Do you want to know the tips and tricks to describe your favourite gadget or any familiar topic? Well, it is extremely important to understand the correct strategy to be confident and incredible during the IELTS speaking section. According to the rules, you can take the IELTS speaking test either before or after you take the test. You should know that there are four criteria that are used to evaluate the IELTS Speaking responses.

The IELTS speaking part is divided into three parts. Moreover, each part lasts for 11 to 14 minutes. The IELTS speaking score is based on grammatical accuracy, coherence, lexical components, and range if checked on a scale of 0 to 9. The aspirants must wear masks when taking the IELTS speaking test due to the pandemic. A few changes or additions are carried out in the exam due to the severe virus outbreak.

So, let’s read about a few sample answers because when you are in the examination hall, there will be no room for thinking as you have to show your fluency and confidence. Have a look at the article below.

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IELTS Speaking

The IELTS speaking section takes place on a different day than the remainder of the session. You can choose the date according to your convenience. It is a one-on-one meeting between the aspirant and the examiner where you are advised to be confident and knowledgeable along with being a good listener. The interview is divided into three major sections:

Section 1

This section is all about the introduction and interview. You are required to introduce yourself to the examiner in this portion. In addition, you must also answer some basic questions about their daily lives.

Section 2

This section is about the cue card. In this section, the examiners ask you a cue card topic which is a familiar topic and you must talk about your experience related to it or any memory or relevant thing with fluency.

Section 3

This portion is about the conversation. The candidates will engage in a discussion on a topic related to that on the cue card. A few follow-up questions can come at this time that you have to answer adequately.

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Important Points in the IELTS Cue Card

Well, a correct sequence or the prominent point to be included while answering a question makes you worthy, fluent, and magnificent. You should understand the precise way to answer any topic. To describe your favourite gadget IELTS, you need to review the points given below.

These points will let you understand what you should include in your answer to be perfect and to make your mark in the mind of the examiner. So, let’s grab this information to describe your favourite gadget cue card topic.

#. What is it?

#. What do you use it for?

#. How long have you owned it?

#. And explain why is it important to you?

Describe Your Favourite Gadget: IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer One

What is It?

Well, I am an admirer and freak of digital Gadgets. I love to gather different gadgets that come on the market. Recently, I have bought a new laptop that I will discuss today. I bought it a year ago when my old one had issues in functioning appropriately. I bought an HP laptop with the most updated technology and effective hardware. My new gadget supports most of the latest software too along with having an amazing configuration.

Moreover, my laptop has an upgraded IOS operating system along with Microsoft spheres. I found this gadget a bit expensive to purchase. Now, I can confidently say that it has proven worth the cost as it is functioning so effectively and efficiently that I work for hours now. I purchased it approximately a year ago. I had to replace my Asus laptop with this new one to perform better.

What Do You Use it For?

I use the laptop for a variety of official purposes as well as some personal works. I often use the laptop for finding information on the internet for several projects as well as to communicate with my friends. Listening to music using the laptop is one of my favourite activities. Also, I sometimes work on it to prepare some official documents and love to use it to play games on it as well.

But, I have to confess and say that all the functions of this new gadget are carried out extremely smoothly. I need not wait to execute the elements. Plus, it serves as a source of my entertainment too. My sister and I use my laptop more frequently than any other electronic device, even more than the mobile phone. For every professional and personal work, I frequently open up the laptop and use it conveniently.

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How Long have You Owned It?

The laptop has been with me for more than 1 year now. Changes in technology are happening every passing day. The use of the latest software is in demand for faster performance. Everyone is busy with their work and wants great software to make their work easy.

This is the reason that everyone needs to upgrade their computers and laptops regularly to make sure that they are giving good performances. Well, for the same reason, I replaced my old laptop with this new one and found it extremely interesting and convenient. It has excellently worked for me.

And Explain Why It Is Important to You?

This gadget is extremely important to me as I already mentioned that I use this laptop for a list of reasons. The reasons include sorting and writing documents. Also, I use it to keep in contact with my friends, colleagues and family members. I like to write and my favourite gadget is used to maintain my blogs too. To listen to music, watch movies, and for many other important functions, this gadget has proved a blessing to me.

My laptop is an unavoidable gadget that I utilize regularly for different functions. I carry all of my work on the laptop. This is why it is the best companion that I have.

Describe Your Favourite Gadget: IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer Two

What Is It?

Technology is growing to an extent that it has become a part of everyone’s life. It is the greatest invention of this century. Talking about my favourite gadget, I am obsessed with my DSLR camera. I bought it about two years ago when I completed my 12th. I like photography. This is the reason for my graduation in the same field.

I purchased it to record the activities and invaluable moments of my school and friends. Since then, I have never stopped using this modern gadget which is extremely wonderful when it comes to capturing the most beautiful moments of life.

What Do You Use it For?

My favourite gadget is the DSLR camera. I wanted to buy it because I am keenly interested in clicking photographs and capturing the great moments of animals, birds, things, and human beings. The name of this gadget is “DSLR”. Talking about the features of DSLR, it is a basic “point-and-shoot” video camera, with a size of about 108 millimetres (or 4.25 inches), and it weighs about 265 grams.

It comes in a shiny black colour. The camera that I have bought is made by Canon and is also immensely affordable. Also, compared to some other basic video cameras in its class, it is wonderful to work with.

Now, the processing of the camera is great for all its users as it offers a zoom range of 5 to 15 times. This camera also has a bigger and better lens for its price. The video resolution of my new camera is 1600 x 1180 which I like personally. I found it hugely attractive and excellent to use.

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How Long have You Owned It?

I have owned this gadget for two years. After buying my camera, initially, I didn’t find much use for it except, of course, recording the activities in my school. But,  as time passed, I became interested in using the camera for other purposes and activities. I started loving its functions.

Gradually, I started to carry it outside with me, when I used to travel to any place with friends or family. Also, I started to make videos of nature around me. I quite like wildlife photography when I learned to shoot the insects and unique birds doing their activities.

I, then, bought different lenses for the camera to capture distant and micro things. Well, factually, the more I was using it, the better I was feeling about my camera and my work. After some time, I felt bold and inspiring enough to carry my camera even to some parties, like weddings and birthdays, to capture the fun and happy moments because it started to give me happiness.

Now, I never think that it is awkward to carry my camera, rather, I carry my little camera pretty much everywhere with me like a trusted friend as it gives me strength and happiness.

And Explain Why it Is Important to You?

My DSLR camera is very important to me because it allows me to capture the favourite moments of not only my life but also the lives of other important people and living beings around me, on my own terms and conditions. I am offered to do professional photography for the studios and organizations but I would like to do it for myself right now.

Besides this, my camera also keeps me busy when I don’t feel like doing anything constructive or feel bored. It gives me true happiness from within. Furthermore, the camera allows me to look back to some of my favourite moments from the past when I feel down and depressed. It has become a true companion to me.

IELTS Preparation

The key to obtaining the desired band in achievement is to practice each area with effective strategies. It is often said that practice is the key to perfection. You can be unbelievable if you do the maximum practice. Along with intense battles, a creative task is also required, as a candidate is only given a limited amount of time to complete the exam.

But, you should ensure your confidence in each section which will come when you are highly knowledgeable about the areas. The aspirants can go easy to choose from a wide range of cue card themes and thoroughly rehearse them to begin your speaking category rehearsal. Also, make sure that you point down the thoughts and effective vocabulary to be great at the interview.

Moreover, this act will greatly assist you in providing acceptable and logical answers throughout the speaking session. You cannot take long pauses to think after the examiner has asked a question, so prepare beforehand. The complete idea is to be confident and fluent. You can include thoughts and quotes to support your answer.

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Follow-Up Questions

#1. What are some greatest inventions you know about?

#2. Which gadget do you like the most?

#3. How can gadgets make our lives easier?

#4. How your gadget has changed you?

#5. Can you do without your mobile phone?

Cue Card Topics

#. Describe an ideal profession you’d like to have in the future

#. Describe a law that protects the environment.

#. Give an example of a polite person you know.

#. Describe a time when it was critical to tell your friend the truth

#. Describe a renowned person you admire.

#. Describe a situation in which you had to utilize your imagination.

#. Describe a toy you enjoyed as a youngster or discuss a toy you enjoyed as a child

#. Describe something significant that your family has maintained for a long time

#. Tell me about a time when you tried something new for the first time.

#. Describe a purchase that made you glad or delighted.

#. Describe an interesting chat you had with someone.

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Hopefully, while going through this article you have found the sample answers helpful to understand and use for your IELTS interview. This article has given you the description of your favourite gadget, which is a cue card topic for the IELTS speaking test. If you have good communication skills, the IELTS cue card session becomes incredibly entertaining and engaging.

So,  you should work on enhancing your speaking skills. The candidates must practice several cue card themes and build questions from them before taking the IELTS speaking exam. While practising, note down the ideas and vocabulary words coming to your head. It will prove to be beneficial if you are asked about the same topic in the interview.

If you’re having any kind of trouble with your IELTS preparation, don’t know the correct procedure to prepare, and can’t seem to find a good exam guide, then you’ve arrived at the right place: IELTS Ninja.

The website will not only give you the information but also the chance to get connected to the experts. It also provides the aspirants with the greatest possible preparation to pass the IELTS exam quickly and easily. So, reach out to it immediately and make your mark in the examination.

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