Are you preparing for the IELTS exam? IELTS Ninja is guessing yes! Taking mock tests is a crucial part of your IELTS preparation. Do you know, the average band score of an Indian is 6.1. Taking mock-tests regularly can help you score way above the average band score of Indian candidates.

The IELTS exam is conducted every year on multiple dates; around 6 lakh students appear for the IELTS every year. Many get frightened, thinking it’s a challenging exam to clear. But trust us, it’s not. You can easily score your dream band, but on one condition, preparation along with practice. Practising mock tests every week is like a cherry on top of your cake made with immense hard work and perseverance!

What is a Mock Test?

If you don’t know what a mock test is, then keep reading this part of the article. If you know, skip the part and go to the section IELTS mock test online.

Mock tests are demo tests conducted to give candidates the feeling of an actual exam. Everything from the question paper to the environment of the test is set up like the actual test. The invigilator makes sure that the candidates don’t use unfair means in the exam. You can take the exam offline or online; it’s up to you which option you choose.

What are Mock Test Benefits?

  1. The standard of the questions will be the same as the actual exam. Sometimes, the mock test questions are more difficult than the ones you will get in the actual test. This ultimately makes the actual test easier!
  2. By taking mock tests regularly, you can beat the time constraint. Since you have to complete the paper in a limited time, it’s essential to know how much time you should spend on a question. Mock tests help you develop time management skills.
  3. With practice, you’ll find some hacks and tricks; it is an excellent way to revise what you have prepared for all this while.
  4. You’ll be aware of the trends and updates.
  5. Last but not least, practice makes us perfect! You’ll have an idea of where you stand and what you can do to achieve your next goal. Mock tests are the best way for self-assessment.

IELTS Mock Test Online

We already mentioned that you could take the mock tests online and offline, but online mock tests have several benefits! Before going into a detailed discussion of the benefits, let us take a look at the IELTS exam structure.

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IELTS Exam Structure

The IELTS exam, i.e., International English Language Testing System, is conducted under the British Council and IDP. It is divided into two categories, first the general test and second the academic test. If you want a job in a foreign country, then go with the general test. If you want to go for higher studies in English-speaking countries, go with the academic test.

Both tests are divided into four modules:

  1. Reading for one hour.
  2. Listening for 40 minutes.
  3. Writing for 60 minutes.
  4. Speaking for 11 to 14 minutes.

The candidate takes the Reading, Listening and writing modules at one stretch for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Speaking is scheduled either on the afternoon of your test day, or one week before or after the test.

Note that the reading and writing modules of both the general and academic tests are different.

Benefits of IELTS Mock Test taken Online

Now, the part you were waiting for to read! Read carefully if you cannot decide whether you should opt for an online or offline exam.

1.You can take the test anywhere at any time. This saves a lot of your time and travel cost, plus you can decide when and where you want to take the test. You can take the test even multiple times a day.

  1. The online exam is taken under the surveillance of an invigilator. They will be watching you from your camera. So don’t worry about the exam environment, it is kept strict just like in the actual ones.

Some more Benefits

  1. The endless questions and tests to practice will hone your skills for appearing in the actual exam.
  2. You can take the IELTS mock test for free on the internet! IELTS Ninja has a free mock test option too. Keep reading to know how you can take a free mock test here. There are paid ones too, but the prices are way too low than the offline ones.
  3. You will get instant results and can track what mistakes you are making. This way, you can work on your weak points and boost your strengths.

How to Take IELTS Mock Test 2021 on IELTS Ninja?

First, go to the website IELTS Ninja and scroll down. You’ll see a section ‘Question Papers’. Tap on it and register yourself to the site. After registering, you will be able to take the free mock tests. Easy right?!

Click here to get direct access to the free IELTS mock test.

Preparing for IELTS Exam is Not a One-Day Game

The IELTS exam tests your command of the English language, and you can’t achieve this command in a short span. Learning English or any other language is a process. You’ll only be able to crack it if you go easy while learning. Remember, slow and steady wins the race! Have a fixed schedule. Even if you face time constraints, make sure you give at least 20 minutes to each section. If you know that you are strong at a particular section, give more time to the other section you need to work on and balance it. Lastly, make sure you regularly attempt the IELTS Mock test online.

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Skyrocket Your Online IELTS Preparation with IELTS Ninja

Now we bet you have made up your mind about taking the IELTS mock test online. At IELTS Ninja you can get access to a free mock test, although the questions are limited. If you want more varieties of questions, check out our courses specially designed for you. It has multiple mock tests for your practice and not just the tests but also other important features such as exam tips, band predictors, one-on-one sessions from expert mentors etc. The contents are always updated according to the changes in the exam pattern or questions. If you are unsure whether you should take the course or not, then don’t worry, we have got your back! Check out the free trial classes to be 100% sure about your decision.

We are trusted by more than 80,000 aspirants from all over the globe. We hope that you will trust our courses too! All the best for your IELTS mock test 2021!

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