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Human space exploration aids in the investigation of basic concerns about our role in the Universe and the evolution of our solar system. By resolving the problems of human space travel, we advance technology, develop new businesses, and contribute to the peaceful coexistence of countries. Curiosity and adventure are essential to the human spirit, and embracing the challenge of travelling farther into space will inspire today’s people and future generations to join NASA on this thrilling voyage.

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IELTS Writing Task 2

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample: Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?

The essay format is divided into 3 sections: the introduction, body and conclusion.

Introduction: Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?

The debate over whether it is better to explore space with people or robots is as ancient as the space programme itself. Werner Von Braun, the builder of the massive Saturn V rocket and a driving force behind the Apollo Program that launched humans to the moon, believed strongly in the worth of human discovery, especially whenever it meant defeating the feared Soviet Empire. The discoverer of the electromagnetic waves that bear his name, James Van Allen, was similarly enthusiastic and vocal about the significance of robotic exploration.

In any debate on the value of space exploration and the roles of people and robots, five arguments are offered. These are the arguments, in approximately escalating order of advocate support:

Space exploration will ultimately allow us to create a human society on another planet (for example, Mars) as a safeguard against the kind of disaster that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Essay Body Part A

We explore space and develop critical new technologies to propel our economy forward. It is true that every dollar spent on the space programme generates around $8 in economic value for the United States. Space exploration can also encourage young people to seek jobs in science and engineering

In an international setting, space exploration provides a peaceful cooperative platform that is a useful alternative to nation-state warfare. When one looks at the International Space Station, one can’t help but notice that the former Soviet Union and the United States are now active collaborators. International collaboration might also help to cut expenses.

National prestige necessitates that the United States maintain its position as a leader in space, including human exploration. Great civilizations, according to history, do not cease exploration.

Essay Body Part B

These final two points are the most persuasive to me. It is difficult to argue that humans are required for the sort of scientific research that may lead to the discovery of life on other planets. Both sides have compelling points. Personally, I believe that humans will outperform any existing robot in unorganized environment exploration for a very long period of time.

Some argue that human exploration is probably too difficult for the reward we gain. Nevertheless, I cannot fathom any President of the United States stating that we are relinquishing human space exploration and handing it to the Chinese, Russians, Indians, Japanese, or any other party. I can see the United States engaged in much broader international collaboration.

Humans will venture into space. The problem is to ensure that they conduct user research.

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Essay Body Part C

Robotic technology, including unmanned missions, probes, observatories, and landers, permits space exploration without endangering human life. It prepares the foundations and does the reconnaissance. However, as former astronaut Thomas Jones has stated, “only a person can experience what it is like to be in space, and only a person can express this to others.” Humans are responsible for repairing the Hubble Space Telescope.

The International Space Station is serviced by people (ISS). Mercury explorers were the first to use hand-held cameras to picture Earth from orbit. Earth scientists in orbit on the International Space Station (ISS) may notice parts of global change that only a keen eye can perceive. Furthermore, studying astronauts in microgravity has been the sole way to determine how gravity impacts human growth and health on Earth.

Essay Body Part D

Humans will very certainly colonise other planets in this century. Our capacity to explore and sustain human habitation there will not only increase Earth’s access to natural riches but will also provide other homes for humanity’s survival if the necessity arises.

Space research is not a burden on the economy; it creates far more wealth than it consumes. Royalties on NASA patents and licences presently go to the US Treasury rather than returned to NASA. I am certain that if the Life Sciences Research Program is allowed to obtain a return on its investment, it will be self-sustaining. NASA has accomplished so much with so little that it is widely considered to have had a large budget. In truth, NASA’s 2007 budget of $16.3 billion is a minuscule percentage of the overall G.D.P. of $13 trillion.

Essay Body Part E

NASA is keen on promoting all of the offshoots of its research, such as microelectronics. But are we space travel for the sake of exploring space, or should we do all of this to improve consumer electronics? To this issue, I once noticed the late Carl Sagan remark, “You don’t need to fly to Mars to kill disease.” If you discover how to do it as a side advantage, that’s fantastic, but there are certainly more cost-effective methods to acquire all of these side effects without leaving Earth.

The exorbitant expenses of sending humans into space and beyond are expressed in dollars, rubles, or yuan. The advantages of human spaceflight are difficult to quantify since they contain both concrete and intangible payoffs. As a result, answering the question, “Do the advantages exceed the costs?” is not simple.

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Essay Body Part F

If the payoffs are restricted to scientific discovery, many detractors of human spaceflight say “no.” With present and, more importantly, future robotic capabilities, the increased benefit of human presence on missions aiming largely at a better understanding of the moon, Mars, near-Earth rocks, and other cosmic destinations is unlikely to justify the additional costs and hazards associated. Nevertheless, Steve Squyres, the lead scientist for the Mars Exploration Rovers, has repeatedly stated that he wishes spirit and chance were working in collaboration with humans on Mars’ surface. That combination, he claims, would considerably improve the mission’s scientific payoffs.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Conclusion

Longer-term, I believe the human inquiry is required to address two issues. One is, “Are there operations in other parts of the solar system of such economic worth that they warrant incurring enormous expenditures to do them?” The third question is, “Can humans living away from Earth receive at least a significant percentage of what they require for survival from local resources?” If the correct response is yes, I believe that some people will ultimately build permanent colonies away from Earth, in the worst-case scenario to guarantee that the human species survive a planetary disaster, but also because people move for both economic and cultural reasons. That is a significant departure from the current debate over the costs and advantages of human spaceflight, but I believe that such a long-term view is the best approach to justify a fresh beginning in human space exploration.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

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