The IELTS test is the most significant one for candidates looking to study and work in different English-speaking countries. Let’s do IELTS exam preparation with the help of this article. This article has sample answers to Describe a crop you are familiar with for the IELTS cue card topic. 

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Important Points to Cover

While answering the questions asked by the examiners in the cue card section, you must be straightforward, precise, and perfect. To be perfect and confident in answering the questions, you must know the correct sub-questions to answer. 

This gives a sequential form of speaking in front of the experts. To answer this topic, you need to make sure that you are speaking in the manner given below. You can impress the examiners with this strategy. So, let’s do it for the IELTS exam preparation. 

Let’s check what to answer for this IELTS cue card topic: 

You should say:

#. What crop is it?

#. When and where it is grown? 

#. What do you think about it?

Describe a Crop You are Familiar With: Sample Answer One

What Crop is it?

Well, I come from Uttar Pradesh, a state far-famed for agriculture. All kinds of crops are fully grown here however the one I might prefer to mention is Wheat. Uttar Pradesh is the second biggest producer and shopper of wheat as flour bread is an element of staple food in this region. I’m aware of crops since I don’t live too far away from country space on huge farms where wheat is cultivated.

When and Where is it Grown?

The land of this region is very fertile, and therefore the atmospheric conditions are contributory to the production of this crop. My uncle is a farmer and I usually visit his farm, however, this crop is cultivated. The sowing of the crops comes about within Nov, and it’s harvested within April a famed competition of Vaisakhi is related to this crop as farmers begin the harvest with this celebration.

What Do You Think About It?

Wheat isn’t solely related to the culture of Punjab however it’s conjointly imperative to the native economy. The fact is that thanks to the mechanization of farming the output of this crop have inflated considerably and nowadays numerous heaps of wheat are exported internationally which contributes to the native economy. However, an annual half-hour of the turns out couldn’t reach the plate thanks to poor management.

Therefore, the time requires that the state ought to develop facilities like warehouses and Silos to confirm the waste might be avoided alongside the loss of nature.

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Describe a Crop You are Familiar With: Sample Answer Two

What Crop is it?

My country has predominantly been an agricultural country even supposing, in recent times, manufacturing has created its method in several components. So, it’s honest to mention that I’m quite acquainted with several crops that are full-grown in my country, and paddy/rice is one of them. Talking concerning rice, this specific crop is pretty widespread throughout the total continent of Asia wherever the bulk of its individuals eat rice as their main food.

When and Where is it Grown?

By the way, rice is thought to be the primary cultivated crop in Asia. Moreover, this crop is preserved in the form of rice grains that were found in China around 3000 B.C. Except for Asian countries, rice is additionally fully grown to some extent in the continent, the Caribbean and Latin American countries, Australia and Europe. 

Rice cultivation is well-suited to countries and regions with low labour prices and high downfall because it is effortful to cultivate and needs ample water. However, rice is often fully grown anywhere, even on a steep hill or mountain space with the utilization of water-controlling terrace systems.

But, before anything, one wants the correct seedlings of appropriate kinds of rice that suit the surroundings, to cultivate rice. Once the seedlings are fully grown at a definite height, they’re then planted on the soil when made ready by ploughing and harrowing it properly.

What Do You Think About It?

Anyway, I prefer everything concerning this specific crop as a result of its countless usages. Needless to mention, once the rice is grown, their inexperienced look renders the landscape of my country so lovely that one simply would keep observing it whereas the wind moves them gently. Besides, they appear spectacularly lovely once the paddy package becomes gold and is prepared for gathering.

Well, this crop is extremely necessary for my country as it meets the demand for the most food and sugar for the numerous people in my country. Besides, still, the bulk of the population of my country is hooked on this crop for her living and economic desires. Finally, rice is a crucial crop in my country additionally as a result its straw is preponderantly used as feed for the stock everywhere in my country.

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