The IELTS exam is the way to achieve higher qualifications and a great career. The candidates put their best to prepare for this exam. If you are doing IELTS exam preparation, you need to know a few significant points to score well. Well, the speaking section is an essential part of the test.

You must work on your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation along with knowing the right way to answer the topics. Let’s have a look at the information to describe chocolate you didn’t like to practice on the IELTS cue cards.

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Significant Points for IELTS Cue Card

A systematic approach to answering the questions or discussing the given topic leads to good scores. The candidates for the IELTS exam must understand the need and importance to speak fluently and sequentially. It not only helps to make a good impression on the examiners but will also give you the best way to complete your answer by speaking about all the factors.

A few questions are written here to describe chocolate you didn’t like. You should go ahead to answer these questions well if the examiner asks you this topic in the cue card section. In this way, you will be able to give perfect answers to the professionals.

Moreover, if you are prepared well for the paper in advance, you will get success to achieve your destination. Therefore, ensure giving good answers to the questions given below. Let’s have a look at the essential points.

# What was it?

# When do you taste it?

# What Did it taste like?

# And explain why you didn’t like it?

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Describe a Chocolate You Didn’t Like Sample Answer

Well, I do not like to eat chocolates. I used to avoid chocolates because I was a savoury person. I have tasted many types of chocolate but didn’t like most of them. I will discuss a moment two years back when I tasted chocolate that I didn’t like.

It was a bar of chocolate that I got as a gift from one of my friends on my birthday. It was dark chocolate. I didn’t like it when I tasted it. Due to Covid pandemic, everyone was locked up inside their houses. It was a severe virus that caused humongous life issues to the people. As a result, individuals stay confined to their homes for 6 months. There was an acute shortage of food products due to a demand-supply pair. As I didn’t have anything to eat at that time, I thought of trying it once.

Its taste was bitter, and after 2 bites, I threw the remainder of the chocolate into the trash bin. It has mousse inside it. The mousse was also made with dark chocolate. It was so bitter that I couldn’t complete it. The chocolate was healthy one. It didn’t have sugar. This is why the taste of it was not appropriate. Because I don’t eat chocolates normally, it was even harder for me to swallow it’s two bites.

The main reason behind the bitter taste was that I selected to travel to create chocolate. The bitter taste of chocolate overcame the sugar content, and also the result was a bar of chocolate that wasn’t suited for human beings’ consumption. I didn’t like the chocolate and will not attempt to eat such dark chocolates again in life.

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Hopefully, the information provided in this article has been valuable for your IELTS exam preparation. You can prepare for your test with more relevant content that is available on the IELTS Ninja website. So, let’s check out the website.

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