The PTE is divided into three modules: Speaking & Writing, Reading and Listening. All the modules have their own difficulty level. In all the modules, you as a candidate won’t have much time window to think about your response. This might be startling, but not to worry. The questions are easy to answer if you prepare well.

In this blog, we will discuss how to prepare for the Write from Dictation exercise in the Listening module.

Listening Module Format

Listening is the third module in the three-hour-long test of PTE. The listening skill test lasts for 45 to 57 minutes. In the listening module, you have to answer eight different types of questions, which you have to listen to first and then answer.

#1. Summarise the Spoken Text

#2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers

#3. Fill in the Blanks

#4. Highlight Correct Summary

#5. Multiple Choice, Single Answer

#6. Select Missing Word

#7. Highlight Incorrect Words

#8. Write from Dictation

Write From Dictation

In the write from dictation section, you will have to listen to a recorded sentence and then type the sentence correctly as you heard it. It will be only a 3-5 seconds long sentence, and you will get to listen to it only once. So you have to listen attentively.

How Many Write From Dictation Questions in PTE?

Write from dictation section generally comprises about 3-4 questions. You will get a time gap of seven seconds after every question. You have to be entirely focused on the recorded sentence to write them in the correct order with correct spellings, or else you will lose your overall score.

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How many Marks for Write from Dictation in PTE?

PTE write from dictation scoring is based on your capability to remember a sentence and write it exactly as you listened with correct spellings. The response you type should have the right words in correct order and spelling. You will be given the marks by counting the number of correct words in your answer.

Full marks are given if exact words are written without any misspelling. Partial credit scoring also applies if one or more words are incorrect in your response. This question also affects your writing test scores.

Tips to Prepare for Write from Dictation Questions

#1. Improve Listening Skills

As it is a listening test, the first thing you need to do is improve your listening skills. Improving your skills will help you to grasp all the recorded sentences. Listening to podcasts daily will help you understand the words they are saying as you pay attention. So instead of watching movies with subtitles, listen to podcasts, and shift to specialised podcasts as you progress in PTE preparations.

#2. Practise Grammar and Spellings

When you are listening to the recorded sentence for the Write from Dictation test, you might not remember every word spoken. You would have to note down the major words, and with the knowledge of grammar and your memory, you can construct the sentence even if you miss two or three words. Grammar skills will prevent you from writing singular nouns in place of plural or vice versa or unnecessary use of an article. Practising spelling will help you write difficult words correctly.

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#3. Take Notes

Keep your scratchpad and pen ready before the test starts. You will get very little time to listen to the audio and write every word, so take enough notes to help you frame the sentence. Write the notes using abbreviations for every word, or right only the first three letters of every word. Keep the pace with the words, don’t fall back.

#4. Practice Mock Tests

Mock tests are the ultimate preparation tool for any exam. It gives you an all-around idea about how the actual exam will be. Attempting multiple mock tests will boost your morale and confidence to appear in the actual exams. It will help you check on your grammar, spelling and increase your attention span when listening to the sentences.


Write from dictation is not one of the toughest tasks in PTE, but it can be so if you don’t prepare enough. The tips mentioned above will only work if you put in all your efforts, practise and prepare well for the actual test. Enhance your listening skills and read as many words as you can to get the right spelling.

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