The Write from Dictation task of the PTE-A tests listening comprehension. Test-takers must type a sentence in the response box located at the base of the test screen for this task type. You will hear the audio automatically, and you can listen to it only once.

Even though you know the question type, it’s equally important to understand the marking process to score high. Keep reading the article till the end. We have everything you need to know!

Write from Dictation Test Basics

#. How Many Marks for Write From Dictation in PTE? 1 mark for each correct word written from the dictation

#. Number of questions: 3-4

#. Scoring: Influences Writing and Listening scores.

#. Negative marking: No

#. Time limit: Seven seconds gap before each audio is played. A single question has no time limit.

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PTE Write From Dictation Scoring

In the PTE Academic Listening module, a writing task tests your ability to remember short-term information. A maximum of 1 mark is awarded for each correct sentence (without any spelling mistake) in Write from Dictation. A partial mark is given for each correct word in the sentence, even if you can’t get the whole statement right. Make sure you don’t skip any words or make spelling mistakes.

PTE Write From Dictation Marks Distribution

To understand the distribution, let us consider an example.

Say the audio plays the following sentence:

“Green tea, wild blueberry, and red wine contain antioxidants.”

Now, if you type everything correctly, you will be awarded the maximum mark that is 1. But many times, candidates fail to do it, and it is unfair to deduct the whole marks for some incorrect spellings. That’s why each word has points distributed according to the content it has. The longer the word, the more score it will carry.

Consider the above example. In that sentence, ‘blueberry’ and ‘antioxidants’ are the longest ones. Thus, you will get more scores for getting these right. Words like red, tea is the shortest and carry the least score.

PTE Write From Dictation Scoring Improvement Tips

Memorising long sentences and typing them correctly is the main challenge with Write from Dictation. Test-takers may occasionally forget words. In addition to spelling every word correctly, test-takers must also be proficient in reading. It would help if you can distinguish between the sounds of different accents. To succeed, the candidate must stay focused throughout the entire process.

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Here are some quick suggestions to score high:

#. Do Not Test Your Typing Skills Here

Typing may be your strong suit. However, it would be unwise to testify here. It is best to write the exact sentence on an erasable notepad and then carefully type it.

#. Taking Things One by One

When taking the PTE exam, students make the mistake of typing and listening at the same time. It is best if you listen carefully to the audio, then follow the instructions. As you listen to the audio carefully, it will become ingrained in your mind, and you can write it down accurately.

#. Do not Ignore PTE Write from Dictation Mock Tests

Designed to match the actual PTE Exam pattern, PTE Mock Tests help you test your learning in a real-time environment. Taking mock tests shall improve your time management skills.

#. Make the Most of the Scratchpad

You will get a rough scratchpad as your answer sheet for rough work. Candidates can write their answers here multiple times, make corrections, and proofread them before submitting. Before you submit the answer in the final response box, make sure you have checked it thoroughly.

#. Short Forms Could be Your Best Friend

Knowing short forms makes it easy to write as the audio plays. You can capture the exact sentence without wasting time. You can create your short form for some basic words. You could, for example, replace ‘today’ with ‘2day’ instead of ‘today’. Once you have the notes, you can easily recreate the full message.

#. Make Sure You Review Your Final Answer

It is good to run one last check. Therefore, it is suggested that you review the final answer before submitting it!

A high PTE score can enhance your chances of being selected in the university or college of your choice. It can make your immigration process smoother. These simple tips will help you ace your PTE Write from Dictation test.


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