Many institutions, organisations, and government authorities worldwide approve the Pearson Test of English as a valid English proficiency test. It is designed to test your everyday English speaking and comprehension skills to cope up in a native English-speaking environment. Based on its score, the candidates can apply for a study visa, PR, etc.

It is a three-hour-long computer-based exam and has 20 question categories with a 10-minute break. The test has three parts: Listening, Writing & Speaking, and Reading. Further, these parts are divided into different question types. This article will discuss the write from dictation question, which is a part of the listening test.

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What is Write from Dictation Question in PTE?

Write from dictation is part of the listening module in the PTE exam. In this section, candidates need to listen attentively to a particular dictation and then write the whole sentence in the space provided. This section contains three to four questions. Multiple audios are played, and there is a gap of seven seconds before each audio. The candidates need to focus on the audio played as they will get to listen to that audio-only once.

To score well in this section, one has to practise a lot. But hard work only pays well when combined with smart work. Thinking, how can we apply this motto in this section of the PTE exam? Well, there are some tips and tricks to apply while practising for this test and answering these questions in the test.

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Tips for Write From Dictation in PTE

Focus on One Thing at a Time

Writing from dictation is part of the listening module of the PTE exam; there’s no separate time limit set to answer this question. Therefore, concentrate on one task at a time. Do not listen and type simultaneously. The best way to score high is to first listen to the audio properly and let it settle in your mind, and then proceed. This way, you can write what you have listened to more accurately.

Write and Type

Testifying your typing skills at the exam is not a good idea. It will help if you write the sentence or phrase you listened to first and then type in the space provided.

Notepad: Blessing in Disguise

As PTE is a computer-based test, one can not make changes again if they have already submitted the answer in the final response box. And there comes the notepad which is a blessing in disguise. Write your answers and proofread it again and again before submitting the final answer in the response box.

Maximum use of Abbreviations

Using abbreviations while writing the sentence you are listening to in the audio will allow you to capture the whole sentence, without losing much time. Once you are done capturing the whole sentence you can type it in the final response box.

You don’t have to learn shorthand for using abbreviations. You can devise your own short form for your understanding.

Review the Final Answer

It is highly recommended to proofread and review your answer before the final submission for accuracy.


Practice makes a man perfect! This stands true for this particular exercise. Practise with the mock tests designed for the PTE exam as mock tests are designed, keeping the actual exam in mind and will help you improve your score. It will teach you time management and help you increase your concentration.

These are some tips and tricks which will help you ace your exam. However, remember that sometimes the questions are repeated in write from dictation. Knowing the most repeated questions will help you have a proper estimate of what to expect in this section. So let’s check the most repeated write from dictation question in PTE.

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Most Repeated Write From Dictation in PTE

Sometimes candidates who have taken the test several times notice that they have repeated questions in their test. This is because PTE test centres have to reiterate most of their questions before new ones reinstate them. It helps in the homogenous evaluation of the candidates.

Let us look at the most repeated write from dictation questions in PTE:

#1. A celebrated theory is still the source of great controversy.

#2. A group meeting will be held tomorrow in the library conference room.

#3. A massive accumulation of data was converted into a communicable argument.

#4. A number of students have some volunteer jobs.

#5. A party is thrown in the small meeting room.

#6. A person’s education level is closely related to their economic background.

#7. A recent article shows a number of interesting experiments.

#8. A very basic function of computing is counting and calculating.

#9. Affordable housing is an important issue for all members of society.

#10. The agenda item should be submitted by the end of the day.

#11. All answers must be examined and supported by relevant theory.

#12. All dissertations must be accompanied by a submission form.

#13. All educational reforms have been inadequately implemented.

#14. All industries consist of input, process, output, and feedback.

#15. All of your assignments should be due by tomorrow.

#16. All staff must leave from the fire hydrant exit.

#17. All students need to attend no less than ten labs per semester.

#18. All writers are consciously or unconsciously representing their own culture.

#19. Americans have progressively defined the process of plant growth and reproductive development in quantitative terms.

#20. An aerial photograph was promptly registered for federal evaluations.

#21. An ancient text may hold secrets that were lost centuries ago.

#22. An archaeologist’s discovery stands out in previously overlooked foundations.

#23. And in that regard, as well as in other regards, it stands as an important contribution.

#24. Animals raised in captivity behave differently from their wild counterparts.

#25. Article numbers are collected through interesting experiments.

#26. Artists, other than politicians, played their role as critics of culture.

#27. Assignments should be submitted to the department before the deadline.

#28. Attracting skilled workers to the city with expensive housing is hard.

#29. Avoiding confusing causes and effects of those changes.

#30. Before completing the exercise, you need to read the remaining chapters.

These were some of the most repeated writes from dictation questions in PTE. Go through these questions and help yourselves a little more to score well on the test.

We have covered what the write from the dictation question in the PTE test is and the most repeated write from dictation questions. Now, let’s move forward to know how scoring is done in this section of the listening module.

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PTE Write from Dictation Scoring

The Write from the Dictation section of the listening module checks your retaining power in the short term. It also assesses your listening comprehension. In this, you will listen to a short sentence and type the same in the space provided. This may appear easy to you, but the actual scenario is that it is pretty challenging, and test-takers sometimes underestimate the amount of practice required to score well in this section.

However, with sufficient practice and applying all the tips and tricks mentioned above, nobody can stop you from excelling in this section of the test. Getting a good score is tough in this section because of many reasons, and one of them is the way the scoring is done for this part. If your typed word is correct, you will be awarded one mark; no mark will be awarded if you make a spelling mistake or skip a word. So, it is always better to write the answer first on the scratchpad and then type the final output.


These are some tips and tricks to help you hone your skills and score well in your Write from Dictation questions in the PTE exam. Also, the most repeated write from dictation questions will help you understand the type and kind of sentences you can expect to hear while taking the exam. And if luck favours, you might as well get to hear one of these familiar sentences in the exam!

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