If you are a candidate for the IELTS exam, you need to keep certain things in mind to score higher bands that you are dreaming of. You have to inculcate dedication and vigilance to support your efforts for achieving your target.

The cue card topics are included in the IELTS speaking section of the International English Testing System to test your capabilities of speaking the language proficiently. The IELTS Speaking exam requires a particular precision and confidence as you are marked and judged based on how you speak and your English language abilities.

If you have the desire to get success in this examination, you must know the correct precision and way to answer the topics given by the examiners. Well, for doing so you need not go anywhere else because here are the sample answers to describe a difficult thing you did. Gather the knowledge about the cue card topic here.

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IELTS Speaking

IELTS speaking is a major portion of the IELTS exam. If you are aiming to get success in this test, you have to focus on this section essentially. Speaking is the most important thing when you study in an English-speaking country. The examiners specifically examine your proficiency in the English language in this section by asking you different questions including the cue card topics.

This is done because the International English Testing System, IELTS, is conducted for those candidates who want to work, migrate or study in a foreign nation where the English language is spoken widely. Therefore, if you want to stay in such a place or country, you are required to know the basic English language for sustenance. You need to read on to this article to learn more about the cue card topic, describe a difficult thing you did.

Significant Points to Speak while Answering the IELTS Cue Card Topic

Well, here comes the most challenging part. This is possible if a person speaking fluent English doesn’t know the correct protocols to speak or the aspects to include in the answer.

This means that mindfulness and wisdom are not everyone’s cup of tea to have. Only speaking with good grammar and diction is not sufficient for sustaining in the process world.

It is extremely important to know the limitations of speaking over a particular topic and the necessary points to include in it. You have to know the precise sequence of answering a particular question or topic.

If you want to inculcate the best ways to answer the cue card topics, look below to know what you should say to describe a difficult thing you did IELTS cue card topic.

#. What was it?

#. How did you complete it?

#. Why was it difficult?

#. And how did you feel about doing it?

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Describe a Difficult Thing You Did: IELTS Cue Card Answer Sample One

What was It?

Well, I think that various things in life seem difficult at the beginning and become easy after working on them. Being an innovative and hard-working person, I have this uncanny knack for trying difficult things and working on them until they become easy. The COVID pandemic has made all of us locked up inside the houses and go through many difficult scenarios. Due to my sedentary lifestyle, I gained immense weight during the lockdown phase. I think it was very difficult for me to lose such a bulk of the weight. I will talk about the difficulty in losing weight today.

How did You Complete it?

I completed this entire process of losing weight by doing exercises along with intermittent fasting. I used to wake up early in the morning for running and doing exercises. I started to eat healthy and a little less than I was before. Also, I managed to eat according to the fasting protocols. This way I completed the process of losing my immense weight.

Why was It Difficult?

It was quite difficult and challenging for me because I have never been disciplined in this area. I am a cool person. I eat, work, and sleep. But, after the lockdown when I saw myself, I didn’t like my physique and personality. My friends also said that I have gained too much. It is easy to gain weight but very difficult to lose. It takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and determination to do it.

How Did You Feel about Doing it?

I felt devastated at the beginning as I was not eating junk food and waking up earlier to do exercises. But, later I felt great when I saw a change in my physique. It was all worth it after facing the challenges and difficulties. I had a sigh of relief after realizing weight loss. I am very happy by watching this transformation.

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Describe a Difficult Thing You Did: IELTS Cue Card Answer Sample Two

What Was it?

During the lockdown period, my family’s financial conditions went very weak as my father had to lose his job. The difficult thing that I did during that phase was starting with an online job to support my family financially. It was difficult for me as I have never done that before. I will discuss this time today.

How did You Complete it?

I completed it by thinking about my family’s conditions and the current scenario. I forced myself to put effort into understanding the required work assignments. I started to like my work after working for a month and got appreciated by my manager. It was a wonderful phase for me as I learned exponentially during working with the company. It has developed team spirit, multitasking, communication, professionalism, working under pressure, and many other traits. I completed it nicely.

Why was it Difficult?

It was very difficult for me because I had no experience of doing a job that too online. I was managing my mother’s illness at home and working for the job as well. I thought about quitting several times in the beginning but I had to continue to support my family. It was challenging for me to understand the work format of the company and give them the perfect required work.

How did You Feel about Doing it?

I felt amazing about doing this difficult task. It was quite tough for me in the beginning but as I developed my skills for the same as well as the interest, I started to like it immensely. I worked enthusiastically and dedicatedly for the company and supported my family during the financial crises. I have learned many qualities by indulging in it. It was great at the end.

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This exam is conducted in two sections to test the proficiency of the candidates in English reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Two types of International English Language Testing System include the given parts.

#. IELTS academic test.

#. IELTS general training test.

#1. Academic Test

The Academic IELTS exam is conducted differently from the general test. It is adequate for the candidates who want to study in an English-speaking setting, institution, or college to pursue higher education. This test enables you to walk through the lane that is destined towards achieving the best degree and personality development. The candidates can also appear for the Academic test for skilled enrollment reasons. This test will make you a better person with high professional skills.

#2. General Training Test

This exam has different protocols to carry but the speaking section is the same for both of these tests. The IELTS General exam is adequate for those who are applying to work or study in an English-speaking country. It makes you a better person with higher education.

This test comprises an English-speaking university or academy where you get the skill development. It can also be accepted for job experience or additional employee training. It will prove to be the best for your career as it will drive you towards the best companies and organizations.

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IELTS Preparation

Well, this is the most important phase and aspect to focus on. During this time, every candidate has to work towards the development of their proficiency in the English language. You must practice test series, solve previous year’s question papers, and revise the syllabus of each section dedicatedly to increase your performance level in the exam.

You must work on your Grammar skills and vocabulary building to be great at solving the question paper and get high bands. The scores of this test are considered for admissions to great universities. So you must think about your future diligently and work in the right direction.

You should read as much as you can and watch English channels. This will increase your English understanding. You must learn the management of time to not regret it later in the exam. While preparing, focus on knowing the pattern of the exam and question types. It will make you experienced and bring success.

Check Out the Follow-Up Questions and Answers!

#1. What Challenges Do Young People Face Today?

Answer: Young people face different challenges at their age which include distractions towards different areas. Technology has made everyone attracted to it. The children must not get too much indulged in digital gadgets. Also, they should have good company to avoid unnecessary distractions. The ever-increasing education competition is a big challenge to the youngsters today along with mental health.

#2. On What Occasions Should Children be Encouraged? How?

Answer: Sir/ ma’am, I believe that the children should be confident and bold in their thoughts. If they are encouraged from their childhood, they will grow into strong personalities. According to me, children should be encouraged in situations where they feel hesitation in doing something good for themselves.

Also, I think that encouragement should be done to a certain limit, they should not feel like something is being forced upon them. There is a fine line between encouragement and enforcement. Children should be encouraged not forced.

For example, we can encourage children to learn something creative such as painting or music if they show interest in it. We should let them talk to new people to develop their communication. Moreover, they should be encouraged to visit different places and museums to learn about multiple spheres.

#3. What are the Most Difficult Things for Youngsters to Do?

Answer:  According to me, the most difficult things for youngsters include choosing the right direction for their future. Adolescence lets individuals go on the wrong track. So the most difficult thing is to have confidence, stay grounded, choose the right platforms by making the right decisions, and stand by their choices.

#4. What Kinds of Jobs Require People to be Confident?

Answer: I believe that confidence is the key to success in every sphere. If a person has confidence he/she can achieve his/ her goals easily. I think that all jobs require a certain degree of confidence to work appropriately. The jobs which involve dealing with customers require a lot more confidence than others because you have to interact with different people.

For example, if a salesperson is not confident enough, then he/she will be unable to convince the customers about the product he/ she is trying to sell. Therefore it is extremely important to be confident while doing any particular job.

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#5. How do You Help Children Stay Focused?

Answer: The children should stay focused by doing meditation and staying a distance from digital gadgets. We can help children to stay focused by managing their time and interests in creative activities and keeping them away from the wrong environment. If a child is focused in his/her early stage, he/she will manage to perform better at the upcoming life challenges.


We hope that you have come across various points related to the IELTS preparation and examination in the above article. We have discussed the cue card topic for your better understanding and skill development to score higher in the test. Hopefully, it helps you in the IELTS Speaking test and achieving success in the IELTS exam.

For further guidance, you should join the IELTS Ninja website where you will be given excellent assistance, study materials, mentorships, personalized lectures, conduct mock tests, and doubt clearing sessions along with various important articles for your preparation. It will boost your preparation and performance in the main examination.

Therefore, don’t delay making the best choice for your career, join now and take a step towards your success. Comment below for sharing your thoughts on cue card topics and asking any queries related to this wonderful exam. Good luck!

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