Carnegie Mellon University was founded in 1900. It is a research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The school’s motto is,

My Heart is in the Work”.

This truly embodies the spirit of every student who studies at CMU. If you are writing an SOP to get admission to this school, do not forget to imbibe this beautiful motto in your words.

Carnegie Mellon University World Ranking

CMU ranks on the top of the ranking charts. According to QS world ranking, it was ranked as the 48th top school globally in 2020. The Times Higher Education ranked this school as 27th in 2020. Carnegie Mellon University Ranking among the US universities is consistently among the top 10. Of course, the entire student’s diaspora is totally attracted to all these courses available.

University Academic Systems

CMU has a very strict acceptance rate, and that makes students extremely specific in their fields of study. The acceptance rate is just 22%. The graduation rate is around 88%. Carnegie Mellon University Programs are some of the finest programs offered in the world.

Be it technology or finance, the courses offered by this school are highly valued. Some of the top Carnegie Mellon University Courses are Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Administration, Biotechnology, and Fine Arts. These courses make it one of the top-ranking schools.

Admission Requirement

To get admission here, a candidate must have a solid profile. Some of the important pointers that are looked at during the admission process are SAT, ACT score, IELTS, GPA, and related scores. A GPA of 3 out of 4 is acceptable. For the SAT, a score of around 1460 to 1560 is required. There must be a score of about 33 to 35 out of 36 in ACT. A GRE score of 316 is required. For TOEFL, a score above 102 is acceptable. Carnegie Mellon University IELTS requirement is 7.5 and above out of a total of 9 to get admission.

Fees and Other Expenses

The average fees and other expenses at CMU would cost you around $14K U.S. The average tuition fee is around $57K U.S. The tuition fees might seem steep to many students. But almost $38K is set aside as a scholarship fund by the university for the students in need. Make your profile accordingly and get a scholarship for  Carnegie Mellon University Programs.

Why CMU?

CMU doesn’t just provide education or qualification. It’s a kind of college that inculcates leadership qualities. It is a kind of college that inculcates great communication skills and great talks. It enhances interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, and soft skills. All these factors will add to your profile, and that’s why a big chunk of students seek admission here.

Best Tips For Admission

#1 To increase your admission chances at CMU, emphasise your research experience, paper publications, or your final year project in your SOP clearly.

#2 In your SOP, talk about your learning and how it was instrumental in shaping your future aspirations.

#3 At CMU, research-centric profiles have a better shot at receiving an admission.

#4 Brush up your skills with the right mentor to improve your vocabulary, fluency, and accent.

#5 Practice study material, test series, read tips and best practices thoroughly to get the best results.


International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an English test used worldwide to evaluate someone’s level of English. The test is based on reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities in the English language. Carnegie Mellon University IELTS requirement is 7.5+ to successfully clear the pathway to Australian universities. Proper tutoring is recommended to score the required band score on the first attempt.

Coaching will really help you in improving your English language ability. If a candidate has never given an IELTS exam earlier, it is strongly recommended for them to register for practice sessions and spend time in online tutoring in the starting.


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