The ample work opportunities with better living standards are often the prime reasons that attract thousands of people every year to pursue a career abroad. For migration for a job or pursuing higher studies in a foreign university, one must clear an English language ability test. PTE is a well-known English eligibility exam to migrate to a native English-speaking country. The PTE exam is recognised in over 6,000 universities and acclaimed globally.

The PTE exam consists of various sections with a specific question format. Writing from dictation is a task under the Listening section of PTE. Here we shall discuss what is written from dictation in PTE and how to score well in this task. But before that, let us see the format of the PTE exam and some details about it.

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PTE Exam: Details of The Exam

The Pearson Standard Test (PTE) exam was first released in the year 2009 by the Pearson Language Tests. It consists of three modules – Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. The score range of the test varies between 10 and 90, with 10 being a not so promising band score and 90 is indicative of a fluent speaker. It is applicable for both work and study purposes.

Candidates receive their results within five business days from the exam date. The advantage of the examination is that it is an AI-based, fully computerised exam. It gives the advantage of quicker, reliable, and error-free grading of papers, removing any possibility of human bias. The exam is taken almost 360 days a year. Any candidate could appear for the exam after completing registration and fee payment procedures.

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PTE Exam: Write from Dictation Format, Marks Distribution, and Scoring Tips

Many of you might be wondering what write from dictation PTE is, what is the format of these questions and their scoring criteria. Writing from dictation is part of the PTE Listening module.

The listening section checks a candidate’s ability to listen, retain, understand, and express. It contains questions based on recording clips. Each clip is 1-2 minutes long. Candidates get a set of questions based on these recorded audio clips. Some of the question types asked in this section include,

#. Multiple choice questions (MCQs)

#. Write from dictation

#. Answer short questions

#. Fill in the blanks

Writing from Dictation in PTE is one of the commonest and seemingly easy questions from this section. To understand how to score well in it, we must know what the examiner expects from the candidate for such a question. Here’s a detailed Write from Dictation PTE guide for your benefit.

What is Write from Dictation in PTE?

In the Write from Dictation task, the candidate is given a recording of a sentence to listen to. It consists of around 3-4 sentences in general, and the time gap between each question is 7 seconds. Each sentence is played only once. After the first sentence is played, the candidate is asked to write the sentence. Every candidate must type the complete sentence or a part of it if they cannot reproduce the full sentence.

After hearing the recorded clip, the candidate can scribble on the notepad or type it out directly on the computer. This involves a test of the test taker’s retention and concentration. There is no negative marking for wrong answers, so always type something of what you heard as accurately as you remember instead of skipping the question. There is a certain set scoring format of PTE Write from Dictation test. Attentive listening is the key to attaining good scores.

PTE Write from Dictation Scoring

#. This PTE task includes listening to a sentence attentively and writing it out.

#. The sentence score is bifurcated into different markings based on word lengths. A longer word of the sentence carries more weightage.

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#. For instance, the sentence ‘Mutually exclusive events can be described as neither complimentary nor opposing’ is discussed below to explain the scoring pattern:

The first five words combine the score of 5.75 marks, while the next 6 words combine the score to 8.75 marks. The second part carries higher weightage due to the number of longer words. Hence, if a candidate can recall the longer words, they get a good score for a lesser number of words. Also, the more of the sentence the candidate recalls, the more is the overall score.

How to Score Well in Write From Dictation in PTE?

Scoring a good band score can be rather challenging if you do not follow a proper strategy. Discussed below are some tips that will help you perform better in Write for dictation of your PTE exam.

#1. Be Prepared

If you are going to type along with the audio, be ready with your cursor in the correct place. Your accuracy will solely depend on your memory and typing skills. If the strategy you are going to use is writing it out on the scratchpad before typing, be prepared and stay focused from the start. In case you decide to memorise the sentence, listen attentively from start to finish.

#2. Grab the Essence of the Sentence

If you are going to memorise the sentence and then type it out, understanding its meaning helps to retain it better. When you comprehend better, the focus level automatically rises. In the case of note-making, it is vital to make proper, legible notes. Use self-made abbreviations for quick notes. If you find yourself short on time or unable to spell the word, jot it down phonetically, that is, by the sound pattern. Even if you miss out on the complete sentence, try to connect the few words captured to form a logical flow.

#3. Get Enough Rest

The brain needs a good amount of energy and sleep time to be agile. Make sure to get adequate sleep the day before the exam. Practise is important, but overdoing it may get your brain overworked. Maintain a balance between active function time and rest for your brain and body.

#4. Review in the End

Always recheck and review your answers before submitting them. Reviewing involves checking the logical flow of sentences, grammar errors, punctuation errors and spelling mistakes. The said factors are important to make sure you score well.

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#5. Do not Skip

Since there is no negative marking for incomplete or wrong sentences in this section, always attempt the question. Even if you remember two out of nine words, type them for partial marking.

#6. Check for Grammar

The sentences given to you will never be in the wrong order or grammatically incorrect. Before you submit any responses, check for commas, full stops, exclamation marks in the responses. Look for capitalisation, proper use of nouns, and their correct forms, singular or plural.

#7. Attend Mock Tests

If you are aware of the exam format beforehand, it helps you to be better prepared. You can improve focus and learn to manage time better by attempting mock tests. An adequate number of mock tests will prepare you for the exam.

Following these tips, and being well focused are the keys to score well in the Write from Dictation test of your PTE exam. An efficient way to improve your listening, comprehension and retention skills for this task is by listening to native English audios, English movies and reading diverse topics for improving English vocabulary.


Every year thousands of students apply to study abroad, and many of them migrate for work purposes. The numbers have been growing exponentially. As foreign nations have better opportunities and career prospects, they have been the major attraction for people to settle.

As the numbers of migrators increase exponentially, there has been a high rise of candidates appearing for language ability tests like PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, etc. The universities also put a condition of a minimum score of PTE or IELTS for students to be eligible for admission.

A good strategy and guidance are necessary to prepare for these exams because the objective is not just to qualify but to secure a decent band score. To ensure proper preparation for the PTE exam, it is necessary to have the right guidance. At IELTS Ninja, we guide students through one on one sessions. Our personal mentors focus on each candidate and help them in identifying their weaknesses and strengths. To track the progress, doubt solving sessions are conducted, which helps the candidate recognise where they are standing and how much more they need to study. For more information on the courses, visit our website.

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