Data science in today’s world is one of the most sought after fields. Mining, scraping, analyzing and finally speculating on the basis of data is what drives today’s market to create a personalised experience for the user base of a business. And if someone wants to take a plunge into this vast field they must start from a grassroots level from a university that is both respectable and provides quality education, in Canada universities for masters.

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Why Study Data Science?

This is known to be a multidisciplinary field including data cleansing, preparing, analysis. Data science allows applications to gain insights from large, raw, unstructured datasets. An MS in Data Science from Canada can fetch an average of about $70,000 to $90,000 per annum. Masters in data science in Canada is a good option to choose and proceed forward.

Top Canadian Universities offering MS in Data Science

University Specialisation Annual Fee
University of British Columbia Masters in Data Science $33,400
Ryerson University Masters in Data Science $17,400
University of Toronto Masters of Science in Allied Computing- Data Science $27,000
McGill University Masters in Computer Science – Data Science MSDAI – $3,400
MMath – $10,650
University of Waterloo MDSAI and MMath in Data Science $11,400 – $16,220
HEC Montreal MS Data Science and Business Analytics $20,353 – $20,730

Details of the Best Universities

  • University of Toronto

As gestured by “The Times Higher Education Best Universities in Canada 2020 Rankings”, the University of Toronto positioned 18th all around the world and as the best institution to choose masters from.

The campus of the university is seen to be one of the most diverse in Canada and has lured students from all around the planet, including a bunch of 160 nations, which makes the University of Toronto an appealing decision for worldwide students.

On the off chance that you require to be part of a very well-reputed university and go to probably the best school inside a university, at that point, the University of Toronto can be your most ideal alternative.

Why is it Famous?

Known as perhaps the best school in Canada for medicinal studies, the famous discovery of insulin basically occurred at the University of Toronto by a prestigious Nobel laureate Frederick Banting. With an incredible number of graduate and postgraduate programs offered and a worldwide blend of students, the University of Toronto is perhaps the most ideal university an individual should opt for.

In fact, there are notable alumni, among which, five are Canadian executives and scholars Michael Ondaatje and Margaret Atwood. Altogether, 10 Nobel laureates are associated with the university, including Banting.

  • McGill University

Montreal’s McGill University is placed 3rd in Canada and 42nd universally, as per Times Higher Education. The university is known to be the only Canadian college represented in the World Economic Forum’s Global University Leaders Forum.

It also is famous for being a great medicinal school and provides great master courses in Canada. McGill setup Canada’s first faculty of medication, which draws in global students to the notable campus.

Offering more than 300-degree subjects for an exceeding amount of 31,000 students, from 150 nations, McGill is one of three colleges in Quebec at which you can learn subjects in English. Indeed, almost half the student body is from abroad.

  • University of Waterloo

Positioned eighth on the rundown of top ten universities in Canada and somewhere in the range of 201st and 250th in the world, the University of Waterloo is situated at the core of Canada’s innovation centre point, in Waterloo, Ontario.

One of the numerous schools in Canada for international students, this university has become a pioneer in co-educative programs. The University of Waterloo has the world’s biggest postgraduate education program, is extraordinary compared to other Canadian universities for international students, and is focused on development and cooperation to cultivate a superior future for Canada.

The University of Waterloo is known for its engineering and science program, which the Times Higher Education Magazine places in the main 75 programs around the world.

  • University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia positions second in the rundown of top 10 Canadian universities and 34th universally. The university procured its position because of its standing in research, recognized graduated class, and grants accessible for international students.

The University of British Columbia has two grounds – one in Vancouver and one in Kelowna. Students from abroad will value the fact that the environment of the Greater Vancouver area is in general a lot milder than the remainder of Canada and offers closeness to seashores and mountains.

This reputable university has housed numerous noticeable individuals and created numerous researchers and competitors – 3 Canadian Prime Ministers, 8 Nobel prizewinners, 65 Olympic medalists and 71 Rhodes scholars.

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Why Study Data Science from Canada?

There are many reasons why you should pursue your data science degree from Canada:

  1. The average salary of an entry-level data scientist is $60,000 annually.
  2. There is a huge demand for about 19,000 professional data scientists according to the Canada Big Data Consortium.
  3. There is supposedly a huge flush of data science jobs coming up in the next 5 years.
  4. Demand for data scientists is about to increase by about 50% than software engineers.

Eligibility Criteria

For international students, there is a separate landing page to apply on the university website.


  1. Four-year bachelor degree in any relevant field such as engineering, computer science, economics etc.
  2. An average GPA of 3.0 is required on a scale of 4.33. This is the same as 75% for Indian students.

University Specific Criterion

University Minimum Eligibility
University of British Columbia Work Experience, and a GPA of 8 on 10
University of Toronto 77-79% in UG
Carleton University GRE/GMAT score
Ryerson University A score of 73-76%
University of Waterloo Average of 78%, accompanied by 1 year
HEC Montreal GMAT – 600, GRE, MAGE – 300 and French language proficiency

What is IELTS?

One of the world’s most well-known English language proficiency exams, IELTS is known not only for gaining admissions in universities where English is the primary mode of communication, but also in getting permanent residency in countries with English as the mother tongue. The IELTS exam is conducted in two types, The Academic and General Training. Scores are given out in the form of bands. Each institution has its own sets of band criteria, getting equal to or greater than that band helps someone bag a greater chance for admission.

IELTS for Canada

For certain purposes as such, Canadian universities have a minimum IELTS band requirement for confirming an individual’s capabilities in terms of their clasp in English. Whether someone is going for bachelors or for masters, the IELTS is a mandatory examination which one must take to prove their English speaking and understanding ability.

For masters, an individual is required to have a minimum IELTS band of 6- 6.5, and a minimum band of 5.5 is required for bachelors admission and to get a student visa or permanent residency.


Now if you want to take up data science as your post-graduation program, go ahead take it. You have all the information you c=want at your disposal. In case you still find something disturbing, you can take a free IELTS demo class at IELTS NInja.

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