The IELTS speaking exam is like one of those interviews that all of us have faced once or twice in our life. It’s like those face-to-face interviews where we have to sit in front of the interviewer and answer all the questions asked by him in a rapid and quick manner and not take much time to think about it.

For this, a candidate is provided with a list of instructions following which he has to successfully curate an amazing answer for the IELTS cue card topic.

What is Cue Card?

In this interview, the candidate has to answer a few questions related to some general topic. It could be anything ranging all the way from – how did you start your first IELTS preparation, how did you feel when you got your first job, or describe a situation where you were extremely happy and you made others happy along with you. These could be the different types of questions being asked in a cue card topic.

So, today we’ll be talking about one such cue card topic and will help you to know how you can prepare an easy yet amazing answer for the same.

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Cue Card Question and Sample Answers

The IELTS speaking part has a lot of cue card questions that one might get asked. Today, we are talking about one such topic – Describe your favourite movie.

So, when you’re preparing the answer to any such question or any other if you have taken, there are a few points that one must take into consideration to present a good answer for the same.

So, for this question, you can keep the following points in mind and these are:

#1. When did you see this movie?

#2. What type of movie was it or which genre does it belong to?

#3. What was the film basically about?

#4. Explain why you love this movie so much or why is it your favourite movie?

Describe Your Favourite Movie Cue Card: IELTS Sample Answers Part One

Watching movies is a kind of stress-relief technique and when you’re watching something that you love, it feels even more amazing.

I have always enjoyed watching movies a lot – be it some English movie or a classic Bollywood. I just love watching them a lot.

When did You See this Movie?

I still remember the time when I first watched this movie. I was in school back then and it was a cold winter afternoon. Our vacations were going on and I was at my Nani’s house, just chilling under the hot sun and enjoying my time to the fullest.

That’s when my cousin called me and told me about this amazing movie that was going to get telecast on the television later that evening. It was a barbie movie. I had always loved Barbie dolls and really enjoyed playing with them.

So, when I heard of this barbie movie that was going to get telecast on the television that evening, I got super excited and happy at the same time to watch it.

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What Type of Movie It Was?

It was one of those classic barbie movies that they used to telecast on the television back then. So, every Sunday was a fun day for us because we got to watch so many amazing, interesting, yet magical barbie movies. Barbie dolls have always fascinated me and I have loved all of them.

So, that day I was excited for the whole day about this movie. I went out to play with my cousin and his friends at 5 that evening and we came back at 7 – a lot earlier than what we used to come back at normally.

Did You like It?

Both of us were super excited to watch this movie and were just dying for the clock to turn 8 so that we could switch on our television and watch it. We went out at 7 to gather all the necessary things required for us to watch this movie. We got some packets of chips, some FunFlips, a large bottle of coca-cola, and a few chocolates so that we can take all of it together and watch our movie with all the fun and some great food by our side.

What was the Movie Basically About?

The movie’s name was – Barbie and the twelve dancing princesses and it was a wonderful movie about how a barbie protects her father from his greedy sister who was all the way behind him to steal all his possessions.

This barbie then helps her younger sisters to escape from the tensions of the worlds that they are living into a completely different world altogether where everything is magical and everything seems so happy and positive. Flowers were growing, birds were singing, instruments were playing, and all of them with their dancing shoes just escaped from the world of reality into this beautiful place every night to enjoy life to its fullest.

But towards the end of the movie, their world, their dream is broken and is shattered because of their aunt who tries everything to keep them caught like birds in their room. But the protagonist, with the help of her prince, i.e., the shoemaker, confronts the truth and the reality of her aunt in front of her father and helps him to get well as soon as possible so that her aunt can be kicked out of the kingdom.

Explain Why do You Love this Movie Very Much?

I love this movie a lot because I’ve always fancied barbies and dolls. I’ve always loved being surrounded by them. In fact, I have a dollhouse in my home even today where all of my dolls are kept preserved and intact like the way I bought them once.

Along with this, this movie is all about positivity and filial love and the relationship between a father and a daughter. This movie teaches us to be kind and to pursue our passions no matter what the situation is or no matter where we are stuck in life. All those princesses were stuck in their rooms but their passion for dancing took them all the way from this real-world to a completely different and imaginable world where they danced all night with their princes.

Tips to Ace IELTS Speaking Test

The IELTS exam requires the candidates to do a lot of IELTS preparation and for that, one needs to read and study as much as they can in order to make their way out of this world and create a completely different world for them all together with their own hard work and passions.

In order to prepare oneself for the IELTS speaking exam and the different cue card questions and topics that one might get asked of in the examination, one needs to do a lot of research over the internet and find as many topics as they can so that they can learn the best possible way to prepare an answer for these questions.


Hopefully, this piece of useful information helped you to know how you can curate a perfect answer for this examination. If you have any kind of doubts or questions, just feel free to comment down below and let us know all about it so that we can help you with the same.

Also, check out some more blogs updated by us on our page to have more information about the same.

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