Aspirants must realise that they must cultivate the habit of speaking in English on a regular basis and engaging in conversations on a variety of subjects and subjects. One can participate in live sessions that are trending on various social media sites. Include your thoughts and ideas in your speech. This article will help you improve your speech by providing you with appropriate knowledge for the IELTS exam. The cue card topic “Describe someone who is older than you that you admire” has two sample answers so that you may have a good picture of what to expect. Keep reading till the end to not miss out on anything.

Describe Someone Who is Older than You that You Admire Cue Card

Break down the cue card topic into parts before speaking your answer. For this topic, we have made these following parts:

Who is the person?

What does he/she do?

What does he/she like?

Describe Someone Who is Older than You that You Admire Sample 1

Who is the Person?

I have an elderly acquaintance. He is much older than I am, and he is even older than my grandparents. He is about 60 years old and nearing the end of his working life. Mr Rick is a neighbour who lives in the apartment next door to ours. He was a police officer who is now retired and residing with his family.

What does He/She Do?

I first encountered Mr Rick in the elevator when we initially moved into our apartment several years ago. I was in a hurry to get to a social event and was sprinting to catch the lift, but the lift was going to be shut. I spotted an older man grinning inside the lift as he pressed the waiting button for me. We sat down and spoke for a few minutes. He didn’t forget to invite me over to his place.

Mr Rick possesses an inherent intellect. He has a keen sense of observation. When he was in the police force, he honed his observation skills, which benefited him tremendously in his career. His acute intellect is still assisting him in making the most of his retirement years.

What does He/ She Like?

I appreciate him most for his pleasant demeanour, which is presently accessible to old individuals like him. He has the capacity to make friends in a matter of minutes. I spotted an older man grinning inside the lift as he pressed the waiting button for me. We sat down and chatted about many key elements of him, and he gave his expertise to me anytime I needed to know something from him. He never became annoyed, and the most essential reason for my adoration for him is his cheerful demeanour toward everyone.

Describe Someone Who is Older than You that You Admire Sample 2

Who is the Person?

My grandma is around 65 years old, and I greatly appreciate her for her friendly and generous character. Her name is Samantha, and she is a sensible and well-educated woman. I have a six-year-old daughter whom I hope will grow up to be as wonderful as my grandmother.

I’ve known my granny since the day I was born. She was even present when I was born. I grew up and spent my teenage and early years with my grandmother’s love and devotion. In fact, once my grandfather died, she moved into our home.

What does He/ She Do?

My grandmother is a brilliant artist and an excellent tutor. Her kind demeanour and helpful demeanour are really appealing. Even a stranger can sense her wonderful heart in a matter of minutes. I recall numerous times when she took significant risks to assist others. She was a schoolteacher until she resigned, and many students continue to write to her to express their admiration and devotion.

Personally, I admire her unwavering faith in humankind and insatiable thirst for knowledge and reading. My father just became an avid reader as a result of her. She is kind and emotionally open. Most of all, she is a great and perfect mother. Her other characteristics are likewise exceptional. Other characteristics include honesty, confidence, and justice. In my early teens, I was astounded to see her siding with a neighbour over his own kid in a fight. I’ve never encountered so many people who are incorruptible, straight, and morally decent.

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What does He/She Like?

I adore her from the bottom of my heart. I enjoy spending time with her since she is bright and can provide sound advice. She is a dependable critic who has frequently motivated me to strive more. Her warmth and compassion are most likely the reasons I admire and appreciate her so much.

Describe Someone Who is Older Than You That You Admire Sample 3

Who is the Person?

I’d like to talk about one of my instructors from high school. She had a big effect on me and was a role model for me.

Her name is Qing, and she was my high school math teacher for three years. She was in her fifties and had a lot of classroom experience. We saw each other virtually every day because she was also my form teacher. She treated us as though we were her sons or daughters. For instance, she always had some form of medicine with her so that if any of her students caught a cold, coughed, or something similar, she could give them the medicine right away.

What Does He/ She Do?

Above everything, I was inspired by the manner in which she taught us in class. Her diligence in teaching prompted me to study Math, despite the fact that I had previously been uninterested in the subject. I was able to pass the university entry exam with a high Math grade because of her efficient teaching technique.

What Does He/She Like?

In addition, I was impressed by her way of life, which was so modest and deserving of respect that I wanted to emulate it. She constantly provided us advice on any challenges we had since she is a kind person. At moments, I felt like she’d be a friend with whom I could discuss anything.

Despite the fact that we have all graduated high school, my colleagues and I still pay her visits on weekends to tell her about our lives at college.

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IELTS Preparation Tips

Determine Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses

Work on your shortcomings to ensure that they do not have a detrimental impact on your overall score. If you’re a slow reader, for example, prioritise the reading test over the writing, listening, and speaking tests.

Make a Study Schedule

Make a strategy before you begin studying for the IELTS exam, and establish a customised study plan based on your areas of strength and weakness.

Examine the Material

If feasible, enrol in an IELTS preparation course. The preparation classes give you IELTS content as well as the necessary tips and strategies. If you do not have access to IELTS preparation classes, you can instead employ a skilled private tutor. An English instructor will also assist you in developing a study plan.

Practice Until You are Comfortable

Practice enhances your self-esteem. Find a companion to practise speaking English with for the speaking test. Practice skimming the material for the reading test by reading English periodicals. To strengthen your listening abilities, watch English-language films each night and surround yourself with English-language news and music.

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Practice Under Time Constraints

Test yourself in 2 hours and 45 minutes, exactly as on test day. This will allow you to experience what it’s like to take the reading, writing, and listening tests all at once. The more you practise under time constraints, the better you will be at managing your time.

Visit the Official IELTS Website

For IELTS applicants, the official IELTS website is the finest source of information. On the website, you may learn about the test’s norms and regulations, as well as the examination structure, and get relevant IELTS exam hints and materials such as ebooks, exercises, and videos.

Check the Test Location

Make sure you know where the IELTS test centre is and how to get there so you can be there on time on testing day.

IELTs Exam Day Tips

Get a Good Night’s Rest

Make sure you get adequate rest the night before the IELTS examination, as fatigue will impair your ability to concentrate.

Before the exam, have a healthy breakfast. When you are not hungry, your brain performs much better

Wear Loose-fitting Clothing

Wear attire that will not distract you from focusing on the exam. Don’t wear outfits that are too snug, and dress in layers because the exam room may be cool or warm.

Bring a Soda to The Exam

You may bring a clear bottle of water, a pen, an eraser, and your passport to the test. However, instead of water, you may have a bottle of soda, which has both caffeine and sugar, to maintain your alertness and blood sugar levels.

Pay Close Attention to Spelling and Grammar

Throughout the IELTS exam, spelling and punctuation are critical, and you will lose games if your answers are misspelt or use inappropriate punctuation.

Keep in Mind The Word Restriction

Keep in mind that exceeding the word limit will result in a loss of marks. So pay close attention to where the replies should be “no more than three words,” and also the writing tasks, which should be 250 and 150 words, respectively.


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