The common IELTS topics for writing task 2 can be found easily found on the internet but here in this article, we have provided a structured method so that you have a clear picture in your mind when you look up at the common topics for writing task 2 and here you will be provided with all the information that will be needed for the common IELTS topics and the best and main topics for writing task 2.

This article will also provide a detailed explanation of how to plan your task 2 essay and one big question will be answered: do the IELTS topics repeat? As this question is asked by many aspirants and here you will all get a clear picture about it, so read the full article to get all the details

What are Common IELTS Writing Task 2 Questions? 

These are some of the common IELTS questions from the common topics

Number One to Five 

#Some people think that writing is no longer valuable in the contemporary world and should not be enlightened in academies. To what degree do you concede or argue?

#Some speculate that progress in technology is boosting the gap between the wealthy and needy while others believe the contrary is transpiring. Examine both aspects and convey your own viewpoint.

#More and more people are discovering it is increasingly significant to wear popular clothes. Is this behaviour of wearing dresses a favourable advancement or unfavourable?

#Some people speculate that smartphones are eradicating public relations today. To what degree do you concede or argue?

#Some people speculate that administrations should ban hazardous athletics. Others request that they should have the independence to choose their favourite recreations. Examine both beliefs and illustrate your viewpoint.

Number Six to Ten 

#Nowadays job choices are altering and workers cannot rely on retaining the exact employment and functioning situations throughout their existence. What are some apparent reasons? Indicate some paths to strategy for the outlook under these situations.

#Some people believe that it is essential to tour abroad to understand about other nations, but others believe that it is not essential to tour abroad because all the knowledge can be observed on TV and the internet. Examine both opinions and give your own viewpoint.

#Why are some people who flee school fast more prosperous correlated with those who obtain their examinations. Furnish explanations why they are more prosperous and what are the regulations for achievement?

#Countries with lengthy normal working hours are economically better prosperous than those nations which do not operate lengthy hours. To what degree do you concede or argue?

#Many learners around the planet don’t prefer science studies at an institute. Give the explanations for this and characterize the influence on the population?

10 Most Common Topics for IELTS Writing Task 2

There are 10 common topics that appear more frequently than all of the topics put together. They are as follows –






#Public Transport

#Criminal Justice

#Youth Crime


#Government Spending

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Most Common Topics 

These are the most common topics that appear in writing task 2


#Business and money

#Communication and personality

#Crime and punishment









#Media and advertising








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Do IELTS Writing Topics Repeat? 

Many aspirants often have the question that the writing topics repeat if they repeat what are the common questions that appear and the simple answer to this is a big no because the topics may be similar but not the questions and particularly the essay questions. Yes, there will be the same topics like arts and entertainment but not the questions, so don’t hope that one will be getting the same questions, and one should always prepare for the topic, not the questions, because questions may differ.

These are some of the topics which have been common and can be expected now too






Public Transport

Criminal Justice

Youth Crime


Government Spending

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How do You Plan a Task 2 Essay? 

This is how one should attempt their task 2 essay

Read the Essay Topic Intently

There are many aspirants who don’t understand the topic and then fail to write the content and that’s why understanding the topic correctly is a crucial rule so, before writing the answer read the question twice.

Develop Focus Questions

After you have understood the topic the next step is to focus on the questions by creating or bringing up two focus questions

Form Your Body Paragraphs

The natural configuration of an essay has three categories-


Body paragraphs


While intending your essay, think about how various body paragraphs you would prefer to comprise. Commonly, the body passages shouldn’t be shorter than two and can be more than three.

Answer Your Focus Questions

After you have mapped the number of paragraphs and after mapping 2 to 3 paragraphs for your body, place it under the focus questions.

Model P-E-E

Previously you have jotted down your major questions and the main points, you must understand about sub-points to magnify and expand your notions.

Model P-E-E (Point-Explain-Example) is a beneficial device for those who endeavour with this assignment.

You state your fact, then understand it more and deeper and also give an illustration to benefit your impression. Later you have expanded funding questions to your major points, this is what your scheduled essay should be.


Focus Question – What problems do we encounter due to corruption?

Point – Corruption

Sub-Points – (black money, use of resources as they like)

Example – only snatching money from the people and using it for their own needs

Point – Poor Facilities for the people and High Cost of Living for them

Sub-Points– (poor infrastructure, no health and hygiene facilities and no strategies for the poor and needy)

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We expect that this article was helpful. All the common topics and most important topics are covered here in this article. Those who are preparing for IELTS should keep all these topics in mind and should revise these before the examination. The common writing task 2 questions, the plan for writing essay for task 2 and many more are covered here and one should always keep these in mind that while preparing for IELTS there may be many hurdles that you might face, but one should keep going on.

One should always remember that they should never lose their confidence and if you are looking for online coaching then you are on the right website, IELTS Ninja provides you with the best material and coaching courses. And incase if you have any feedback for this article, feel free to drop your comments below in the comment section.

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