The IELTS speaking is the most crucial step to your destination if you are dreaming to be a worthy and reputable person in your life as it allows you to put your opinions, thoughts, and perspectives ahead with confidence and grace along with letting you crack this great examination.

If you want to learn the important factors to consider for the IELTS speaking test, you must go ahead with this incredibly essential article. It has the IELTS speaking topic wedding ceremony to let you acknowledge the best answering ways and strategies.

Everyone has different dreams in life but education is the step towards each aspiration. Let’s get all the details to get admission to the best universities in the world.

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IELTS Speaking Section

The IELTS speaking task tests the skills of the aspirants for speaking fluently. You are required to answer the questions asked by the test-takers with confidence, courage, presence of mind, knowledge, good grammar, efficient vocabulary, simple language, and no long pauses. You must prepare for the section in advance to give your best in the examination.

It is not just a matter of examination but also for life as communication plays a vital role in living. Communication is the origin of everything. If you can’t communicate well, you are treated as a worthy person. If you want to get associated with the best companies and organizations in the world, you must be effective at communication.

The examiners ask you the common questions from your daily life but you must answer them adequately to fetch higher scores.

To familiarise you with the questions asked in this portion of the test, below is the sample answer for one topic. Go through it carefully.


The IELTS exam has four sections: writing, speaking, reading, and listening. This article is about the speaking section which is the most important and needs high preparation as the aspirants have to confront the test-takers and give them adequate answers.

The wedding ceremony topic is quite common for the candidates but you must pen down the ways to answer it. A proper answer is full of correct words and phrases and has been answered in a sequential format. So grab the points to be included in the topic: Describe a wedding ceremony where you enjoyed it a lot. Have a look below to understand what you should say.

You should speak about the following points:

#. Whose wedding was it?

#. Where was it held?

#. Who attended this wedding?

#. Explain why you enjoyed this wedding a lot

Describe a Wedding Ceremony Where You Enjoyed a Lot: IELTS Speaking Sample Answer One

Whose Wedding was It?

The wedding is the most memorable and blissful period for a couple and their dear and near ones. A wedding is not just an occasion but an eternal life-changing phase. The family and the bride and groom plan and structure each element to make their wedding the most incredible arena.

A wedding is the most magnificent and precious moment of life. It is stored in the hearts of the couple and their families for a lifetime. It is something that connects two souls, minds, bodies, personalities, families, and people.

Weddings are always the most awaited moment of every person or couple. Today I will talk about my elder sister’s wedding when I enjoyed it the most. We are a family of three sisters but I am very much connected to my elder sister. She has been with me since my birth and has always given me the right direction to follow along with loving me incredibly. I will discuss her wedding.

Where was it Held?

My sister’s wedding was the most-awaited and cherishing moment for me and my family. It was held on 28th June 2019. It was organized at the Krishna Resort in Bijnor. It was a big palace in the city with a beautiful interior and exterior location.

The location was so soothing and eye-catching that everyone was busy taking pictures in every dress. My sister had a pre-wedding shoot earlier but asked for more pictures in the palace. I enjoyed being the younger sister the most. I was there in every ritual with a different outfit and enthusiasm. My sister had a love cum arranged marriage.

My sister has got married to her college friend Vibhor. He is a lawyer by profession and my sister is an engineer. Both of them are made for each other by a couple with so much respect and love for each other. I got a lot of choices in outfits to wear due to the summer season. The season added the ultimate warm vibe to the wedding.

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Who Attended this Wedding?

My family is a large one and almost everyone was present at the wedding including my sister’s immediate relatives. The wedding was fun because of the people as well. Everyone was talking to each other, meeting gracefully, and enjoying the rituals.

I am a social person and like to meet and talk to people. I was happy to be meeting my cousins after a long time along with the relatives. All the relatives were telling their stories and advising the wedding rituals.

The giggles, laugh, different accents, and multiple opinions were making the occasion worthy. I was assisting my parents with every aspect from venue to catering and my sister’s outfit and makeup to the arrangements of pretty useful elements. The soon-to-be in-laws of my sister were also enjoying the occasion to the fullest.

Explain Why You Enjoyed this Wedding a Lot

I enjoyed the occasion the most because it was my most amazing and loving sister’s wedding. My sister was going to be a bride which was an ultimately delightful moment for me. I was a bit unhappy because she was going to some other house and leaving us but her happiness was making me even happier. I am a foodie and the catering service was mouth-watering and delicious.

Moreover, the palace was decorated with flamboyant lighting to give an amazing experience to the occasion. All the people were dressed up in graceful outfits to rock the wedding. Everything was so amazing to look at and experience that I had never experienced before.

The traditional values and customs were adding a beautiful aura. I danced madly in every ritual and whole night for the wedding night. I hugely enjoyed the moments. Everything was alluring and magnificent at the wedding.

Describe a Wedding Ceremony Where You Enjoyed a Lot: IELTS Speaking Sample Answer Two

Whose Wedding was It?

Weddings are the most beautiful occasion as it connects two souls and personalities. Everyone waits for their wedding to make it the best and most memorable. For the most precious moments of life, everyone has different choices and opinions about the venues and arrangements but this sure that everyone wants it to be nothing less than perfect.

I recently attended my cousin’s wedding in Delhi. It was a dream come true for me as it was a themed wedding. I was eagerly waiting to attend his wedding as I am connected to him the most among all of my cousins.

I will talk about his wedding today as I enjoyed it the most. His wedding took a long time to be organized because it got postponed a few times. The nicest wedding will be discussed by me.

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Where was it Held?

It was held in the Green Resort, Delhi. It was a beautiful palace in the lapse of bountiful visionaries. All of the close relatives from our side and my cousin’s immediate family members and relatives attended the wedding. It was a pleasant and joyful scenario for all as everyone met after a long time.

The togetherness and giggles all around made me feel happy and enthusiastic. The decoration and lighting of the resort were worth feeling and experiencing. Everyone was appreciating the event planners for the incredible decoration.

The large field before the resort was filled with flamboyant flowers and plants. It was covered with amazing lights all around which gave the plants an eye-catching view along with being a picturesque element.

Who Attended this Wedding?

All of my relatives and our mutual friends attended the wedding in Delhi. It was a joyful moment for everyone. My cousin has got married to his friend. It was a love marriage. They both are in the same profession and have similar mindsets. The family members agreed to this wedding as they liked my cousin’s choice. They both are doctors and are doing extremely well in their field. The people were enjoying the traditional rituals along with meeting and chatting with people.

Everyone was looking tremendously gorgeous in their graceful outfits. The gents were having fun and the ladies were cherishing every moment. All the cousins were there to help his parents in every arrangement.

Explain Why You Enjoyed this Wedding a Lot

I enjoyed this wedding the most because I was high waiting for it. The major point of my likeness was the arrangements and laughter of everyone. The arrangements were banged on with new approaches in catering, lighting, decoration, outfits, and rituals.

I had huge fun at the wedding. I wore a beautiful lehenga and ate all the delicacies along with dancing on the Bollywood beats all night. It was the most precious and enjoyable moment for me.

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Techniques for Speaking

Well, after reading the sample answers for the given topic and viewing the importance of the speaking section, you must be looking for some tips and techniques for the portion. Your wait is over as here are the biggest strategies.

You should start reading as much as you can because reading builds your perspective and lets you know about different words and phrases along with giving you the information and knowledge about framing the best sentences.

Also, start penning down your ideas while preparing for this ultimate examination. Learn new words regularly and try to use them in normal communication.

Moreover, talk to your friend or family member in English as it builds your fluency, confidence, and brings new ideas. You can chit-chat with yourself watching in the mirror and try to answer the questions creatively. This would give the best practice for your test.

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IELTS Preparation

Let’s acknowledge the points to be concentrated on during the preparation phase. Preparation is the most significant point of time for your examination. You must make the best use of it. You must prepare for the speaking section by learning about the phrases and words.

Work on your grammar because if you are using effective words before the examiners but your grammar is incorrect, you will face trouble in fetching marks. Grammar makes your language perfect. People only focus on equipping themselves with heavy words and phrases but grammar is emphasized by only a few.

Ensure that you are the one preparing for this aspect. It makes you a wealthy person in terms of language and speaking skills. So utilize the time of your preparation and make yourself the best for this amazing exam. Don’t copy others, rather make your style of speaking. It makes you honest and loyal to your answer. Prepare excellently and grow immensely!

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Hopefully, we have conveyed that we were trying. This article is purely for the candidate’s ease and comfort. It has the sample answer for the topic along with several other important aspects. All the people who put in efforts for their dreams get fruitful results. You should work on giving your 100% and the rest will be handled by destiny.

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It can transform your life into your dreams. Go and grab the perfect route. Don’t leave this golden opportunity, rather visit the website and choose the perfect platform for the preparation towards heading to the sky. Good luck!

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