A permanent resident is the status of the person’s residency. To simplify the meaning, it indicates in which country the person is living, where they are not citizens but they have the right to live on a permanent basis. After living in a particular country other than your home country you can apply for PR, to live there for the tenure exceeding your visa. Permanent residency is for a permanent basis.

A person having PR has the status of being an individual who can stay in the country on a permanent basis. PR Card gives distinctive rights to the PR holder, and this document waives immigration control over the person. But the ones who do not have the right to abode may still need immigration control. PR in many cases also provides the work permit. It is also known as the green card given to the person. Hence, PR means that the person can live in the country on a permanent basis.

 Permanent Resident Visa

The person who has a permanent resident visa for a country other than their home country will enjoy the rights of being the permanent person there. Different countries provide different benefits to the person. And the difficulty to get a permanent resident card also differs from one country to another country.

Many countries like Canada are open to offering PR to people but many countries like the US, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. They have made it difficult for foreign people to get a permanent residency card for the country or obtain citizenship for the same. And the countries that easily provide the PR to the people are:- Greece, Hungary, South Africa, and Panama.

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Difference between Citizen and Permanent Resident

A person who has the Permanent resident card for the country has permission to live in the country lawfully. This will mean that the person who is not a citizen is no longer a tourist, rather now he/ she legally can stay in the country. They can stay as long as they want.

PR people have few constraints as compared to the one who is a citizen of the country. But they will not get the passport of that country or they also do not get the voting right for the country they are a permanent resident of. And if they live far away from the PR country there may be chances that they will be deported for that country.

So along with benefits there comes some risk along with it. And after they live in the PR country for a stipulated time specified by the country, the person becomes eligible for the citizenship of that country. For Example, In the United States after 5 years of having PR and living in the United States, the person can apply for US citizenship.

Benefits of Permanent Resident

Benefits offered to the permanent resident are different according to the country. The USA provides different benefits, the Canadian government provides different benefits to the person.

Benefits provided by the US government are-

  • The person is provided with a green card, which means that the person has the right to work in the US. they have permission to accept the employment or they can even start a legitimate business.
  • A person is allowed to bring their immediate family members like spouse and children, who can live there in the country.
  • People with permanent residence has the permission to leave or enter the US at their will without any risk of denial by the immigration officials.
  • They also have the right which allows them to apply for government-sponsored financial aid for the purpose of education. They are exempted from export restrictions and also have the access to security clearances.
  • They become eligible to receive social security benefits, medicare benefits, and supplemental security income.

Canada Permanent Resident

If you are applying for permanent residence in Canada, you will enjoy the following benefits if you get the permanent resident card. The list of benefits are-

  1. You are allowed to live and work anywhere in Canada. You get the legal right to work and live anywhere you want in Canada.
  2. You are eligible to make the most of social and healthcare services in Canada. Canada has universal health care thus you will have access to free medical care in the country.
  3. The status of a permanent resident cannot be taken away from you. But it doesn’t mean that you will break the rules and regulations of the country and will not be punished. If you commit a serious crime then you may lose your permanent resident card.

Some more Facts about Canada Permanent Resident

  1. The permanent resident cardholder is required to stay in Canada for 2 years out of every five years if they fail to fulfil this criterion they will not be eligible to renew their permanent resident status.
  2. If you reside in Canada for three years out of five years after having the permanent resident card then you can become eligible to become a Canadian Citizen.
  3. After getting the permanent resident card you can sponsor your partner, common-law partner, and children to stay with you in Canada.

 Process for Permanent Resident Card

Procedure for Permanent resident cards differs from one country to another. So you need to check the government official site for the procedure. To apply for the permanent resident card you also need to see whether you are eligible for the card or not. Once you know that you are eligible you can start the application process for Permanent residents. While applying make sure that you have the right and authentic document with you to upload it.

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Permanent Resident Process for the United States

The United States allows around 50,000 foreigners to get a permanent resident card, but this is the scenario where the US is not open to giving PR cards to many foreign people. So the procedure that is followed in the US for PR Card is-

  1. Check the eligibility: you can apply for various categories that you can fulfil the requirement for. For example, there is a category of Green Card through family, Green card through employment etc.
  2. Then see requirements for adjusting the status, that you can use to apply for the permanent resident card legally when you are present in the US. You don’t have to go to your home country to get the PR card. You can in the US itself.
  3. When you have become the recipient of an authorized immigrant petition and you have the immigrant visa number, then there are two options available for you to apply for a PR card: one is that you may apply from outside the US by reaching out to the State Consulate Abroad department. Second, you can apply by adjusting the status process.

 Some more Facts about Permanent Resident Process for the United States

  1. Someone should file the immigrant petition on your behalf or if you are eligible then you can also fill it by yourself.
  2. Once your immigrant petition is approved by USCIS, then there will be a visa available in your category. After that, you will be required to get a biometrics appointment to provide your signature, photos and fingerprints.
  3. Then you will go for an interview after which you will receive a decision on your application.

Permanent Resident Process for Canada

If you are applying for Canada, you can follow the following steps to get to the right destination :p

  1. Choose the option for migration: You can choose from the available options for migrating to Canada according to your preference. The options available for you are-
  • Provincial Economic Class
  • Business Immigration
  •  Federal Economic Class
  • Transition Immigration (from temporary to permanent residents) Quebec
  • Immigration
  • Family Class Sponsorship
  1. Create an account for the Express Entry system: When you have submitted your profile on the platform you will receive the invitation to apply further. The invitation is only valid for 90 days so make sure that you apply for it within the time.
  2. Then you have to start with the online form provided and you need to submit the documents asked in the form to get the visa.

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Facts about Permanent Resident Process for Canada

  1. After uploading all the correct documents you will have to pay the application fee. For an individual, the application fee is $ 1325. But if you are bringing your partner along then you will need to pay $1325 for the partner and if you have a child too then you will have to pay $225 for each child.
  2. After submitting the full application form you will have for them to check your application and revert you.
  3. Then you will get your biometrics appointment where you will give the fingerprints, signature and photo.

How Long does the PR Application Process Take?

If you are applying for PR in Canada then the application process usually takes 6 months, as your application will be cross-checked, your documents will be verified and your eligibility will be checked.

If you are applying for PR in the United States then the time frame for the application process is between 6-12 months.

It usually takes 6 months in most of the country, but it may differ for many countries, so when you are planning to get the PR card for yourself, then you should plan it according to the time frame of the process because you will not like to risk things if it gets delayed.

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If you love the country where you are staying right now, and you don’t want to go to your home country, then you should apply for the PR card now. For a PR card, you should see your eligibility, and whether you have all the documents required for it.

Every country has a different process, eligibility, and benefits of a PR card so do thorough research before applying for it. There are many benefits that you can have after getting the permanent resident card for the country.

But you still are liable to follow the rules and regulations of the country where you are living, any crime or any infringement of law can cancel your PR card or you will also be deported to your home country in severe cases. So when you are being part of another country, you have to respect it.

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