Answer delivery sequence and correct ways are exponentially important for the IELTS candidates to know precisely. It helps in scoring better marks in all the sections of the examination. All the candidates focus on the writing or reading sections, considering them challenging but speaking tests are more often avoided to do hard work.

The IELTS speaking section makes you have a better personality. If you want to know about the answer-giving protocols to score higher in this test, go through this article. You will get the answers to describe a bicycle/motorbike/car trip that is interesting.

Do you want to improve your speaking skills? Do you have the potential of confronting the examiners with confidence? Have you ever thought of speaking fluent English with perfect delivery methods? Well, here is everything that you have ever thought of. If you want to learn, keep reading.

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IELTS Speaking

Speaking is a simple concept as every human being in this entire world speaks but perfect speaking methods and communication techniques make you a valuable speaker or magnificent personality. Effective speaking has the power to make you quintessential before the professionals. It will let you gain higher opportunities in the world.

The IELTS exam has one of its sections for speaking where the aspirants enter a room with a few known personalities (examiners). You will be asked different questions to test your potential in speaking and creativity.

This test will give you the opportunities to touch your aspirations along with transforming you into a more knowledgeable and versatile personality. You need to work hard for this section and fulfil your desires.

Significant Points to Speak while Answering the IELTS Cue Card Topic

While preparing for this incredible test, you should emphasize knowing the important points that must be included in your answer. It makes your answer perfect in every term and creates a good image of you in front of the test-takers. If you also want to do the same, you have to rotate your eyes on the given points that must be there in your answer. Here’s what you should say to describe a bicycle/motorbike/car trip that is an interesting IELTS cue card topic.

#. Where and when you want to go?

#. Who you would like to go there with?

#. Why do you want to do it?

#. Explain what you hope to do on the trip.

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Describe a Bicycle/ Motorbike/ Car Trip that is Interesting: IELTS Cue Card Answer Sample One

Where and When You Want to Go?

Rides are always interesting and exploring. I have been a ride lover since my childhood. I like to go to different places with my friends or family and explore the people, culture, traditions, and places. I would like to go to Mount Abu with my friends on a car trip. I believe that the company of an individual makes the trip interesting. If you are with your favourite people, every place becomes attractive and worth visiting.

I want to visit Mount Abu with my friends at the end of this month. All of my friends like to explore different places and people. I will go to this place because I have heard about its beauty and avalanches. I will discuss it today.

Who You Would Like to Go There With?

I would like to visit Mount Abu with my friends. I have been there once during my childhood. I do not remember it clearly. My friends also have a desire to visit this place and explore it immensely. It is a great place with amazing food delicacies. I have seen pictures of the place and have heard about its aura and people.

The beautiful sunset point and various other attractive places drive my mind and soul towards it. I would like to go there with my friends because we have been waiting for a trip to hang out with each other for a long time and this place is exponentially attractive. It will give us a good time to spend with each other in the lapse of nature and unbound visionaries.

Why Do You Want to Do it?

I would like to plan and execute this trip because the pandemic has made all of us confined to our homes. It would be a great pleasure for us to experience the beauty of the place and enjoy some quality time with each other. This harsh period has made all of our lives monotonous.

So to break this monotony and have some joy, I would like to go on this amazing trip with my closest friends. Mount Abu has an untimely beauty as it is situated in the greenery within the lapse of mother nature. Nature is admirable and peaceful. I like the natural environment to visit and explore. This trip will probably make my mind refreshed and ready to work.

Explain What You Hope to Do on the Trip

I want to go on this trip to spend some quality time with my best friends. Also, I like photography and capturing beautiful moments with my camera. So I hope to click some unbelievable moments of nature. The place is covered with tall mountains and the sunrise and sunset have an incredible vibe and eye-catching view.

The aura of the place is unique and pleasant. I like to experience all the amazing sights and scenes. Also, I have heard stories of history in different locations along with food experiences. I would love to visit the place and refresh my soul along with enjoying it with my friends.

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Describe a Bicycle/ Motorbike/ Car Trip that is Interesting: IELTS Cue Card Answer Sample Two

Where and When You Want to Go?

India is a great place for adventures and exploration. My country has diversity in locations, places, cultures, languages, and traditions in every state. I like to visit different places with my family. I would like to plan a trip to one of the most popular and beautiful pilgrimages of India, Kedarnath. It is a situation in the state of Uttarakhand with unbound beauty all around. I would like to visit there with my family on a car trip. It has a spectacular view to see and admire. People go there to worship Lord Shiva. This place comes in the most visited and quintessential places in India. People have a lot of trust and belief in the temple situated here. I will discuss the trip with my family.

Who You would Like to Go there With?

I would like to go on a trip to Kedarnath with my family. My parents have a huge admiration for the temple and the place. They want to visit there to worship and get the blessings of Lord Shiva. The vision is mesmerizing and it gives peace to the hearts of the people who experience it. Uttarakhand is called “Dev Bhoomi” due to the divine presence of spiritual concepts, temples, and shrines.

The mountains here have a magnificent sight for tourists. People can stay here in the hotels and do trekking or climbing. My wish is to visit there in winter to experience the mountainous region with untamed beauty.

Why do You Want to Do it?

I want to make this trip successful with my family to experience the most beautiful and spectacular place in my country. It has many stories to attract tourists and let them enjoy the natural environment. The hills make it an eye-catching location. I want to click several pictures of all the elements of nature present there along with getting blessings from Mahadev.

People have a different approach to this place. This divine land gives peace to all minds and souls and makes the people fill with spirituality. It is my wish to visit the place once and fulfil my dreams. Hence, I want to make this trip to fulfil my admirations and dreams along with getting the spiritual aura.

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Explain What You Hope to do on the Trip

I hope to go on this trip with my family members and enjoy this time along with exploring the place and its culture. The temple has a different reach and value in the hearts of the people. I wish to experience the spirituality of the place. Being a photography lover, I hope to click the best pictures of the place to include them in my collection.

This trip will give me time to have peace and to enjoy my time with my family members. Also, I will explore the divine presence of the creator of this world. This would be the most amazing trip in my life as it will give me all the experience of the world.

IELTS Preparation

You need to prepare broadly for this test to meet the requirements of the questions. Those who don’t put their best in preparation, do not get anything in return. To achieve something great, you have to work for it enormously.

You can do self-study for this test. All you need to do is maintain the workflow according to a proper plan for each day along with working on the time management skills.

Furthermore, you should do maximum practice and take self-assessments to examine your proficiency. It will help you tremendously to prepare greatly for the IELTS exam. Practice is the key to success in this exam. Your IELTS preparation must be up to the mark for attaining your desires. Work in the right direction with vigilance, perseverance, and dedication.

IELTS Cue Card

Cue card topics are asked by the examiners to know your ideas and perspectives on the familiar topics. It gives a sense of knowledge to you about the answering methods and creativity. It also tests your presence of mind and representation. Remember, verbal and nonverbal both are significant for the communication process.

The cue card topics are generally to discuss a certain area of society. It can be the easiest one or can be connected to some academic aspect. You should be aware of all the topics before sitting in the exam. If you are aware of the topic, you will not take much time to think about it and deliver your ideas perfectly. So prepare for the cue card topics by noting down the creative ideas while thinking about them during the preparation period.

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Hence, you need to know the correct measures and protocols to speak and put your ideas forward before the professionals. It will benefit you not only to get admission to the most amazing university but also your professional career ahead.

You should be aware of the great speaking patterns and techniques as it makes you a communicative person along with letting you reach the solutions of obstacles. This article must have given you the knowledge about delivering answers before the examiners to an extent that they examine all of your great skills.

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