The examiner will begin the IELTS Speaking part 1 examination by introducing himself/herself and then questioning you about your identity. The interviewer will next ask you a series of general/ basic questions about your family, background, studies, home, work, interests, hobbies, and so on.

Following that, you’ll have to speak continuously for roughly 4-5 minutes on a particular topic, after which you’ll be asked a few personal questions. Then you’ll have to answer these questions honestly and informally. Given below is the IELTS speaking part one special costumes questions with answers which will help you in your exam preparation.

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Special Costumes

Part 1 of the IELTS speaking test normally lasts 4-5 minutes. It is based on a simple interview seeking basic facts about the test taker, such as home, town, study, or pastime. In a small talk interview, the candidate should reveal personal information. Examiners are in charge of the discussion, and they have a script to follow.

Part 1 of the IELTS speaking test includes the following questions:

#Your whole name

#Your identification

#Simple issues concerning yourself, such as your hometown or family

#If you work, describe your job, why you picked it, and ask about your coworkers.

#If you’re a student, what topics are you studying, why did you choose them, do you enjoy them, and why?

Questions and Answers for IELTS Speaking Part 1

Do You Like to Wear Special Costumes?

Yes, absolutely! I enjoy wearing Special costumes because the cloth is of higher quality, which makes them more comfortable and gives me a unique appearance, and I am always trying to stand out from the crowd. I adore dressing up for weddings and other occasions. I have a sizable selection of traditional clothing and dresses to wear on such occasions.

Recently, When Did You Wear Your Special Costume?

My sister’s wedding was last month, and I worked quite hard to arrange my outfits for the various ceremonies. It was the occasion of our college’s theme-based celebration. The theme was the 1990s, so I dressed up in clothes that gave me a glimpse of time heroes. Everyone complimented my outfit.

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Did You Wear Any Special Costumes When You Were Young?

Ans 1: When I was in sixth grade, our school hosted a fancy dress competition. I used to dress up as a lawyer. It looks nice on me because I was in good physical shape at the time. This tournament awarded me first place.

Ans 2: I don’t recall much, but my mother always dressed me nicely whenever we planned to attend an event, and there are many images of what my mother made me wear.

Do You Like Buying Special Costumes?

Ans 1: Not always, in my opinion. I only buy costumes when there is a special occasion because such outfits are rarely worn daily, and accumulating a large number of them is expensive.

Ans 2: Yes! It was during our college’s Ganesh Chaturti that I took part in a dance in which I played the role of Goddess Lakshmi. At the time, I purchased some colourful and ethnic clothing to give me the appearance of a Goddess.

IELTS Exam Preparation

Hometown Questions

#Let’s speak about where you grew up. What is the location of your hometown?

#What do you find appealing about it?

#What is it that you don’t like about it?

#What is the significance of your hometown to you?

#Do you believe you will remain in your hometown?

#Let’s move on to the topic of lodging. What kind of living lifestyle do you have?

#Is there a lot of stuff to do where you live?

#Is there anything you’d like to change about your current residence?

#Do you intend to stay for a long time?


#Do you currently have a job?

#Do you like what you do for a living or is it only for money?

#What are your responsibilities at work?

#What does a normal day at work look like for you?

#What aspects of your employment would you change?

#In five years, what do you anticipate you’ll be doing?

#What qualifications and skills are required for this position?

#Have you ever had any previous work experience?

#What was it like on your first day at work?

#What were your responsibilities at work?

#What was a normal day at work like for you?

#Have you done any volunteer work in the past?

#Why did you participate in the volunteer work?

#Do you know someone who might be willing to help?

#What do you think of when you hear the phrase “volunteer work”?

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Life Style and Work

#What do you enjoy doing in your spare or pass time?

#Do you have a crowded social calendar?

#Do you live a physically active lifestyle?

#Is your life significantly different now than it was a year ago?

#What aspects of your lifestyle would you like to alter?

#Do you have a job right now?

#How well do you get along with your coworkers?

#At work, what obligations do you have?

#Is there a good job market in your own country?

Family and Housework

#In your immediate family, how many persons are there?

#Within your family, with whom do you get along best?

#Do you come from a huge family?

#What do you and your family do together?

#What makes your family so important to you?

#Do you clean your house at home?

#What kind of chores do you undertake regularly?

#Do you remember doing housework as a kid?

#Do you think kids should help with housework?

Books and TV

#Do you enjoy watching television?

#How frequently do you watch television?

#What types of television shows do you enjoy watching?

#What are your country’s most popular television shows?

#Have you noticed any changes in your viewing habits as a result of the internet?

#Do you read regularly?

#Are you a book aficionado? Why?

#Do you have a lot of books in your house?/ What types of novels do you enjoy reading?

#Do you prefer to purchase or borrow books?

#What are some of the advantages of reading?

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Movie and Music

#How frequently do you go to the movies?

#Is it pricey to go to the movies in your country?

#What are the advantages of going to the movies?

#Do you like to watch movies in theatres, alone or with other people?

#In a film, which actor would you prefer to play you?

#What method do you use to listen to music?

#What time of day do you listen to music?

#What is your favourite musical genre?

#Is music a popular subject in your country’s schools?

#What are the most popular types of music in your country?

#Do you have a favourite celebrity from another country?

#Would you like to be famous in the future?

#Do you believe we should safeguard the privacy of celebrities?

#In your nation, how do superstars impact their fans?


Using free resources to improve your speaking abilities is a little more difficult than the other three IELTS areas. True, speaking English can help you improve, but conversing with a native English speaker can be far more beneficial. Someone who can assist you in correcting your errors. Of course, we won’t always be able to get a native English speaker, so we’ll have to settle for the next best thing. Courses and materials from the IELTS Ninja.

The IELTS speaking examination can be scary at first, especially because you’ll be examined in front of your examiner in real-time. Finding free speaking topics with sample replies can be tricky due to the live format, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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