IELTS score is required in foreign countries to prove your proficiency in the English language. So if you are going to Australia on a Work Visa, yes you need to prove you can speak with locals. Let us discuss all the processes and requirements for migrating to Australia in detail.

IELTS is the minimum requirement for many professional organisations and accredited institutions. Since India is not a Native English speaking country, every Indian planning to get a PR in Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, and the UK needs to take IELTS. The requirements for bands change from country to country.

IELTS Score required for Australia PR

IELTS is an English Test for educational organisations, professional and employer associations across Australia. It assesses the English language proficiency on a scale of 1-9 by testing their listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. Candidates can choose between IELTS Academic and IELTS General. For work PR, you need to apply for IELTS General.

IELTS is the most popular English Language test with high-stakes across the globe. More than 3 million people appeared for IELTS in 2019-20. Cambridge University hosts the test through two of its managing hands, IDP and British Council. There is absolutely no difference in the exams conducted by any of these institutions, so if someone tells you one is difficult and the other is not, that’s not true.

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Why Should You Work in Australia?

Is IELTS required for a work visa in Australia? Being one of the most dynamic countries globally, Australia has an immense need for skilled talents worldwide. Aspirants need to make the maximum effort to grab the opportunity by applying for Australian Work Visa. All they need to do is to clear the IELTS requirement for Australia.

What Australia offers you is:

  • Multiple opportunities for professional sectors
  • Stable economic growth with 2.5 to 3% yearly
  • High wage and greater savings
  • Social benefits like free healthcare
  • Clean and beautiful cities with a vibrant multicultural life

Australia has the lowest crime rate than other parts of the world; you can enjoy fundamental rights and good protection rules as local employees. These conclusively make Australia an ideal place to make a career and grow.

The Types of Visas for Work in Australia

The Australian government has devised a General Skilled Migration program in 2013. The skillset is built to assess the applicants’ basic skills under the points-based system, so immigrants get equal selection rights.

The candidates for a work visa are chosen based on their points in various work and education categories. It is not just about skills or how much IELTS score needed for Australia. You need to get at least 60 points to qualify for an Australian Visa. For achieving the points, you need:

Age Requirement

The age limit ranging from 25 years old to 32 years get the maximum score, and those above 45 get no score for migration to Australia.

English Language

You need to qualify the IELTS exam for Australia, at least six bands are required for a work permit in Australia. If you want to get higher points, you need to obtain at least eight bands out of nine, which gets you 20 points for your Visa.

Skilled Employment

If you are a skilled individual and your skill is listed in the occupation list, you will get points based on experience. However, 20 points is maximum.

Educational Qualification

As per the nominated occupation, you will need to qualify in the subject. Twenty points are the maximum score you can achieve here. A master’s degree or a doctorate will give you 15 points.

Australian or Regional Qualification

If you apply for a visa after high school or post-graduation, you get 5 points. If you have not studied in Australia but somewhere in the region like New Zealand, you get 5 points.

Community Language Skill

You can get another 5 points if you carry skills of translating and interpreting the language to the country’s regional language.

Spouse or Partner Skills and Qualification

If you have included your spouse/partner in the application for the residence when the partner is not an Australian resident, then their skills give you points as well. You can get 5 points for your partner too if the situation is vice-versa.

Professional Year Completion

If you have completed at least one year in any of the past five years, then you get 5 points for the same.

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Names of Different Visa Types

Visas are given to the candidate based on the type of migration they seek to the country. Australia provide visas with:

Skilled Independent Visa – You are qualified for getting a skilled work visa if you carry skills and qualifications for the occupation you apply for and are listed in the skilled occupation list (SOL). It doesn’t require any sponsorship from the employer.

Employer Nomination Scheme – As the companies sponsor the permit for work to the employee, a permanent visa is given to the migrant.

Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS)  – Under this scheme, the visas are provided temporarily depending on employee’s requirement in the institution. The applicant needs to possess at least two years of work experience, but individuals should be less than 45 years old. The employer company needs to pay the market salary to these employees.

IELTS Registration Australia

The aspiring candidate needs to apply online to either the British council or IDP to appear for the exam in their city or nearby city. You have to pay INR 12,650 for the registration of the IELTS Test. You can also physically visit the centre conducting IELTS and pay the same amount to appear in the test.

IELTS is a test conducted throughout the year, to be precise, 48 fixed dates a year. Check for the dates, due to high popularity of the test, the centres usually don’t stay vacant for too long, so it is recommended to apply one month before the cut-off date of your organisation’s requirement.
IELTS Australian Council has fixed the minimum age requirement for a work visa at 23. Your passport will be the only identity document. Even for the test, you need to carry the passport and the application form for the IELTS exam. After registration, the candidate has to decide the city where they want to appear for the exam.

How many bands in IELTS for Australia? The candidate has to prepare well for the exam and at least score 5.5 bands in each section to qualify for a work visa in Australia.

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Work Permit Visa Process

Go for the Skillset Tool to see if your skill is present in the list or not. If it is listed, then apply for the company you are applying for.

The process of work visa permit involves:

  • Knowing the category of work Visa you are eligible for,
  • Ensuring the requirements based on the points-based assessment that satisfies your skillset,
  • Ensure the employer has cleared the nomination/sponsorship form before your application for the visa,
  • Apply for the visa category,
  • Submit the required information and supplementary documents,
  • Payment of application fees for Visa.

Do check the official website to know the current price for Visa registration.

Typically, it takes around 2-3 months for the visa to arrive if you have applied for the normal category. However, there are options to get approval in quick time from the Australian government.


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