Candidates often find IELTS speaking cue cards as one of the toughest questions of the IELTS exam. They have to speak about a random topic for more than one minute continuously. Moreover, they cannot change the topic and ask the examiner to explain it. Therefore they find it really difficult.

But instead of being tough and hard to score, if tackled with an ample amount of practice and preparation one can easily score well in it. Here we have given a solved example of a random cue card topic Describe a businessman you admire for you to analyze and then solve on your own. Read the example and sample answer and then try to solve it by yourself.

Describe a Businessman You Admire – IELTS Cue Card Topic


  • Who is it?
  • How do you know him/her?
  • How did he/she become successful?

Sample Answer One: Describe A Businessman You Admire

Who is It?

Today I would like to speak about one of the most influential and richest people in the whole world, Bill Gates.

How do You Know Him/ Her?

I have come to know this famous personality from a documentary. This documentary was based on Microsoft and its founder. From here I learned about his business skills and his journey of success.

Bill Gates is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, programmer, and co-founder of the famous operating system company Microsoft.

How did He/ She become Successful?

Bill Gates was born in a pretty decent family where his father was a successful advocate and his mother was a school teacher. His childhood was well off and he did not have to struggle for basic needs. Moreover, he was a bright student and always performed well in his academics.

At the age of 13th, he built his first computer program on the general electric company machine that was created by his school. Only at school, he met his partner Paul Allen and from there, his journey towards ultimate success began. At the age of 15, they built a software together that sold for $20,000. And another software that sold for 30000 dollars.

In 1975 they founded a company and named it Microsoft. After many ups and downs, the company was able to develop its operating system by redeveloping 8 DOS and renaming it as MS-DOS. All this does to the famous IBM.

From there with script better decisions and business mind the company began to grow and soon became a well-established company in America. After getting my success and becoming one of the richest people in the world his interest shifted to philanthropy. Now he is one of the biggest philanthropists and social workers. He is now busy e in charity and community welfare was strong in a speech he has promised to donate 80% of his well before his death for the welfare of the community.

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IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer Two: Describe a Businessman You Admire

Who is It?

Today I would like to tell you about one of the most well-known and respected businessmen of India Ratan Tata. He is the head of the largest group of India Tata sons and group and acquires more than 111 forms under himself and the revenue of this is around 67 billion dollars.

How do You know Him/ Her?

He is a famous personality in India and I came to know about him from his efforts to compensate victims of 26/11.

How did He/ She become Successful?

He was born in a well of family in 1937. He was the great-grandson of Jamshedji Tata and was related to him from his wife’s side. His childhood was a depressing one as he belonged to a distorted family and was raised by his grandmother Lady Navajbai.

After completing his education at the Cornell University of America he joined the Tata Group. At first, joint Tata Group was a blue-collar employee and was responsible mainly for shovel stones and work on the furnace. But soon proved his work and excellent management and leadership qualities and paved his way to becoming the chairman of Tata industries.

It was under his leadership that Tata industries reached the peak of his success. Under his leadership, Tata Group’s revenue grew 40 times more and profit rose 50 times more than it was before.

In his journey, he took some bold decisions and proved that it was a perfect choice as an heir for the group and it was the result of his work that Tata groups went from India centric Group to a global Business company.

He is also a generous and humble Man. He launched TATA Nano to drop the rising prices of cars. After much research, Tata groups launched a car that was under the budget of the average consumer of India, and this car was named Tata Nano.

When the 26/11 terrorist attack happened, the Taj hotel people were affected by this. Ratan Tata was sorry for those who stayed or worked in the Taj hotel and therefore decided to compensate them and their family for their losses.

Also, he considered vendors and peddlers around that were affected by the attack. He didn’t give them any amount of money and made sure that they became capable of doing something. He paid for the education of the victim’s child, the three bills of the injured, and many more.

Also, he is a successful philanthropist. He is quite a great supporter of education, media,e, and rural development and under him, there are many programs and missions launched by the Tata group for their welfare.

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Sample Answer Three: Describe a Businessman You Admire

Who is It?

Today I would like to speak about a famous businesswoman of India Kalpana Saroj. She is a true phoenix that rose from the ashes.

How do You know Him/ Her?

I came to know her when she came to my home in February 2019. My father knew her in person and thus she came to our hometown to visit the famous ancient site and also to him. From herself, I came to know about her inspiring journey and how she has to face different obstacles from discrimination to the ugly sides of childhood marriage before she became successful.

How did He/ She become Successful?

Kalpana Saroj was born to a Dalit family of Maharastra. Her father was a constable and she used to live in the police quarter with her five siblings over there.

She belonged to a backward class of India and hence has to face discrimination. Discrimination is an ill activity practiced by upper caste people. They regard lower caste people as animals and think it is their right to exploit them.

She was a bright student from childhood. But her teachers used to treat her badly. She was forced to sit separately and was not allowed to speak to anyone. She also was prohibited from taking part in extracurricular activities.

At the tender age of 12, she was married off. Child marriage was quite common among people of lower caste back then. She came to Mumbai with her in-laws. There she used to live in a slum and was no more than a free maid. She was responsible for all households and was given very little to survive. After six months, she changed so much that her father couldn’t bear it. From an active childhood, she started to look like a thin woman.

He called off her marriage and brought her back to the village. But her problems didn’t end. There she was looked upon with hatred and disgust. In India, girls are treated as someone else. And after marriage, if she comes back to her home she has to face taunts from people.

And same was the case with her. One day fed up with the taunts she decided to end her life. She drank 3 bottles of rat poison but luckily her aunt saw her and rushed her towards the hospital. Fortunately, she survived and her vision of life changed forever.

She came back to Mumbai this time with the spirit to do something for herself. She stayed with her uncle and started working as a tailor. But another misfortune was waiting for her over there. Due to insufficient money, her sister died. Then she took an oath to become something in her life for her family.

She opened a small tailoring business in her home and worked on it for 16 hours. This small business was successful. After this, she tried her luck in real estate and bought a disputed land. With her wittiness and farsightedness, she won the case of the land dispute.

After demonstrating such entrepreneurship skills she was approached by workers of Kamani groups. This company was on the edge of bankruptcy. But with her decision-making capacity, management skills and leadership qualities, she soon turned this bankrupt group into a growing one.

Today Kamani Groups is one of the leading brands of India and she is one of the richest women of India acquiring more than $112 million.

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Sample Answer Four: Describe A Businessman You Admire

Who is It?

Today I would like to speak about the founder of the famous Reliance industries Dhirubhai Ambani.

How do You Know Him/Her?

I got to know about this famous personality from the internet. He is one of the most famous and influential men of his time. Today his company has grown leaps and bounds and has become a global company.

How did He/She become Successful?

He was born in 1932 in Gujarat under British India. His father was a small school teacher and hence we belong to a middle-class family. At the age of 17, he migrated to Yemen to work along with his brother. There he worked at a petrol pump first as a worker and then as a manager. From there he got exposed to business and his horizon grew from a worker to a businessman. He got to learn from the ports of Yemen and soon came back to India with the vision to start a company.

In 1958 a textile business along with his cousin Champaklal from a small office. This business is involved in exporting spices and rayon to Yemen and importing polyester from there. Soon this business becomes profitable. But as he was a risk-taker his interest and ideology clashed with the down-to-earth Champaklal. Soon their partnership was broken.

In 1967 he launched another company Reliance Communication corporation that soon was renamed Reliance industries. At first, he worked mainly in the textile industry and then, later on, grew the branch towards others.

It was his risk-taking ability and knowledge that this company grew leaps and bounds. The company had to face numerous challenges, one of which was the denial of investment by National Banks. But Dhirubhai Ambani was a capable businessman who knew how to tackle their problems.

In the 1980s he brought his sons to the company. But not as an heir but as a simple manager. This was to help them grow by skills and become capable to take over this industry.

He was a good man who believed in charity. He was a perfect amalgamation of grit and determination. He was a keen observer and believed in his skills. He died in the 2000s after handing his business to his sons Mukesh and Anil Ambani. He has won numerous honors and awards and was also named a man of the century in 2000.

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Words to Use

































Innovation – innovative









Passion – Passionate (about the work)
























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IELTS is one of the most popular standardized English language tests. Candidates often take it to get admission to foreign universities for higher studies or work purposes. To ensure a smooth visa process and admission over there one has to score higher in it. The cue card is one of the scoring parts of the test and hence we recommend you to solve as many topics as you can for better scores.

For more such topics, solved answers and IELTS preparation, visit the IELTS Ninja website. This website is one top solution for IELTS students. Best of luck with your IELTS test!

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