Getting an Australian PR comes with eligibility criteria and becomes easier based on your skills. Any individual, business person, or professional can migrate to Australia depending on their talent, education, and hands-on work experience. These parameters define their eligibility to migrate to Australia.

But how do these activities qualify someone over others? The answer is the general skilled migration self-assessment test, with which an individual can calculate their chances for Australian immigration. The test is a useful and systematic way to evaluate your score in a skilled migration point test system and get your Australian PR visa approved.

The Australian point-based calculator system is a tool drafted to fill the skill shortage in the labour markets. This system is designed to filter the most skilled and in-demand professions and individuals who can contribute to the Australian economy. The Australian skill select system is a PR points table in which the eligible applicants are awarded points for various fixed parameters.

Australia PR Points Calculator

A total of 65 PR points are required to be eligible for the Australian PR visa. This Australia immigration points calculator makes it easy for the candidates to check PR points required for Australia. However, you should meet the specific requirements and the eligibility criteria provided below.

1- Age

Applicants from 18 to 45 years of age have a chance of scoring points. A maximum of 30 points is given to a person between 25-32 years old. The age group from 40 to 44 years are marked the lowest with only 15 points.

2- English Language

Candidates need to prove their English language proficiency to qualify for PR and live in Australia. For this, they need to submit the results of any well known English proficiency tests like IELTS (International English Language Testing System), PTE, TOEFL, etc.

A score of 8 bands in the IELTS can fetch you the highest of 20 points. You can try and go for other tests as well. Only the tests conducted up to three years before the PR application are accepted by Australia’s immigration department.

The required level of English proficiency depends on the visa subclass, you have applied for. There are four different relevant English proficiency assessments: superior, proficient, competent, and vocational. Each level fetches you different points in the GSM (General Skilled Migration) application, with a maximum of 20 for a superior English level.

3- Nominated Occupation

Till 2019, the applicants were given points for certain nominated occupations, not now though. The candidates must then select a career on either Australia’s skilled occupation list (SOL) or the consolidated sponsored occupation list (CSOL) depending on the visa type. The qualifications and degrees should be related to this nominated occupation only.

 4-Overseas Work Experience

You can claim points for having an overseas work experience (that is work outside Australia) of three/five/eight years in the chosen occupation field. The background should be at least from the last ten years only and not more than that, from your PR application date. This can get you up to 15 points. Lower work experience will fetch you lower numbers, but if your work ex is less than three years, it will not be counted.

5- Australian Work Experience

Skilled employment within Australia with approximately 8-10 years of experience, can get you a maximum of 20 marks. Any work experience of less than one year would give you nothing but zero points. Some 5 points are awarded for 1-2 years of experience from Australia. 

6- Qualifications

The points for education depend on educational qualifications. You can claim points for both overseas qualifications and Australian qualifications. Studying in Australia gives you an advantage of extra points and eligibility for applying for the graduate temporary visa.

You can earn 20 points maximum if you have a degree from a recognised and decorated university outside Australia. Also, you can get 15 points for any bachelor or master’s degree from any university.

The candidate can claim additional points for studying in the regional area if they meet the Australia PR points cut off by living and studying in a regional, non-developed and low populated metropolitan area for at least two years.

7- Partner Skills

Points can be claimed for your spouse or partner’s skills too if your partner satisfies all the demands of age, English competency, qualifications, and skill assessment test results. If your spouse is also an applicant for an Australia PR visa, you become eligible for additional points.

If your spouse is already a citizen and has a PR visa, you get a maximum of 10 points. You can claim only added 5 points even if your partner has only English competency proofs. 

8- Skills Assessment

Before you apply for the PR visa:

  1. Make sure you have your skills assessed by the assessing authority.
  2. Along with the required skills, go through health and character assessments, which are medical and criminal records.

9- Additional Points 

You can claim a few additional points for the following things to get additional 5 points for each situation:

  • Regional area qualifications.
  • Accredited in the community language approved by NAATI (Australia’s National Accreditation Authority for Translators and interpreters).
  • An additional professional year in any skilled program in Australia.
  • State sponsorship. It should include formal training and on the job experience.

Always remember to claim points only if you have proof. If you over-claim in your EOI (Expression Of Interest), your application may get rejected. If you fail to meet the mentioned basic requirements, you should not go ahead with your GSM application.


According to previous years data, a minimum score of 65 points is needed to qualify for the residency. However, this doesn’t assure selection by the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection), the organisation responsible for migration.

Overall, pay attention to earning points by updating and brushing up your skills. Individuals can score higher with English proficiency and work experience in their nominated profession, which is required to be there in the country’s SOL (Skilled Occupation List). The PR calculator is a tool that’ll help you know your score altogether.

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