Who doesn’t read in today’s era? All of us have to go through words and sentences on a continual basis either on our cellphones, tablets, emails or on social media platforms. We have a plethora of options available when it comes to reading and getting distracted while we’re onto something is quite normal. Sometimes, we have a lot of literature available but are unable to find time for dedicated reading. How do we take care of this? In this blog, we have put together 5 reading hacks for you to scan through. Go through each one of them and understand how to implement them so that your readerly problems can get resolved.


None of us like waiting for something that needs our attention. Be it a visit to the dentist’s clinic or a queue that’s taking longer than needed or an office where you’re visiting someone, we always manage to put ourselves in scenarios that involve waiting. Instead of scrolling mindlessly through social media apps, try reading something. It could be a novel or a magazine that you carry or an ebook.  Every single minute counts and you will thank yourself later for it.


You are not obligated to read large portions of the book that you’re dealing with. Reading just 5-6 pages a day should also suffice. You will gradually increase the amount that you read as you develop a habit of reading. Begin by reading just 1 chapter so that you do not feel overwhelmed.


If you designate a corner of the house or your room just for reading, you will start treating it like a reading haven. Dedicate a space just to read by placing a stack of books or a mini bookshelf there. Spruce the place up using materials that remind you of reading. You can add a couch, a mug for coffee, a notebook and a bookmark. That space should encourage you to pore over books through its decor.


Who says you can’t read the same novel or magazine twice? Re-reading some of your favourite reads will not only provide you with a fresh perspective on the story but also feel smoother. On days you feel lackadaisical to pick up a book, re-read a book that you’ve really enjoyed the first time around.


Phones serve as major distractions. Keeping it on ringer mode will make it chime every now and then. The best thing to follow is to put the device away in some drawer or corner so that there are zero interruptions. This will allow you to read at a go and absorb all the information that you’ve read. It will also help with retention of parts that have clicked with you.

Hope these hacks will help you in reading something that you’ve always wanted to without much hiccups.

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