You will be able to listen to a variety of recordings and will be required to respond to questions about what you hear. You will have time to read the directions and questions, as well as a chance to double-check your work.

All recordings will only be played once. The test is divided into four sections. You will have 10 minutes at the end of the test to transfer your answers to an answer sheet.

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Library Information Listening Answers

This article will provide you with the greatest benefit if you are concerned about the IELTS listening portion. Listening is difficult since you can prepare for all of the other aspects of the exam, but the speaker’s native accent may differ in this section.

As a result, you must master the strategies to excel on the paper. So, in order to achieve satisfactory scores and bands, you must meet with professionals and seek their advice, as well as resolve any questions you may have and practise mock examinations.

IELTS Exam Preparation

Section 1

You’ll hear a man calling a library to inquire about membership. You will notice that an example has been given to you at the start for understanding. So the paperwork has 18 years written on it. We’ll get started now. Because you will not hear the recording again, you should answer the questions as you listen.

For registration, must take

#two and

#two forms of I.D. e.g. driving licence,

Cost to join per year (without current student card): £

Number of items allowed (members of public):

Login times: four weeks

Fines start at £

Computers can be booked up to hours in advance

Library holds most national papers, all, and magazines Need to use photocopier

Creative Writing class

#tutor is John and

#held on evenings

Section 2: Part 1

On the radio, you’ll hear Dan Pearman discussing Pedal Power, a UK organisation that delivers bicycles to people in impoverished nations.

In 1993 Dan Pearman went to Ecuador

#as a tourist guide.

#as part of his studies.

#as a voluntary worker.

Dan’s neighbour was successful in business because he

#employed carpenters from the area.

#was the most skilled craftsman in the town.

#found it easy to reach customers.

Dan says the charity relies on

#getting enough bicycles to send regularly.

#finding new areas which need bicycles.

#charging for the bicycles it sends abroad.

What does Dan say about the town of Rivas?

#It has received the greatest number of bikes.

#It has almost as many bikes as Amsterdam.

#Its economy has been transformed.

What problem did the charity face in August 2000?

#It couldn’t meet its overheads.

#It had to delay sending the bikes.

#It was criticised in the British media.

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Section 2: Part 2

Which three things can the general public do to help the charity Pedal Power?

A organise a bicycle collection

B repair the donated bikes

C donate their unwanted tools

D do voluntary work in its office

E hold an event to raise money

F identify areas that need bikes

G write to the government

IELTS Listening Answers

Section 1 Section 3
(passport) photos/ photographs home/ student’s home
bank statement (have) dinner/ come to dinner/ go to dinner
125 (per year) technical
8 slang
1.50 cooperating/ cooperation
48 persuading
local paper/ local newspaper editing
card/ cards complete
Grantingham experiment
Friday long
Section 2 Section 4
C 58
C desert
A science
C hospital/ small hospital
A ship
75,000 platforms
computers 3,500
C currents/ ocean currents
E (the) pollution
F young

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