The Cue Card part is the second segment of the Speaking IELTS exam. When responding to an examiner’s question, you must keep a few skills, one of which is the ability to phrase replies according to the cue card topic.

During the IELTS Speaking Test, you will be given a cue card, also known as a task card, which will include 3 to 4 questions as well as some recommendations on how to respond to the questions on the cue card. You will not be given the option to change the question. However, you will be given a minute or two to think of the response and what to say about it.

To help you with your IELTS preparation, read “describe an exciting book that you enjoyed reading” topic sample answers solved by our experts.

Describe an Exciting Book That You Enjoyed Reading IELTS Cue Card Answers

We have given 3 sample answers for this cue card topic to help you understand how to approach it in different ways.

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Describe an Exciting Book that You Enjoyed Reading Sample Answer One

When You Read it?

I am keenly interested in reading different books. I read a book recently which I found very interesting. This book was gifted to me by my friend on my birthday. The name of the book is, “The Arms and the Man”. This is a book by George Bernard Shaw.

It is a story of the norms of the war along with some romantic tinge into it. It was a very realistic story for those who fascinate war and take it extremely seriously to fight. I read the complete book at once because I found it very nice and continued till the end. It was fantastic to go through. I will talk about it today.

What Kind of Book is It?

It is a book about anti-war visions and romantic elements. The author has written the whole story alongside war and its impacts. Bernard Shaw has tried to show the real causes and ways to resolve the conflicts between the countries, groups, or people.

The real situations of the soldiers and their perspectives are shown in the story. It is a very interesting book to read as it will build different notions about war and love in your mind. The protagonist of the story is Raina Petkoff who falls in love with a fugitive of the war.

What is it About?

The book is about the romance between a soft and kind-hearted Bulgarian lady, Raina Petkoff, and a fugitive of the war, Bluntschli. The story is about the Serbo-Bulgarian war. The heroine of the story/play is indulged too much into love with Sergius Sarnoff.

She has idolized this person in love. Raina Petkoff was thinking of Sergius and going to sleep when the Swiss Mercenary Soldier, enters the room by climbing the balcony window.

She gets petrified as she was in her nightgown and Bluntschli threatens her with his gun. Bluntschli explains to Raina about the war and the circumstances that arise there. She falls in love with him and managed to get him at the end of the play.

Explain Why You Think it is Exciting?

This book was exciting because it had everything that a reader wants in the story. It has comic elements, romance, love, war, different perspectives of the soldiers, care, and catchy phrases. All of these things make the entire story readable. I built interest in it from the beginning and found it worth reading till the end.

The idealistic thoughts of the heroine of the play, Raina, were broken down by Bluntschli by his pragmatic and cynical attitude towards the happenings of the war. He said that instead of cartridges, soldiers should carry chocolates. All the spheres of the story are attractive and exciting.

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Describe an Exciting Book That You Enjoyed Reading Sample Answer Two

When You Read it?

I enjoy reading books in my spare time or before going to bed. I have been interested in reading since my childhood. Books attract me because of their different stories and morals. Earlier, I did not get much time to read extra books other than my subject textbooks but now I read different books to learn something from them and to enjoy reading. Today, I would like to talk about an inspirational book named, “The Wings of Fire”. This book was gifted to me by my mother. I read the complete book as it was highly motivational. I found it very exciting and can read it again.

What Kind of Book is it?

This book is the autobiography of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. It was published in 1999 and became very popular after he became the President of India. He inspires me a lot with his vision and words. He became the President on 25th July 2002.

In the book, Dr Kalam wrote about the reasons for writing this book. I admire him the most and can say that he is my role model. My biggest reason to admire him is that he has always shown how an ordinary person can reach the highest level of the country and be the greatest leader.

Dr Kalam became not only the best rocket engineer but also the first citizen of the nation. His book is very motivating to all the readers.

What is it About?

This book is about the struggle and success story of the leader of the nation. His success was purely dependent on his willingness and hard work to learn and grow regularly. His discipline has been his greatest thing to grow in every field.

He has described his position as a piece of luck but being an engineer was his sheer hard work and dedication. In his book, his insatiable quest for knowledge and love for all is evident. This book gave uncountable learnings to everyone.

Explain Why You Think it is Exciting?

This book was exciting and motivating for me as I admire Dr. Kalam for giving all his life aspects in the book. I would like to read it again to not leave the willingness to grow and learn in my entire life and to achieve greater heights by hard work and determination.

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Describe an Exciting Book That You Enjoyed Reading Sample Answer Three

When You Read it?

I am an avid reader. I like to read many books. Whenever I find time for work and studies, I read some good books. It develops different perspectives and lets me learn good diction. The books that I read include some of the textbooks and some books that I purchased according to my interest.

The book that I read recently and enjoyed reading was a motivational book by Robin Sharma. The name of the book is,” Who will cry when you die”. This is an amazing book with 101 chapters for giving life lessons to people. I got to learn new things from every book and this one was worth reading as it has given me the learnings for life. Today, I am going to discuss a very motivational book.

What Kind of Book is it?

The book by Robin Sharma is a motivational book that gives ultimate ways to live life perfectly. This is a magnificent book that provides an elegant and powerful formula to achieve true success and happiness in life to enrich it with blessings.

All the chapters of the book are highly meaningful for the readers to live their life peacefully and it is crafted in a parable for revealing a set of simple yet surprisingly potent ideas for improving the quality of life. Robin Sharma has been awarded many times for this amazingly captivating book as the book has many inspirational tales in each chapter along with wise and perfect quotations.

What is it About?

The book is about motivational lessons for life. Every chapter deals with a different and quintessential way to live life. The quotations mentioned in between the chapters are exponentially reliable and worthy.

The framing of the chapters is wonderfully attractive and the readers get extremely attached to the lessons given by the book. It has been great in changing my perspectives for different times and circumstances of life.

As they say, this book is a good mine of wisdom and common sense along with a balance of leading life with perfect vision and approach. The mission of the book is to provide the readers with the insights to become visionary leaders, helping them transform their perspectives that thrive in this era of change and modernization.

Explain Why You Think it is Exciting?

This book is exciting, magnificent, and amazing for me because it has given me countless reasons and ways to live my life peacefully and happily. The motivation is not provided like lectures in this one but has a catchy way to explain it to the readers. I have learned diction, vocabulary, splendid quotations, multiple approaches, and much more from this book. I used to read chapters before going to bed and it has contributed largely to my life and ways of living.

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Describe an Exciting Book That You Enjoyed Reading Follow-up Questions

Here are some samples of follow-up questions that the interviewer could ask you after you are done answering the cue card.

#1. Do you prefer reading books or watching movies?

#2. Do you believe it is necessary to read the book before watching the film adaptation?

#3. Are there any novels that both boys and girls can like?

#4. What kinds of novels do Indians enjoy reading?

IELTS Preparation Tips to Expand Your Vocabulary

Develop a Reading Habit

When you meet terms in context, it’s easier to develop your vocabulary. Seeing terms in a novel or a newspaper story is considerably more useful than reading them on a word list. You not only learn new terms, but you also get to observe how they’re utilized.

Use The Dictionary & Thesaurus

When utilized correctly, online dictionaries and thesauruses are valuable resources. They can help you remember synonyms that are better terms in the context of your work. Another approach to acquire vocabulary is to look up antonyms, root words, and similar terms in a comprehensive dictionary description.

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Play Word Games

Scrabble and Boggle are two classic games that can help you increase your English vocabulary. Crossword puzzles are another option. Follow upsets of these word games with some note-taking if you like to be efficient. Make a list of the different terms you learned while playing the game, and go through it again and again.

Use Flashcards

Using flashcards to learn several words is a rapid method to acquire a broad vocabulary. A broad range of smartphone applications makes flashcards accessible and easy to manage in today’s digital era. It’s fair to set a goal of learning one new word every day. You may always strive for more, but it might not be practical to learn dozens of English terms every day.

Practice Using New Words While Talking

It’s possible to have a large vocabulary without understanding how to utilize it. This implies that you must utilize your dictionary on your initiative. Make a point of utilizing an intriguing term you come across in your reading in an interview. You may practice the art of choice of words and, with a little experimenting, hone down on the perfect word for a specific context by trying in low-stakes scenarios.

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In the article, we covered the speaking test’s cue card topic on “describe an exciting book that you enjoyed reading”, how to begin and conclude the test, what to talk about, and how to respond to the examiner’s questions. You should focus on your preparation since how you prepare for the exam will be reflected in your final score. So, if you’re looking for exact preparation, IELTS Ninja can provide you with all of the material you’ll need to pass the exam.

IELTS Ninja ensures that your study never stops and that you have access to your course whenever and wherever you choose. So hurry ahead and sign up right now to get ready for your next IELTS exam.

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