IELTS is one of the popular choices among candidates who want to move abroad for higher studies or work purposes. While test-takers somehow get ready for the other three sections Reading, Writing, and Listening, the thought of the speaking module haunts them.

In the speaking module, their English speaking skills are tested. They are given scores based on their grammar, vocabulary, lexical resource and fluency. But someone wise has said that Practice is the key to success. Therefore you can try solving different cue card topics for better results.

In this article, we have presented solved answers of an example topic describing a good service you received. So read this and get an idea of how to solve such questions.

Describe a Good Service You Received: IELTS Cue Card Topic

Instructions to describe a good service you received.

You should say:

When did you receive it?

Who you were with?

What was the service?

And how did you feel about it?

Note: Remember you will be given one minute to think about this topic. In this one minute, you will have a pen and paper to write down your ideas. Then you have to speak for another two minutes continuously.

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Describe A Good Service You Received Sample Answer One

Today I would like to narrate an incident from before covid-19 where I received really good service.

When did You Receive It?

I love to travel and that year I got this opportunity to travel to New York.

Who You Were With?

My family and I went to Delhi airport to board our flights. Among different flight services which show Emirates.

What was the Service?

The boarding was smooth and the staff were really helpful and polite. They greeted us warmly and helped us find the seats. The journey was going to be 15 hours long and therefore we were doubtful about the service as it was our first time to travel via this airline.

After an hour we were served drinks and snacks. I was delighted to see different varieties of snacks on the menu but was doubtful about the taste and the quality. But as I was hungry so I hesitatingly ordered a couple of Club Sandwiches and lemonade for myself.

As I took one bite of the sandwich the flavours of the sandwich burst in my mouth and my tongue started dancing with delight. It was lip-smacking delicious and also the lemonade hit just right.

How Did You Feel about It?

I was really happy with the service I have experienced till now but who knew that it was going to multiply 10x more. Soon flight attendants came with the ball of paper and explained that they had organised a lucky draw for their customers.

The one who will select the lucky chit among the other chits would get a free upgrade i.e. switch from economic class to a business one. I was the lucky one to pick the chit and get a seat upgrade.

We were assisted by the flight attendant towards the business class section. As we entered there the silent and peaceful environment struck us. The environment of the business class was different from the economy class where there was a lot of bustling sound among the passengers.

Moreover, it was more spacious and the seats looked comfortable. There were many vacancies available there we SAT in the seats of our choice. I got a seat by the window and soon found myself lost in the beautiful scenery outside the window.

Soon I was brought back from my dream world to reality by the flight attendant who came over to ask me about my dinner. She saw the menu of the business class and asked me to order anything I would like to eat for my dinner.

The menu of the business class was surprisingly useful. There were dozens of different countries and I was really confused to choose one among them. The flight attendants got me and suggested Chinese cuisine today as it is their speciality.

The food arrived there and mouth-watering dishes in front of my eyes. There were Hakka noodles, Manchurian gravy,  chilli paneer, fried rice and spring rolls on the plate. After dinner, I slept like a baby on the soft and comfy seats of the plane.

The next morning we were woken up by the attendant to inform us that the flight is soon going to land and therefore we have to fasten our seat belts. The whole journey was smooth and all the staff were polite and well mannered.

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Describe A Good Service You Received Sample Answer Two

You can find everything online and order to fully stop this trend even or higher during a pandemic. Everyone was locked inside their homes and hence online commerce soared high to the point that people were ordering everything online from medicines to vegetables to practice social distancing and avoid the spread of the virus.

When did You Receive It?

Today I would like to share with you my experience with the Zomato food delivery app of India.

Who You were With?

Last month my sister and I were alone in the home as our parents went out to our relatives. We were responsible for making our food as my parents left early in the morning. I love cooking but that day I was busy with my project. I have to submit my project the very next day and hence I was too busy to complete it. And my sister is a horrible cook and therefore I could not take the risk of asking her to cook a us a meal.

What was the Service?

We downloaded the Zomato app as we have heard about it at different times through advertisements, our friends on social media and a lot more places. But suddenly the idea of a virus can be thought of as ditching the plan. I was scared that if we ordered the food online, maybe we would get infected by the virus. My sister explains to me that Zomato has started something different to cope up with this pandemic situation.

Zomato was following the protocols and delivering safe foods that chefs staff and even the delivery boys were vaccinated full stop. Moreover, the food was not even touched with bare hands and there were practising social distancing in the kitchen. They were also not accepting any cash on delivery and suggested paying through an online banking facility.

How did You Feel about It?

We were surprised to see how Zomato has adapted to the new situation and ensured the best customer service even in such hard times. The delivery man came with an ID of being completely vaccinated and was also wearing a PPI kit. He left the food package in front of the door, rang the bell with the elbow and went away full stop.

This is a clever method adopted by Zomato as this gives their customer and insurance that they can still freely order their favourite food without getting scared of being infected by the viruses. This is the only reason why this business soared during the lockdown and still has ways to go forward.

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Describe A Good Service You Received Sample Answer Three

It is widely said that customers are the king and for a successful business, you have to ensure better customer service. But hardly any business focuses on it. But those who do become successful in less time.

When did You Receive It?

Today I would like to tell you about last month when I experienced good and satisfying customer service.

I am a girl and hence I love my hair. I usually go to the hair salon for hair treatment. Recently a hair salon opened in my locality. It was a pretty decent shop with a simple yet elegant board.

Within a few days, there were great talks about their customer service in our locality and there was a huge controversy going on that those who went to their shop became their permanent members. Moreover, openly say that once you enter here you will find yourself coming here often.

Who You were With?

I was intrigued by their Moto and such reviews and decided to go and check it out by myself.

What was the Service?

Soon I went there for a haircut full stop before we could enter the salon. We had to pass through a liquid sanitiser disinfection shower machine. This disinfected us and destroyed any kind of virus or germs. This was a unique and innovative idea as they were probably the first shop in our locality to do so but after them, many shows followed them.

After entering I found that every staff member was wearing a PPI kit. Also, the seatings were placed in such order that no one sits too close to each other. I was impressed to see such awareness and preparation of them to combat COVID-19.

Before my turn, I have to wait for more than ten minutes. But those ten minutes passed smoothly. There were magazines, snacks, television and friendly staff to help customers in waiting to enjoy their time.

After 10 minutes my turn came and I was directed to a special chair for hair wash. I was surprised and asked them if they had made any mistakes and I only asked for a haircut. To which the hairdresser said calmly that washing hair before haircut would yield better results. Moreover, the hair wash was free of cost as this is their opening month.

I was directed to sit comfortably while the hairdresser shampooed my hair. The hairdresser firmly massages while shampooing to remove the dirt and oil from my scalp. It never felt so good while shampooing but the hairdresser was doing an amazing job. After the shampoo, it was the haircut turn.

How did You Feel about It?

They recommended my hairstyles according to my face shape. As I chose one she gave me my apron and started cutting my haircut. I would say she was skilled at it.

After my haircut, I browsed through the shop and their services. They offered a variety of services including hair spa, hair cut, makeup, face massage, spa, facial and many more. I knew that somehow they were right now I cannot go anywhere else.

More Cue Card Topics for IELTS Speaking Preparation

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5 Tips to Ace IELTS Cue Card

# Do a good brain mapping in the first one minute.

# Read different books to increase your vocabulary

# Read different words, phrases, idioms to improve your scores

# Practice speaking English with your friends or family

# Practice different cue card topics to ace this one.


The IELTS speaking module is not tough as it is seen. With proper practice and determination, anyone can score higher marks in it. I hope this article has given you a clear insight into how to solve an IELTS Cue Card for the IELTS exam.

For more such related information, IELTS preparation tips, and customized courses for higher band scale visit the IELTS Ninja website.

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