The British Council provides coaching for the IELTS exam for both Academic and General training through online mediums. The coaching covers all four skills that are part of the IELTS test. Read along to find out more about the British Council IELTS coaching fees, course structure, and duration.

Coaching for IELTS is important for those who are absolute beginners. In fact, those who are already familiar with the IELTS exam can seek coaching too, due to the continuous practice it provides. No amount of practice can be enough for an exam, and the coaching ensures that there is always scope for more improvement.

British Council IELTS Coaching Course Structure

The online coaching course is a combination of live online classes, activities, and practice tests. The online classes provide interactive sessions with the mentors and familiarisation with the concepts of Speaking and Writing. Also, there are more than 30 hours of activities and engaging tutorials for the Reading and Listening parts. The candidates can devise exam strategies and also avail instant evaluation and feedback.

There are several types of practice tests available for both pen-paper and computer-based tests. The test takers can practice comprehensively and gain valuable feedback about areas for improvement. The candidates can assess the differences in both types of tests, and also explore the course handbook for extensive information on further practice.

  • Academic Test Course

The course involves data analysis and visual descriptions for writing clear and concise reports. It also includes assistance in the structured expression of ideas verbally. There is instant feedback for the exercises conducted in each part of the Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking tasks. The vocabulary and grammar parts are also specifically targeted.

  • General Training Course

The General training course includes the practice of writing letters and essays in proper structure for diverse topics. Other skills like speaking are also assessed with immediate feedback. The grammar and vocabulary are improved through the reading and listening exercises. The overall course is designed for general usage of language in English-speaking countries abroad.

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British Council IELTS Coaching Fees and Course Levels


The fees for British Council IELTS coaching for both Academic and General Training is INR 4,750. The Academic Test is conducted for candidates who wish to pursue higher education from English-speaking countries. The General Training test is for those candidates who wish to move for secondary education or professional work. It is also conducted for migrating to several countries.

There are various levels of coaching starting from the basic level to the advanced level. The following levels are included in the British Council IELTS coaching:

  • A0/A1 level for absolute beginners who are familiar with the most basic phrases and expressions.
  • A2 (Pre Intermediate) level for those who can communicate in simple terms and expressions
  • B1 (Intermediate) level for those who can deliver text and opinions on familiar topics
  • B2 (Upper Intermediate) level for those who can deliver elaborate text and communicate with fluency
  • C1 (Advanced) level for those who can flexibly and effectively use language for each purpose with spontaneity
  • C2 (Proficient) level for those who have no problems in communicating and can express anything with ease.

British Council IELTS Coaching Duration and Experience

The total duration of the coaching is 4 weeks, and the candidate has to attend 3 classes in a week, 2 on weekdays and one on the weekend. The British Council runs classes 7 days a week, and the candidate can flexibly choose his/her slot. The weekday options are Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday, or Wednesday and Friday. The weekend classes can be attended on either Saturday or Sunday.

The duration of weekday classes is 1.5 hours and that of the weekend is 3 hours. The candidates can also book free live demo classes to get familiar with the experience. The classes take place on an online meeting platform, where all students and the teacher interact with one another and discuss a wide range of topics. The teacher ensures interactive sessions by assigning group activities and tasks.

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How to Enroll for IELTS Coaching Course?

The candidates can register for the course on the official British Council website. There is a small multiple-choice question test in the beginning to assess the level of language proficiency. When the level is decided, the candidate can choose the course of his/her choice and also the dates and duration. This is followed by filling in the credentials and making the fee payment.

It is important that the registering person should be above 18 years of age and should also compulsorily fill the level assessment test. There is also the choice to select the course for either Academic and General Training which needs to be chosen after the test.

What are The Benefits of the British Council IELTS Coaching Course?

The course provides students with valuable insights into the IELTS exam and also tips on how to achieve a desirable band score. This is possible due to expert guidance from trained teachers and the numerous interactive and knowledgeable activities. The British Council also provides a certificate for successful completion of the coaching course.

After the completion of the course, test-takers can consider themselves to be absolutely ready to give the IELTS exam. They also gain a lot of confidence in each of the four skills which are a part of the exam. In all, the fluency and skills of the test-taker are very well polished through effective usage of language, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.


The IELTS coaching offered by the British Council is extensive training that has multiple perks associated with it. The test-takers can learn a variety of skills and become confident for the IELTS exam. Also, the diverse courses ensure learning for each type of exam mode. The practice is an essential element for any exam, and the British Council provides one of the best coaching courses for the same.

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