necessary for the Quebec experience program (PEQ) which gives permanent residence to foreign workers and students.

What level of french is required for the Quebec immigration program? For each program it is different. For instance, Federal skilled worker program requires NCLC 7, the Canadian Experience program requires minimum NCLC 5 whereas the Federal Skilled Trades Program accepts minimum NCLC 5 in speaking & listening and NCLC 4 in reading and writing. Make sure your tests are not more than two years old otherwise they won’t be valid for permanent residence.

What is the Minimum IELTS Score Required for Quebec Immigration

Proving language proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages is an integral part of almost any immigration route to the country! The International English Language Testing System aka IELTS is the most common language test used in the Canadian immigration process. Your language exam score has the potential to significantly improve your chances of becoming a permanent resident in Canada.

Canada has two official languages, English and French. Entrants for Canadian immigration can apply language proficiency tests in any of these languages. Because most of Canada’s immigration programmes are point-based and language is a key component of immigration criteria, having a high language proficiency test score can significantly increase your chances. What would be decent IELTS score for immigration? CLB 7 is strong enough to consider, it is recommended to  target CLB 9 which correlates to 8.0 in listening and 7.0 in all other categories on the IELTS. With this ranking, you will be successful in the Express Entry pool and guarantee your best chances to gain permanent residence.

When will the Quebec Immigration Open? Any Updates?

Quebec continues to process applications for temporary and permanent selection, although many facilities for immigrants have changed because of  COVID-19. Québec is also providing the Temporary Aid for Workers Program which is meant for those who are unable to work because they either have coronavirus or need to be self-isolated as they are at risk. They may also not be covered by employment insurance or any other government assistance programme or insurance coverage. This funding may last from two weeks to 28 days.

Things to Know for Working in Canada

  • First of all, it’s good to know that you’re not alone as a new immigrant in Canada! Canada is an immigrant country. 21.9 per cent of people who live and work in Canada are not born in Canada, and 22.3 per cent of the population is identified as a minority. These statistics are even higher in major cities. Overall, Canada is a very open culture which embraces new immigrants and celebrates cultural diversity.
  • You could be a permanent resident of Canada, if you choose. To become a Canadian citizen, you must have lived in Canada for a minimum of 1,095 days in the last 5 years and have passed a language and citizenship exam.
  • It’s important to know your wage standards when you’re new to Canada. Study in advance about the rate of pay for someone in your position, with your level of experience. If you arrive in Canada as a professional worker, your work experience and qualifications will be measured in order to decide the Canadian equivalent. Use this knowledge as a basis for what should be paid.


You would not regret moving to Quebec because the province of Quebec appeals to its immigrants, not only with a good economy and stunning heritage but also with a number of immigration services for the benefit of immigrants. Once the immigration requirements have been successfully met, the province provides a decent standard of living.

So, how are you planning to prepare for the immigration process? Have you started your IELTS classes yet? Enrol today to achieve your dream band score and make your dreams come true.

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