Working in New Zealand can be a great step forward in your career. The typical small business culture of the country offers many opportunities to learn quickly, take on responsibilities, and assume leadership roles earlier than you would anticipate. Knowing what the New Zealand work market is like is the first step towards a good relocation. This is incredibly necessary since you’re likely to need a job to get a visa first unless you are going as a tourist or as an entrepreneur. So let’s discover how to get a New Zealand work visa and see what all options are available for Indians.

How to Get a Job in New Zealand?

If you know where to look, there are work openings for Indians in New Zealand. First of all, there are unique websites that connect foreign workers to NZ employers. This is a good place to start if you’re just beginning your study, as these employers are normally seasoned and open to recruiting foreign employees.

You may also upload your CV on the New Kiwis website, an online migrant recruitment service that ties qualified migrants to New Zealand employers.

There are other opportunities for foreigners who want to start working in NZ. Only bear in mind that not all employers will be open to hiring employees from abroad. One of the easiest ways to get a job in NZ as a foreigner is to start searching for vacancies in your area on the most desired job websites like TradeMe, seek.

Work Visa for New Zealand

There are a couple of New Zealand work visas for Indians who want to work in New Zealand or set up their own business there. The most common visa is the Skilled Migrant category Resident visa. It is meant for those who want to live permanently in New Zealand, and you have the qualifications that can benefit the economy of NZ. Your application is more likely to be approved if you have a job in an area where NZ  has a shortage of skills. The New Zealand work permit is indefinite for this one. Note- not meant for those who want to start their own business.

The second type of visa is Long term skill shortage list work visa. It is again for working people. Start your way to NZ  by working for up to 30 months in a profession for which there is a shortfall of New Zealanders available. You can also apply for residence after two years of working in a profession that is listed on the Long Term Skill Shortage List. To see if you meet the criteria go here.

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Other Work Visa Offered by New Zealand

Another visa offered by NZ is the Talent work visa. This visa is for people who are searching for a way to live in NZ and who have the skills that a New Zealand approved employer wants. If you are offered full-time employment by an approved employer, you will be able to get a visa to work here. Again the work permit is for 30 months.

There are also some people who are keen on setting up a business there. They do not want to be employed. For them, there is a visa called Entrepreneur work visa. To get this visa approved you need to have at least NZD $100,000. However, it can be waived if your business has tremendous potential or innovation. The job permit is only for 12 months and it can be extended once you have set up your business.

What are New Zealand Work Visa Requirements?

You need to meet the first criteria set up for a New Zealand visa for Indians. You have to be below 55 years of age in order to apply for a visa. Secondly, New Zealand asks you to provide various proofs. Here is a list down below:

  • Identity
  • Character
  • Language Proficiency
  • Health
  • Age
  • Qualifications
  • Work experience
  • Invitation to apply

If you are able to meet these requirements you can apply for the visa.

Is IELTS Required for New Zealand Work Visa?

IELTS is a language test that is taken to prove English proficiency. NZ definitely has a criterion of language where you need to take one of the language tests. So you are not required to only take IELTS as there are other tests such as TOEFL, OET that NZ accepts. However, it does accept an IELTS score only if you score a minimum of 6.5 overall. And your tests can’t be more than two years old.

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What about the Post – Study Work Visa in New Zealand?

It is meant for Indian students who have pursued their education in New Zealand and now want to get a job there as well. The work permit for this visa is depended on the applicants’ qualifications. You can be granted 1, 2, or 3 years. It is great as students can work in almost any job in NZ.

What is NZs Work Culture Like?

The work-life balance is very significant and widely respected in New Zealand, and the country is known for having an impressive work-life balance. Some of this may be due to the size of businesses and organizations in the country, which aim to be smaller than in other countries.

Don’t expect too much of the hierarchy. The working community of NZ is very casual. It gives space for workers at all levels to contribute ideas and suggestions. As for the dress code at the office, you should expect it to be casual and comfortable as well. However, it is still safe to follow simple guidelines for wear at work.


By now you will have an idea about which visa to apply for and what criteria you need to meet. It is not that hard to get a job in NZ if you have the skills and talent and a job offer too. NZ is a welcoming country with many work visa options available so if you want to settle then make sure you work on your resumes and attract job offers first and then the rest is quite simple. Good luck!

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