Student Background

This inspiring IELTS case study is about Anand Kishore (imaginary name), software engineer from Indore with the desire to apply for immigration to Canada, who wanted to meet the cut off score in order to get himself registered in the express entry pool. Another aspect about this IELTS case study is that he did not have any idea about IELTS exam and was seeking support from a tutor through online training. He knew he was not good at writing and this was the only reason why he was in big doubt about his IELTS exam results.

Course Objective

Anand Kishore registered for online training of 1 month course with UFaber. Another thing to be mentioned in his IELTS case study is that he was a working professional and so, he wanted to save time and enrol for online classes which he could attend at home.

Strategy – uFaber Study Plan

Anand Kishore started attending classes via Skype every day. His course was customized to pay more attention on writing while giving emphasis to perform the best he could in the other modules as well.

Strategy Implementation

At the beginning of training, Anand Kishore was not aware of the difficulty level of achieving good band score in IELTS, especially in writing but he gradually started building up his pace by following the trainer. Like many students, he used to face a lot of problems while writing accurately and also to structure the task properly, a noticeable point in this IELTS case study. Spelling mistakes and grammar usage are some of the main issues he used to struggle with. After some sessions, he started improving by working on his mistakes and knowing his shortcomings. There was an improvement seen in his writing from Band 5.5 (marked in first task) to Band 6.5 which was a significant change.
Spelling errors used to be the problem in listening and reading module as well apart from writing but with the tips given to improve for the same, Anand Kishore could hold a good control on such mistakes. His individual as well as overall band score kept on improving in the mock tests as he used to dedicatedly solve mock tests and learn from his mistakes. In every class, he used to ask doubts in order to get better clarity of how and what he needs to improve for achieving good band score in IELTS.

Anand Kishore’s Result

Anand Kishore received his target score of Band 7 in just 5 weeks, with at least 6.5 Band in each module. For this achievement, an over-whelming response was received from him in the form of an email, which can be very much evident from his email written below. He was extremely happy to get a good band score in IELTS he could be proud of and thus it is good enough to be listed as an inspiring IELTS case study.
Anand’s IELTS band score breakdown is as below:
Overall Band Score – 7.0

  • Listening – 7.0
  • Reading – 7.0
  • Writing – 6.5
  • Speaking – 7.0

As discussed above, following is the email content received from Anand Kishore:
“I am writing this letter to express my appreciation and thanks to Ufaber. My mentor taught me each and everything in an organised manner. Moreover, the tips for writing and speaking were very useful which helped me throughout the IELTS test. My writing and speaking needed many improvements but the tips and evaluation of mock tests boosted my confidence. In addition, my mentor always insisted me to ask questions and improve weak areas. Furthermore, the mentor had never been in a hurry to complete any topic but always motivated me for progressive improvement. Thank you Ufaber for providing such a good mentor to me.” 
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