Student Background

Shubha Kapoor (imaginary name) is a homemaker from the capital city, New Delhi. She had been on leave from work for a while with the desire to apply for immigration to Canada. This IELTS case study is about this married woman who had planned to move along with her family and wanted to secure good band score in IELTS so that she could get sufficient points to be combined with that of her husband’s score.

Course Objective

Shubha aimed for at least 7 Band in IELTS in order to apply for a Canada express entry system as a couple. She enrolled for a month’s course with UFaber for a daily online session of 1 hour per day, from the comfort of her home so that she could look after her kids at the same time while preparing for the exam.

Strategy – uFaber Study Plan

Shubha was appearing in the exam for the first time, but she had some idea about IELTS exam through her friends who had given this exam before and wanted to know all the useful tips and tricks that could help her accomplish her goals. To meet her learning needs, everyday tips were discussed along with practice tests and doubt removal sessions while at the end, complete mock tests were practiced.

Strategy Implementation

In the one month’s course, she was provided with all the guidance in order to succeed well. Though she was comfortable with listening tests, she was in big doubt whether she would be able to make it up in the reading module. Hence, regular practice tests were given to her to speed up her reading skills. Other than this, she was good in writing but it needed a bit of polishing for achieving Band 7 while speaking was good enough but scary for her as she used to go blank some of the times  in the cue card section. Accordingly, all the useful tips were provided to her to overcome her exam fears.

Shubha Kapoor’s Result

Shubha Kapoor was extremely happy and satisfied with the results she received as Band 7 which was sufficient for her family to get themselves entered into the pool system of Canada immigration. She got an excellent score in listening as Band 8.5 and writing as Band 7 while meeting the minimum 6.5 Band criteria in other modules.
Let us see the overall and individual band scores in case of Shubha’s IELTS case study:
Overall Band Score – 7.0

  • Listening – 8.5
  • Reading – 6.5
  • Writing – 7.0
  • Speaking – 6.5

On receiving her band score, she immediately made a phone call saying (with a big smile), “I got my IELTS result today and I am satisfied with it. I did well in listening and writing. I was expecting Band 7 or above, so it is a very good score as my consultant has informed me that I would now be able to apply for immigration application as a couple. Thanks a lot to you!”

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