Canada has always been a country that welcomes immigrants and professionals with an open heart. The visa complications are comparatively less and yield good opportunities, especially for job professionals. As an immigrant, you are always at the upper hand if you have a Canadian PR. Having a Canadian PR will free you from the LIMA formalities and make you a Canadian citizen. 

Following this discussion, we will break down how to get a job in Canada as a Permanent Resident on a temporary work permit and topics related to PR jobs in Canada.

Canada Job Offer for PR on a Temporary Work Permit

There are four most significant Canadian immigration programs, which the immigrants can make the most of to obtain Canadian permanent residency – 

1- Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

This program mainly refers to an arranged employment, where your Canadian employer offers you a permanent job. There would be a certain number of points required. Points are assigned based on the applicant’s age, language, education, and adaptability. This usually takes 12-18 months. 

2- Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

This program is based on the different provinces in Canada. Every province has its program. Every province and its streams and options might differ. The applicant must intend to stay in the province they are applying for. This program also takes 12-18 months. 

3- Quebec Experience Class (QEC)

This program is more like a Canadian Experience class, just with additional requirements. This program requires applicants to have worked at least one year in Quebec and must be well-versed with French on an intermediate level. On completion, the applicant gets a Quebec selection certificate under the respective province of Quebec. 

4- Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Temporary workers can utilize this program with their work experience in Canada. Applicants in this program have to fulfil two years of minimum work experience in Canada. The other option could be where the applicant completes post-secondary education in Canada and also has a work experience of one year in Canada. This program does not need much of the points requirements, as seen in the Federal Skilled Worker Program. 

How to Get Canada PR Without a Job Offer?

The best way to get Permanent Resident status in Canada without any job offer is through the Federal Express Entry System or Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) as discussed above. 

The Federal Express Entry system is where your PR status is determined based on points. This is where language skills are judged and allotted with a good number of points. The applicants might have to take an English proficiency exam like the IELTS exam or PTE and score a minimum band to achieve points. Here IELTS preparation is mostly preferred by most applicants. The points are also based on other factors like work experience, age, education, etc. 

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a more relaxed process. It has a relaxed point base system with a requirement of the applicant to abide by the regulations of the respective province from where he/she is applying. 

Chances of Canada Job Offer for PR in Canada

If you already have a Canadian PR, chances are you would be on the top of Canadian employer’s lists. It makes it easy for Canadian employers to clear obligations and settle with fewer expenses and reimbursements. Also, it saves a lot of time on the part of the employer as he would not have to engage in the PR settlement processes. 

There is always an upper edge for a Canada PR over the other overseas applicants. A Canadian PR is considered a Canadian citizen and is allowed to work at any company of choice. Therefore, there are good chances for any Canadian PR to acquire job offers in Canada. Once you have a Canada PR, all you have to do is search for job offers. The best ways to look for a job offer are – 

1- Explore Canadian Job Portals – Go through and apply to the job offers on Canadian job portals like,,, with your most updated resume and PR certificate.

2- Reach Out to Canadian Employers – Find your dream company and reach out to them directly through mail or call. Connect with some of the professionals directly and put forward your quote for a job offer.

3- Check for Job Vacancies in the Newspapers –  Canadian newspapers have many job vacancies posted in their daily newspapers. Look through those newspapers regularly and apply for the most probable job offer.

4- Be Active on LinkedIn – LinkedIn is where Canadian working professionals are more active. Create an attractive LinkedIn portfolio and connect with employers on LinkedIn directly. You can also search and apply for great Canadian job opportunities listed on the company’s job pages.   

Can I Get a Job Offer in Canada without PR?

Canada’s Work permit system allows many foreign workers without Canadian PR to be employed in various job fields within the country. Close to 400,000 foreign workers were allowed with work permits in 2019. 

Canada’s Work Permit programs and Immigrant pilot programs are the top ways one can get a job offer without PR in Canada. 

  • Canada’s Work Permit Programs – Canada majorly has two kinds of work permit programs for foreign workers, the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and the International Mobility Program. Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is more of an employer-specific program. In this program, the foreign workers have to complete the required Labour Market Impact Assessment documents (LMIA).

On the other hand, the International Mobility Program (IMP) is more of an open or closed work permit for foreign workers. This program does not require any LIMA documents and is available for open work permits. This open work permit allows foreign workers to work anywhere in the country for any employer. Permits that come under this program are mostly Working Holiday Visas and Post-graduate work permits. 

  • Canada’s Immigration Pilot Programs – The immigration pilot programs of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program and the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program were introduced by the Canadian government to attract foreign workers in Canada’s less popular and smaller regions. These programs were majorly made into action for filling out the labour shortages in the remoter regions of Canada. 

No LIMA formalities are required for these programs. There are some additional requirements related to work experience, education, age, and language proficiency that make the worker skilled and eligible for these pilot programs. Also, it is important for the worker to stay in the same province, from which he/she is applying for that province’s pilot program. 


Canada is one of the most looked after developed countries for working aspirants abroad. Especially in India, people eye upon good opportunities for their successful careers. Canada is also one of the most compatible countries when it comes to granting work permits to foreign workers. The foreign workers have to fulfil certain education, age, work experience, and language proficiency points. 

Apart from that, it is also relatively easy to apply for Canada PR and for a job simultaneously. There is always an upper hand for people applying for Canadian jobs who already have Canada PR.

Scoring well in the IELTS also plays a major role in getting you a Canada PR. To get the best training and knowledge for your IELTS preparation, IELTS Ninja is your ultimate destination. We offer all-round coursework for IELTS preparation in order to provide the highest chances to aspirants for getting the requisite bands. Stay tuned for more content related to abroad studies through our informative blogs and newsletters daily. 

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