Carnegie Mellon University offers a wide selection of programs for you to find the course of your choice. CMU has a good ranking in terms of education impartment. The university has over 14000 students, 1 lac alumni, and 1200+ faculty. The courses are divided into several disciplines and programs. A proper IELTS preparation is essential for getting admission and availing the Carnegie Mellon University courses.

The CMU has the following college options to choose a course from:

#. College of Engineering

#. College of Fine Arts

#. Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

#. Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Sciences

#. Mellon College of Science

#. School of Computer Science

#. Tepper School of Business

These schools and colleges comprise a range of fields from which students could choose a field of their interest. Students can take the IELTS exam to biome eligible to study at CMU in Australia. These courses are conducted by expert faculties and are aimed at inspiring the pupils to become experts in their relevant field of interest.

#1. College of Engineering

The college of engineering at CMU is built to create an atmosphere of practical understanding to bring real-time solutions. It harnesses an individual’s skills to cope with the challenging environment for bringing out the real potential of students. There are several branches of the college of engineering that aid in bringing a scientific approach to uplift the paradigm of education.

#. Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering department works towards making human health a priority. They serve to provide guidance that can unify skills with knowledge to bring about revolution in the field. Through this course, CMU trains future pioneers in the field of engineering to bring out innovations to healthcare engineering.

#. Chemical Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University provides Undergraduate and Graduate programs in chemical engineering. Students of the Undergraduate program learn the basics of subjects necessary for chemical studies. It is followed by knowledge about the design of equipment and lab sessions.

The Graduate-level learners perform research-based project experiments in their topics of interest such as polymers, colloids, and coagulants. It enables you to have in-depth knowledge of technical concepts with practical understanding.

#. Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Civil Engineering branch unified with Environmental Engineering aims at improving environmental quality. Students learn about materials of construction, the Science of infrastructure building, and advanced techniques of conserving natural resources.

The department offers a course in BS in Civil Engineering. Students may also opt for a Minor in Environmental Engineering, and Sustainability and Global Engineering.

#. Electrical and Computer Engineering

The IT sector requires innovation to meet the growing demands. As technology advances, there is a need for better thinkers in the Electrical and Computer disciplines. Carnegie Mellon University Courses cater by providing guidance to the novices in the field.

Further, the increasing possibilities in electrical experiments need individuals equipped with the right set of knowledge elements. The faculties at CMU guide students to think with an innovative mindset.

#. Engineering and Public Policy

Engineering and public policy is an intersection of all departments involving science and society. It is a unique discipline that deals with the interface between society and technology. Students learn how to solve complex issues involving data analysis, risk assessment, and social science. The course could be accomplished along with another major from the five engineering courses.

The courses offered in the discipline are minor in Technology and Policy, BS in a non-engineering discipline with an additional major in Science, Technology and Public Policy. It also offers a BS degree in an engineering discipline with an additional major in Engineering and Public policy.

#. Information Networking Institute

The INI is an unparalleled program for students to advance their understanding of IoT and Mobile networking. Evolved in the last 3 decades, the course attracts over 300 students each year to CMU, given its good ranking. All that students need to do is meet the Carnegie Mellon university IELTS requirement of 7.5 or above.

#. Material Science and Engineering

The faculty at CMU have been forerunners in the interdisciplinary approach for understanding the science of materials. Students understand the issues pertaining to the subject and further address them to resolve. Both Undergraduate and Graduate Programs are available for the subject.

#. Mechanical Engineering

The branch of science that deals with machines and robotics is one of the leading seven branches of engineering. Offered as both Graduate and Undergraduate courses, students apply skills based on projects and research studies. They can also collaborate with experts in their fields during their research study program.

#2. College of Fine Arts

The Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) College of Fine Arts is an amalgamation of drama, architecture, design, and music to unify culture with technology. As a part of an advanced world, the Carnegie Mellon University programs offer a range of courses to choose from.

#. Architecture

The architecture department of fine arts aims at bringing a creative touch to the discipline. The faculties train the students to find opportunities from the modern challenges. The Undergraduate B. Arch. course is a 5-year program while the B.A. is a 4-year program. Students need IELTS preparation in order to get admitted in the Architecture discipline.

#. Art

As the name goes, the Arts discipline of Fine Arts involves a range of unique paintings, sculptures, and drawing sketches. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has a large number of expert faculty in the field that guide students about modern art and its history.

#. Design

Design is a discipline of the Fine Arts program with high demand in the present era. CMU has a wide range of professionals who look for approaches to solve social, economic, and environmental challenges. Students are allowed to express creative thinking and build their own approaches around the subjects they study.

#. Drama

Drama holds an integral part of human tradition. The Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) discipline of drama is available in both Graduate and Undergraduate programs. It inspires a diverse range of perceptions, voices, and opinions of diverse cultures, races, and languages. The course allows individuals to understand and imbibe the traditional outlook of different races and cultures.

#. Music

Music is a vital part of understanding the traditions of various cultures. Apart from the basic musical elements, CMU focuses on bringing innovation and improvisation to art. Students practice their skills and talents to enhance their understanding of music.

#3. Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Dietrich College for Humanities and Social Sciences is widely known for its range of options in terms of liberal arts. The discipline has various subjects ranging from Neuroscience, Economics, English, Politics, and Data Science. Under the guidance of expert faculty, the students solve real-time problems faced by the world at present.

#4. Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy

The Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy is aimed at three elements – People, Public and Policy. Here, students are taught the basics of observational studies, analysis, and innovations. It teaches how to utilise data to devise solutions for the betterment of the community and society as a whole.

#5. Mellon College of Science

The Mellon College of Science is a unification of the basic sciences combined with interdisciplinary approaches, leading to innovations. It includes core subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology to instil knowledge into young minds.

Further, to induce effective holistic learning, the Undergraduate curriculum for kids has been devised to understand present-day scenarios and meet challenges, such as green technologies. It puts the students as forerunners in the field of science.

#6. School of Computer Science

The necessity of computer knowledge has increased a lot more than ever. To meet the demands, CMU offers the best school for computer learning. Here, amateur IT enthusiasts can increase their knowledge bounds to solve real-world problems. They learn subjects for software development, machine learning, and human-computer interaction.

#7. Tepper School of Business

The Tepper School of business is designed to meet the rapidly changing data-driven world of commerce. They train future leaders by imbibing qualities necessary for problem solvers. Alongside theoretical knowledge, they aim to build the next generation of entrepreneurs and business people equipped with the right practical-knowledge-based mindset.

Interdisciplinary Programs

The culture at CMU is one that inspires the hunger for knowledge and nourishes it. To meet the said standards, CMU is not limited to its own courses but also extends to scholars outside the realm.

The Carnegie Mellon University courses and programs are devised to bring out the talents of the innovative thinkers in the said disciplines. For students who wish to pursue multi-programs, they have the following list of interdisciplinary programs.

Bachelor’s Degree and Programs

The students pursuing a bachelor’s degree and who wish to work for more interdisciplinary programs could go for one of the many listed below. These interdisciplinary programs are aimed at increasing the horizons of knowledge for willing learners. Some of these programs are:

#. Computer Science and Arts (B.C.S.A.)

#. Computational Biology (B.S.)

#. Computational Finance (B.S.C.F.)

#. Economics (B.S. or B.A.)

#. Health Professional Program (HPP)

#. Music and Technology

#. Science and Arts (B.S.A.)

#. Humanities Scholars Program

#. Humanities and Arts (B.H.A.)

Master’s Degree and Programs

The following interdisciplinary programs are devised for individuals pursuing the graduate program and willing to work for additional programs. These courses are devised to provide an edge to students who wish to acquire degrees in multiple disciplines.

#. Additive Manufacturing (M.S.)

#. Computational Biology (M.S.)

#. Computational Finance (M.S.C.F.)

#. Information Networking Institute Degrees (M.S.I.N.)

#. Information Networking (M.S.I.N.)

#. Information Security (M.S.I.S.)

#. Information Systems Management (M.S.I.M.)

#. Product Management (M.S. PM)

#. Mobile and IoT Engineering (M.S.M.I.T.E.)

#. Software Management (M.S. SM)

#. Technology Ventures (M.S.T.V.)

#. Engineering and Technology Innovation Management (E&ITM)

#. Arts Management (M.A.M.)

#. Master of Design (MDes)

#. Entertainment Technology (M.E.T.)

Doctoral Programs

There is a wide range of PhD programs designed for individuals willing to pursue interdisciplinary doctoral programs. Several learners are willing to pursue programs in more than one discipline at once. These programs are listed below.

#. Machine Learning (ML Ph.D.)

#. Ph.D. programs in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology

#. Program in Interdisciplinary Education Research (PIER)

#. Computational Biology (CPCB)

ROTC Programs

#. Air Force ROTC

#. Army ROTC

#. Naval ROTC

Wrapping Up

A proper IELTS score as mentioned above can meet one of the Carnegie Mellon University IELTS requirements if you are a resident of a foreign nation. The CMU courses and programs are devised to bring out the true potential of learners to build a team of leaders of tomorrow. The interdisciplinary courses are aimed at providing an environment of learning to the students.

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