In this article, you will learn how to write the questions and answers effectively, which will help you attain more marks.

One of the major reasons candidates flunk to achieve the mark they deserve in IELTS Writing Task 2 is not analysing the topic properly. Usually, candidates who have incredible vocabulary and grammar, but still constantly fail to analyse and read the topic appropriately.

Thus, they do not understand the topic. They are so sure in their skill that they directly start writing without giving much thought. They completely neglect what the test taker wants them to write. The candidates, who could have obtained a minimum of a 7 or 8, ended up getting 6 instead.

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IELTS Writing Task 2

A few candidates think that analysing the topic will consume a lot of time, but they are usually the candidates who do not do as good as they could in the test. We know our mentors tell us to ‘read the question’ again and again but what actually does this mean? If you read the question again and again you will start to understand what the question is asking for. Once you understand what you need to write, half of the scores are in your hands.

The test taker is going to examine you based on whether you understood the question or not and write the points which are actually required.

If you take more time to do so it would result in losing some score in the IELTS Writing Task 2 test. That will decrease your band scores.

Reason Behind Not being Able to Clear the Exam

The reason behind you not being able to clear the International English Language Testing System exam because of the following reason:

# You are not able to manage the time properly while reading the question and understanding it.

# Not answering the particular points that are being asked in the question instead of just writing about the question generally.

# Not able to identify what is being asked in the question.

# Misinterpreting the topic.

Steps to Follow for IELTS Writing Task 2

To deal with these issues, there are easy methods you can follow during the examination that will conserve your time and enable you to recognize and analyse the topic effectively, thus improving your band score.

These three simple steps that you need to follow to identify what needs to be written in the topic are:

The words used in the topic
The words used in the micro-topic
The words used in instruction.

Reasons of Travelling Sample One

Let us analyse the performance of one of the candidates in the IELTS writing task 2 mock exam.


More and more people are travelling nowadays as compared to the past.

What are the reasons behind it? What are the benefits of travelling?

Sample Answer One

In today’s world, travelling has become a form of entertainment and we see more people travelling as compared to earlier days.

If we ponder on the question ‘why is this the case?’, Mainly three points are highlighted. That is, awareness, increase in spending capacity and smaller families. To begin with, let’s understand that people are becoming more aware of their surroundings due to numerous exposures to the outside world like print media and virtual media like the internet or television.

They are continuously bombarded with information on lovely pictures of the locales around the world. For example, a travel agency will exhibit lovely posters.

Secondly, with two earning members that are husband and wife in a family the spending capacity increases. So they can plan elaborate Holidays without twining a hole in their pockets. And lastly, today’s smaller families have no extended relatives. This leaves them with not many options of spending their vacations with. Hence travelling around becomes a viable option to spend their holidays.

Exposure to a new culture is the main benefit of travelling for a traveller. It makes them understand that there is a world outside their cocoon that has their own ways of eating, celebrating and thinking. Apart from this, a broader perspective is achieved by the traveller in terms of technological progress and its effect on the standard of living of the common man.

To sum it up, travelling is an enriching experience which teaches the traveller about life. And as curious humans, which we all have been and with the available options, we have been travelling more than ever before.

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Reasons of Travelling Sample Two

Let us analyse the answer of one of the aspirants in the International English Language Testing System Writing Task 2 mock examination.


In spite of Covid-19 restrictions, people are still travelling.

What are the reasons behind it? What precautions need to be taken while travelling?

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Sample Answer Two

Due to the sudden hit of Covid-19, travelling has been restricted and people need to follow the new normal.

If we speculate the question ‘why are people still travelling?’, mainly three points are emphasized. That is, travelling is not limited to leisure purposes, necessity and escaping from the isolated space. To begin with, we all know what the scenario is right now, Covid pandemic has hit the entire world. But still, people are travelling. Travelling is not limited to leisure purposes only, there is more to it. People are travelling because of their necessities.

People are travelling for medical reasons because someone’s life is at risk. Some are travelling for work to earn for daily living, it’s not that simple to survive in today’s world. Everyone is not from the financially stable category.

Back to back lockdown, happening all around the world, people are stuck at home studying, working so they want to escape from their isolated space. Go to someplace where they can be close to nature and relax their body, mind and soul. Travelling is also about finding oneself peace that they are lagging.

Since now travelling has become a part of our life. We need to find new ways as well to deal with the current Covid situation as well. Because we are not only putting ourselves at risk but also our society. One needs to take precautions by themselves while travelling. As we all know prevention is better than cure.

So we should follow that. We should sanitise ourselves frequently, maintain social distance, wear masks and take care of our health. We have to get used to the new normal. Then only the present situation might change and we will be living the old normal life.

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Expected Band 8

In General, the aspirant didn’t make many grammatical errors. The forming of sentences is good. Less use of complex words focused more on the use of simple language in the sentences. Proper use of quotes to justify the points and examples for better understanding. There is a little issue in a sentence assortment that can be rectified with proper practice.

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We discussed in detail the topic of the reason for travelling and related questions. The steps to analyse the question without spending much time on it. Writing the points that have been asked in the question with the help of effective analysis. That will help you secure the desired band (Band 7 or Band 8). All you need to do is focus on the International English Language Testing System preparation. To boost your preparation, join IELTS Ninja for the guidance of professional mentors.

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