Germany has a practice-oriented education curriculum that not only gives you knowledge about the subject but it provides you with an understanding of the practicality of the subject. This kind of system attracts students from various regions of the world and it is counted as one of the education hubs worldwide. Most of the degrees in Germany award Masters of Arts or Masters of Science. Germany provides you with two types of master’s degree:

  1. Consecutive Masters degree: which follows a directly and closely related undergraduate degree.
  2. Non- consecutive Masters degree: This type has a different and more specialized subject area. Such a course requires practical and professional experience along with an undergraduate degree. Charges for such courses are high.

So due to various reasons, MS in Germany or mastering in Germany for Indian students is a good option, and they should try and put effort into getting this opportunity.

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How to Study in Germany?

When you have decided that you will study in Germany, the First step that you need to decide is which university and course you have to opt for. You can find the database of almost 2,000 programs in DAAD. After deciding on the university, check for their requirements and whether you fulfil them or not. Check if their course is taught in Germany or English. If the course is taught in Germany then you may need to prove that you know the German Language. You can approve it by taking two tests:- “German Language Examination for University Entrance” and the TestDaF.

But if the course is taught in English then you need to provide proof of English proficiency. You can do this by taking IELTS or TOEFL. You will need to achieve the desired score in the IELTS exam if IELTS is used as the selection criteria by the university

As you need to provide proof of your financial resources through which you will pay for the living expenses, make sure you have funding up to €8,700 per year.

German Universities requirement for Indian Students

Masters in Germany for Indian students is a very good option. To get an idea of what requirements a university requires, you can go to their website and check them. It is really important for you to check the requirements as without these requirements you won’t be able to clear your application for a visa as well to get entry into the university. Documents required by an Indian student who desires to study in Germany then you will need the following requirements:-


  1. Entrance Qualification:- take the entrance test according to the universities requirements, be particular of which university you are applying to,
  2. Proof of Language proficiency:- as discussed above make sure you take the right language proficiency test, for the German language you have to take the “German Language Examination for University Entrance” and the TestDaF. And for English Proficiency, you can take IELTS or TOEFL
  3. Copy of a valid id or Passport:- Make sure to keep these documents handy
  4. Letter of Motivation
  5. Transcript of grades:- this is the proof of your percentage in 12th standard and Bachelor’s degree
  6. Recognized Bachelor Degree:- double-check whether your bachelor’s degree allows you to take the particular course in  Germany, especially when you are opting for a non-consecutive degree.
  7. Work experience
  8. Important Reference

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Requirements to Study in Germany for Indian Students

Wait for the admission letter, once you get it you can apply for a Study visa. Below is the list of documents required for you to apply for a study visa:-

  • Proof of financial:- you can provide financial proof like- scholarship arad document which is recognized by Germany, A bank guarantee, a guarantee covered by a permanent resident in Germany, or a proof that you have deposited money in a German Blocked account, or you can submit a document verifying your parent’s income and financial assets.
  • Proof of Health Insurance Coverage:- All students whether residents of Germany or foreign, are required to have insurance. And as proof of whether the insurance is taken or not they need to submit the document for study visa and for the process of university enrolment.
  • University Entrance Qualification
  • Proof of Language proficiency

In Germany, Indian students are believed to be the third-largest group of international students. Statistics suggest that there were 17,570 Students from India who went to Germany to study. Once you have decided to pursue a Master’s in Germany, you need to decide which universities and which course to choose. Depending upon which you will have to acquaint yourself with the requirements of university enrolment. You also need to score the desired IELTS band to get into the college.

Once you have enrolled yourself in a university, then you are required to submit the offer letter received to the German Embassy to get the visa. Without a visa, you would not be permitted within the Borders of Germany. Prepare and keep all the documents required for the visa in Germany handy so that you finish the application process soon and it is approved.

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