The IELTS exam is the perfect process to reach your dreams and ambitions if you want to study or work abroad. The IELTS speaking test is a major portion of this exam. You must have good English speaking capabilities to get good scores in it. Many candidates don’t take it seriously and tend to have lesser scores. You have to take this test under great consideration and must prepare for it with hard work. This article has an amazing topic;

describe a tradition in your country India, for your IELTS speaking test. Read the complete article and know the creative and perfect way to answer such beautiful questions.

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IELTS Speaking Test

The examiner gives you one minute to think about the topic and answer effectively. You must be creative and knowledgeable enough to answer the question with mindfulness to showcase your skills in diction and vocabulary and to provide them with the idea of your proficiency in communication. You must impress the test takers with various thoughts and understanding of you in that particular area. The candidates can pen down the ideas coming to their heads while preparing. This will help them at the time of the interview.

The IELTS cue card requires good thinking capabilities and presence of mind from the aspirants. You have to be skilful in various areas to cope up with the popping up situation. Here is, describe a tradition in your country cue card. Look below to know the way to answer.

Required Points to Speak While Answering the IELTS Cue Card Topic

The IELTS cue card is not too difficult until you don’t prepare for it nicely. The candidates who give proper time in learning the skills of speaking and creative thoughts will grab potential scores in this part of the exam. The strategy for this exam is to know the format of answering the questions so that you include all the relevant things needed to be spoken. This is a key thing to acknowledge and remember. The most significant questions that you must include in your answer are given below.

#1. What is it?

#2. Who takes part in it?

#3. What activities are there?

#4. And explain how you feel about it?

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Describe a Tradition in Your Country India: Check Out IELTS Cue Card With Answers Part One

Introduction of the IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic

India is a country full of diversity, cultures, traditions, and values. There are numerous traditional practices carried out here with different evaluations and outcomes. Everyone gets impressed by India due to its rich heritage and culture. Different parts of the country have different traditions. The cause of it is diversity in thoughts and values. All the people of the nation follow their own beliefs.

This makes the country more beautiful and extraordinarily incredible. The unique vision and outlook of the citizens hold the great lessons to be given to the youngsters. Although all the traditions have their significance, I will talk about the rich tradition of touching feet.

Who Takes Part in it?

All the people of India touch the feet of their elders to seek their blessings. This is considered the biggest virtue. The students touch the feet of their gurus i.e teachers and all the other elder persons. This is regarded as the value of the individual because he/ she bows down and touches the feet.

This is taught to every child when they grow up. This is also a method of showing respect towards the elders. There is no taking part in it because all the people do it with love, affinity, and emotions. This is the trait of showing positive gestures towards our elders.

What Activities are There?

The activity includes bowing down and touching the feet of the elders. The women touch the feet of their elders and in-laws. The students do this gesture to their teachers, parents, and elder ones whenever they meet them. It is treated like a compulsion to be done whenever somebody meets their elders. It was initiated by Gurukuls.

This is an immemorial task being done by all the ancestors. It shows that we are not even equal to the feet of our elders. They are also higher and we ask for their blessings before doing anything so that we get success by their guidance and blessings.

And Explain How You Feel About it?

I feel immensely great to perform it when I meet my elders. It gives me purity from within and lets me always stay grounded and positive. I believe that the achievements made by us in our lives are the blessings of our elders. This is the greatest virtue to be under the guidance of the most experienced and magnificent elders. It protects us from negativity.

Every parent teaches their child to do it to every elder in India. I touch the feet of my parents and grandparents every morning and whenever I go out for something to maintain the high spirit in everything by their uncountable blessings.

Describe a Tradition in Your Country India: Check Out IELTS Cue Card With Answers Part Two

Introduction of the IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic

India is the best country when it comes to traditions and diverse cultures. It is a proud thing for all the citizens of the country to have been born in such a unique and diverse area where every traditional practice has its advantages and significance.

Religion, sentiments, cultures, and traditions are the identity of India. This makes us unique and rich in the diversity of arts, thoughts, and functionalities. There are several greatly inspiring traditions in the nation but I will talk about the one which everyone appreciates and must follow. This is the tradition of respecting a girl child.

Who Takes Part in it?

Every person of the country believes that a girl child must be respected and privileged. Most of the elders and ancestors tell the stories of many warriors of the nation who were females. The girls of India are called, “Shakti ” or “Goddess”.

This is because of their contribution to the world and potential to manage everything perfectly from household chores to entrepreneurship and from medical fields to the Olympics. Women have always been a strong part of society. It is said that a woman can upgrade the nation or degrade it. The girl has the power to manage everything swiftly. This is a great discipline and virtue of the nation.

What Activities are There?

There are many activities where girls are treated like the Goddess or Angels. The biggest one is the Durga Pooja activity. During the festive time, little girls are invited by every individual to their homes to feed them with delicious food and make them worshipped by giving them gifts and touching their feet. This is considered as touching the feet of Goddess Durga.

Each girl is treated as the one who takes prosperity, positivity, and blessings to wherever they go. The girls are the gifts of God. They bring life and positivity with them. India is probably the only country to treat girls with so much respect, love, and affection.

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And Explain How You Feel About it?

This is the purest and proud feeling for me. I believe that all girls across the globe must be respected. The girls are the shadow and image of the goddess and they drive prosperity to every place. This is the perfect way of treating them. Being a girl myself, I think that all the girls of the society dare to manage the activities.

Women are the nurturer after God. God gave this right and power to the girls that they can give life. Girls are the ones who take the responsibility of everything on their shoulders and perform it unbelievably. We will develop ourselves when all the people will recognize the girls as the most dignified individuals. Girls are beautiful beyond description and empowered beyond measure.

Techniques to Ace the IELTS Exam

The IELTS preparation must be done by everyone to an extent that they understand the power of the English language in speaking, writing, reading, and listening. This is the most asked thing in the exam.

All the English vocabulary and grammar must be known to you perfectly. The oy technique to excel in this exam is proper time management. When you learn the art of managing time and presence of mind, no hurdle will come your way.

Time management is necessary so that you get perfect in all the required fields. If any field is lacking by you, you will not get the desired outputs. Here are certain strategies to ace the IELTS exam.

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#1. Great Focus

If you are a candidate for the IELTS exam and want to get desired bands, you must have a great focus on your goals. Many candidates do not focus effectively on the spheres of this exam considering it easy and light.

This should not be done because the focus is very important to keep you connected towards study and increasing your talents. English is the most important thing for this exam. You have to attain a good understanding of the English language to clear it. So, do not lose your focus and keep working hard to get admission to the best universities in the world.

#2. Determination

This is the key to crack the examination. While doing the IELTS preparation, you must be determined about your goal. The candidates lose their interest and determination because they think that English is not a tough area to get perfection. If you think so, this is not going to work. You have to be dedicated. It is often said that nothing is difficult in this world if you have the determination to have it.

#3. Be Skillful

This exam requires you to be talented and skilful in the fields of vocabulary, diction, and grammar of English. You have to strive to get perfection in the language. This is necessary because you will have to deal with everything in this language when you study or work in an English-speaking country. So, if you want to make your career and settle your life, you should start getting all the skills needed for this exam. It will help you to reach your goals.

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This is an important part of the IELTS exam. You must be a pro at the speaking part if you want to ace this examination. The candidates turn out to be the best communicators after preparing for the IELTS speaking. You must have good diction and knowledge along with creativity to answer all the questions. If you want to crack this exam and resolve all your queries, you should visit the IELTS Ninja website. You will get perfection in writing, speaking, and reading portions. All the candidates want to be on the top. The experts at the website will help you to be excellent.

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