The IELTS exam is essential for people seeking jobs or education in English-speaking nations. It might be about work, school, or immigration in general. Reading, hearing, speaking, and writing are the four components of the test.

The IELTS speaking test may look difficult at first, but with enough practice, you should be able to pass it with ease. This can help you improve your speaking skills as well as your overall IELTS score.

In today’s article, we will help you write a Band 8 answer for any question or topic in the IELTS Writing Task 2.

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IELTS Writing Task 2

These sample topics below will help you get a better understanding of how to approach a question in IELTS Writing Task 2.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Topic 1 Change in Life

Some people do not change their routine and become habitual. However, others think that change is necessary for life.

To what extent do you agree with this view?

Band 8 Sample Answer 1

There are some who argue that people should avoid trying new things and should adhere to tried and true ways. Some people, on the other hand, believe that people should seek out noble experiences throughout life. Changes in some actions and behaviours, in my opinion, are necessary for development and success.

Fundamentally, it cannot be denied that certain people may grow used to the everyday routines of life. People will obviously not need to learn new skills because they are already more aware of the activities that they engage in on a regular basis.

For example, on this day, older citizens will find reading newspapers on an electronic tablet perplexing since they are unfamiliar with the device’s new features and appropriate operation. As a result, elderly folks do not need to master the settings and high-tech applications since it will take them a long time to adjust to this technological product.

However, it may be claimed that if individuals choose new trends and experiences, their lives will grow more adventurous. Progress and success in life are frequently attained when a person attempts to investigate new ideas and activities that may be useful to his or her life’s betterment.

For example, a businessman who has had failures in his or her business would turn to new tactics in order to make the company more stable and lucrative. This can be accomplished by eschewing old-fashioned styles and tactics in favour of new approaches that may improve people’s lives.

People often get new possibilities as a result of new ideas, new ways of life, and changes to existing ways of life, and adapting to these changes is the major method of survival and development.

Finally, there is a strong debate over whether individuals should stick to conventional lifestyles or embrace new trends. However, I feel that the success philosophy may be achieved if people are willing to adopt new ways of life in society.

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Band 8 Sample Answer 2

The masses are shifting in response to the demands of the environment. In the past, everyone chose to spend their lives doing the very same things, with just a few exceptions. However, the former group is becoming increasingly rare. Everyone, especially young ones, prefers change and expects it to be pleasurable and beneficial.

To begin with, in most situations, only the younger generation gives complete priority to changes these days. They welcome change and believe that it will make their lives more meaningful.

Second, transitions bring about new chances, which propel us ahead. A new job, for example, may provide obstacles that force the individual to adapt, learn new skills, or expand their skill set.

Finally, a shift might signify a departure from the past and an old pattern that has grown monotonous and predictable. Furthermore, new experiences may be beneficial to our physical and mental health in addition to making life more enjoyable and fascinating.

Changes may make us more experienced and useful. On the other hand, many individuals, particularly the older generation, resist change because they do not want to be greedy. They believe that we should all focus on one thing: the old way of life.

They tend to resist significant changes in order to stay safe while missing out on numerous possibilities that the changes may have provided. They do not want to leave their comfort zone and want to stick to their regular routines. They are content with their current situation.

Perhaps they like routine because it provides discipline; perhaps they dislike shocks or lack the confidence to take on new tasks. They felt that keeping safe and maintaining the status quo was the best way to make life more secure. In a nutshell, each viewpoint appears to have its own virtues.

However, I am certain that if one wishes to keep up with the quick pace of modern life, change is inescapable and required. Even though some people preserve a sense of security by sticking to a routine, the world continues to rotate and evolve.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Topic 2 for IELTS Preparation

Some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local customs and behaviour. Others disagree and think that the host country should welcome cultural differences.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Band 8 Sample Answer 1

Significant countries have been concerned about the tourist sector, and many investments have been made in this area recently. However, there are several arguments concerning various issues that arise when outsiders enter certain communities.

In reality, some individuals encourage people to accept and welcome various cultures that visitors have brought to their nations, while others feel that tourists should follow the norms and practices of the host country. This article will attempt to address both of the aforementioned points of view and will provide a solution to this complex problem.

The first group of people who feel that visitors’ cultural values should be respected believes that bringing different cultures to a community may be beneficial. To put it another way, visitors may teach people new things, which can help society become more conscious of how people live in other parts of the world.

These organizations, on the other hand, think that in order to be successful in the tourism sector and attract more visitors, individuals and governments must be flexible and accept various cultures. In fact, many nations are fighting for the right to be the holiday attraction for travelers, and if they do not appreciate other cultures, they may lose out in this battle.

Others, on the other hand, are concerned about their local traditions and traditional cultures and believe that tourists bringing new cultures to one nation might pose a major danger to their civilizations.

To put it another way, they feel that when visitors visit their nations, they will be intrigued by the cultures of other countries and that as a result, they will forget about their own traditions. A new type of clothing, for example, would be replaced by local clothing, and new meals would be produced in place of old ones.

As a result, they always expect tourists to act in accordance with the host country’s rules. For example, in certain Islamic nations, governments restrict visitors from consuming alcohol or require women tourists to wear specified attire.

As a result, I believe that when tourists travel to new places, they will always want to learn about and visit local customs. As a result, host countries can create opportunities for tourists to be free while also encouraging them to follow local traditions and laws by introducing and demonstrating their benefits. Visitors would undoubtedly be interested in acting similarly to locals if the appropriate methods were explored.

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Band 8 Sample Answer 2

It is usually a point of contention whether tourists should adhere to local norms and conduct or if the country should be used to cultural variations. First and foremost, I’d like to highlight the importance of adhering to local traditions and behaviour.

As humans, we have awareness, which aids us in determining what is good and wrong in all aspects of our lives. However, not everyone can apply consciousness or has the same form of awareness to apply it.

People in that nation may not warmly welcome someone who does not respect local customs. As a result, I feel that anyone visiting another country should adhere to local norms and behaviour.

Aside from that, local traditions and behaviour are mostly governed by the country’s religion, which is highly sensitive to the majority of people. As a result, I agree with the viewpoint of adhering to local norms and behaviour.

On the other hand, there are several grounds to support the second viewpoint, which holds that the host country should embrace cultural diversity. It is widely acknowledged that civilization has evolved from the dawn of time, and the primary reason for this is that people move from one location to another to explore the globe, bringing new civilizations to new locations.

If one does not accept cultural differences, he or she will have difficulty coping with the cultures of other nations. This will have an influence on the economy in relation to tourism, modernization, and civilization appraisal.

Malaysia is an excellent example of accepting cultural diversity. People from Western nations visit Malaysia, and the majority of them are unfamiliar with local traditions. As a Muslim country, Malaysia allows visitors to roam freely unless rules are broken.

Malaysia has become a model for other countries to follow in terms of accepting cultural diversity. That is why, unless it harms your philosophy or faith, cultural differences should always be accepted.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Topic 3 for IELTS Preparation

Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. Others, however, believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed schools.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Band 8 Sample Answer 1

Since the beginning of women’s rights movements, the question of whether boys and girls should be educated in mixed schools has been a sensitive one. Some think that educating boys and girls in the same institution should be maintained, while others disagree. In this article, both sides of the issue will be examined before a rational decision is reached.

Educating boys and girls in a co-educational system, according to one camp, reaps several benefits. Many women’s rights activists, for example, believe that teaching males and females together improves understanding between the 2 genders.

This provides members of both genders with critical abilities that they may subsequently apply in their personal life, resulting in a better level of marital pleasure. As a result, it’s easy to see why so many individuals favour co-education.

Many others, on the other hand, believe that separate education for girls and boys is the ideal approach. Saudi Arabia, for instance, is frequently criticized for its strict culture. Notwithstanding this, Saudi Arabia is among the world’s lowest rates of sexual assault and rape.

Segregation on the grounds of gender in educational institutions is one of the reasons given. The advantages of separate schools for boys and girls may be observed when looking at this side of the issue.

Although all sides of this debate have unquestionable merits, many people believe that educating male and female students in the same school is a beneficial rather than a bad trend. As a result, it is hoped that the global trend of co-educational schools would continue for some time.

Education has become an integral component of everyone’s identity in this age of globalization. However, whether children should be educated in separate or co-educational schools is a point of debate.

Since the beginning of the educational system, this has been a contentious issue. The following article will explain the advantages of both institutions as well as my own perspective.

There are numerous beneficial effects for individuals who feel that segregated schools are better environments for their children; first, it is claimed that separating boys and girls would make them more regulated.

Second, they are more likely to be focused on their academics rather than being sidetracked by teenage fantasies. As a result, they will most likely pass with flying colours and thrive in life.

On the other hand, there is no denying that co-educational schools are considerably more helpful.

This is because the contact between boys and girls in this setting fosters a good connection, which naturally leads to them feeling more at ease later in life. Not only that, but this educational method has liberated her from shyness and fear.

For example, if a girl who attended a co-educational school applies for a job, she will feel comfortable speaking and socializing with others because she will have shed all of her fears and anxieties throughout her school years. This would undoubtedly set her on the proper professional and life route.

In a nutshell, mixed education provides students with an increasing number of benefits, all of which will help them advance in life. In my opinion, educating both genders together will produce the greatest citizens who will act as torchbearers for posterity by making them conscious of their own boundaries and society’s culture.

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