Heard about Duolingo, but not sure about what it is? Feeling insecure because you heard someone got 140 as his score and here you are struggling to take your IELTS band score up at 8? If all these thoughts are troubling your peace of mind then it’s absolutely mandatory for you to read this article. And also it is extremely crucial to choose the best online coaching for IELTS to score well in the exam. Let’s acknowledge the best IELTS preparation course online

Before jumping into the comparison, let’s gather a bit of knowledge about what this test is all about.

What is the Duolingo Exam?

Duolingo is a test for measuring a candidate’s English proficiency. This is an online exam that can be taken from anywhere and at any given time.

Duolingo English test is an adaptive type in nature thus if a candidate gives the right answer, the next appearing question will be tougher than the previous one. In the same way, if a wrong answer is given, the coming question will be easier.

This English proficiency measuring test is of only an hour and needs no appointment beforehand. Candidates can appear for the exam as per their suitable time.

What are the Sections Under the Duolingo English Test?

This English test has similar sections like IELTS. The four sections on the basis of which a candidate’s proficiency is tested are

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking

How to Prepare for the Duolingo English Test?

Candidates can prepare for the test by implementing some of the things in their daily life. They can make a schedule and start watching English movies, reading English newspapers and magazines. Talking with a friend in English will also help the aspirant.

Candidates can search online for Duolingo practice tests and study materials for starting preparation.

Facts to Know About the Duolingo Exam

  • The test can be taken online from anywhere 24 X 7.
  • Results within 2 days.
  • Accepted by many universities across the globe.
  • The test consists of 45 minutes of adaptive test and 10 minutes of a video interview.
  • These days many are opting for Duolingo English tests for Canada.

Things Required for the Test

  • Passport, driving license, Government ID.
  • A well-lit room with less noise, preferably silent.
  • A computer with a stable internet connection.
  • A supported browser.
  • A webcam, microphone, and speakers.

Duolingo Score

The English proficiency is measured and reported on a scale-out of 160 in 5 point increments in the English test. The Duolingo score includes subscores of Conversation, Comprehension, Production, and Literacy.

  • Conversation – Measures the candidate’s ability to listen and speak.
  • Comprehension – Here, the candidates reading and listening abilities get tested.
  • Production- The candidate’s writing and speaking get measured here.
  • Literacy- It measures how well the candidate reads and writes.

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Comparison between Duolingo Score and IELTS

Duolingo Score IELTS Score
10 1.5
15 2
20-25 2.5
30-40 3
45-50 3.5
55-60 4
65-70 4.5
75-80 5
85-90 5.5
95-100 6
105-110 6.5
115-120 7
125-130 7.5
135-140 8
145-150 8.5
155-160 9

Comparison between Duolingo Score and TOEFL

Duolingo Score TOEFL Score
10-25 0
30 1
35 2-4
40 5-8
45 9-13
50 14-19
55 20-25
60 26-31
65 32-37
70 38-43
75 44-49
80 50-55
85 56-61
90 62-67
95 68-73
100 74-79
105 80-85
110 86-91
115 92-96
120 97-102
125 103-107
130 108-112
135 113-115
140 116-118
145 119
150-160 120

Duolingo Score Interpretation

CEFR A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
Score Scale 10-55 10-55 60-85 90-115 120-160 120-160

Duolingo scores are aligned with the international standard of language proficiency that is the Common European Framework of Reference.

A1/ A2

CEFR A1/ A2 means the candidate has a very basic understanding of English words and phrases. He/ she is able to understand direct information and is also capable of expressing themselves in similar contexts.


Candidates under B1 rank are able to understand the important parts of concrete writing or speech on regular subjects such as school, work, etc. They can describe experiences, plans, opinions, ambitions with a little bit of hesitation and awkwardness.


B2 rank holders are able to complete almost any type of communication goal be it on a known or unknown topic. The candidate understands the basic ideas of concrete as well as abstract writing. These candidates are able in communicating with expert speakers.

C1/ C2

C1/ C2- Candidates holding these ranks are capable of understanding various types of critical spoken and written languages that even includes some niche English language use situations. These candidates can latch on to figurative, idiomatic, pragmatic, and implicit language. C1/ C2 holders use English efficiently and easily for various academic, social, and professional purposes.


Hopefully, all your confusion and questions regarding the Duolingo English test and its scoring scale has been addressed in the article. In case of you having any more doubts, you can always share that with us by commenting in the box below.

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