Every year, specialised courses offered by overseas universities draw many Indian students. Foreign universities offer practical knowledge with more meaning. One of the greatest benefits of studying at colleges in developing countries is this aspect.

There are now several more opportunities for prospective students for overseas education than just the UK, USA and Australia.

Students are seeking new nations with changing patterns to get a degree with a foreign business appeal. We are going to list the top 5 countries for studying abroad for Indian students other than the UK, USA and Australia.

Here is a list of abroad universities for Indian students and answers to the question of where to study abroad for Indian students

Study in Germany

Germany is one of the main research destinations for Indian students. This country is one of the most attractive destinations, where housing expenses are marginally higher, but there are almost zero or very low tuition fees charged. Quality preparation at a rate that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pockets. Its top colleges and universities provide quality education,

And there has been a growth of over 70% of Indian students opting for higher education in Germany. And there has been a growth of over 70% of Indian students opting for higher education in Germany.

Germany has over 10 universities listed in the world’s top 200 QS university rankings. Indian students have the choice of selecting from over 350 universities offering more than 800 courses to choose from. In Germany, there are several scholarship providers that provide financial assistance to promising students, but the DAAD has a special initiative devoted to Indian students in particular.

Study in Canada

For Indian students, Canada has emerged as one of the most sought after research destinations. In recent years, the number of students moving to Canada for higher studies has risen in many respects. For a range of courses, such as biotechnology, animation, hospitality, engineering, environmental studies, mass media and many more, aspiring Indian students prefer this country.

Canada’s school system is comprehensive, delivering degrees and diplomas across a wide range of courses. Education prices in Canada are relatively cheaper. For foreign students, further grants are available and they will have the option to work part-time off campus.

Study in New Zealand

One of the most recent entries for Indian students in the hot destination for higher education abroad is New Zealand. There has been a dramatic 400 percent growth in the number of Indian students accepting admission to this country’s universities and colleges in the last five years.

The credentials offered by New Zealand institutes are deemed the best in the world in a few fields of research, such as horticulture, milk technology, forensic science, marine engineering, geothermal energy, and biotechnology. The country’s key USPs are a secure climate, strong learning arenas, total computerization and specialised teaching tools that are all at reasonable rates. Common study options at universities in Australia Australian IT Masters: opportunities for internships in small businesses. In Australia, Environmental Masters. Australian Corporate Masters-attend some of the world’s best business schools

Study in Singapore

There are several world-class management institutions in Singapore. Therefore, Singapore is one of the Indian students’ preferred overseas research destinations for management studies. Singapore’s finest management colleges are developing modern and groundbreaking management programmes that draw Indian students.

The government pays 75% of foreign students’ tuition fees, with students needing to serve in the country for 3 years in return. This is a good exchange programme which, after their studies, gives students work experience. The 5-star programme is open to Indian learners with excellent academic ability.

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Study in France

France is one of the Indian students’ favourite countries for studying abroad. There are 3500+ educational institutions in the world, including publicly sponsored universities and Grandes Écoles. Indian students can choose from different degree courses in various fields, such as architecture, political science, law, journalism, fashion, management studies, etc.

Higher education rates are affordable at public universities in France. The government also offers 2-3 years of financial scholarships and support for students with strong academic merits. Indian students may also qualify for scholarships awarded by universities in France. For foreign students, low housing prices are available.

Does Studying Abroad Beneficial for Indian Students?

Yes, it certainly proves beneficial. Below are some points which prove this.

The Standard of Education

While there is a growth in the quality of courses available across colleges in India, there still seems to be a shortage of possibilities for realistic implementation of skills gained through intellectual comprehension. And many students in India are failing to get work placements after graduation because of this. The root cause of this dilemma circles back to the reliance on rote learning in the Indian education system to recall concepts rather than understand them.

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On the other hand, schools overseas engage students through class involvement, dialogue sharing, case studies, and realistic off- and on-campus encounters of active learning that make learning enjoyable and meaningful. Furthermore, versatility to adapt classes to the interest of a student and the freedom to work part-time while learning adds to the ultimate charm of obtaining a degree abroad.

Pathway to Immigration

Emigration is one of the top reasons why Indian students are looking to pursue a degree abroad, particularly at the graduate level. After graduation, countries such as the US and Canada offer enticing job opportunities, and their inclusive immigration policies allow students to seek jobs after finishing their studies.

The survey of the US National Science Foundation showed that after finishing their graduate and doctoral studies, almost 80 percent of students from India and other Asian countries chose to stay in America. Canada has made some recent reforms that have expanded the opportunities foreign students have when it comes to living, learning and working in the country

IELTS Required for Studying and Immigration Abroad

Governments use IELTS to process visa applications in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Hundreds of thousands of students from around the world are admitted every year by thousands of US colleges and universities. IELTS will help if you want to study in the USA. Study with IELTS in Australia. To show that you have the right English language skills to learn, work or move to Australia, take the IELTS exam.


By the end of this blog, you certainly have a clear view of education opportunities abroad and why you must study abroad. To have a successful career, you must be on the right path from choosing a university to choosing a program to study.

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