International English Language Testing System otherwise known as IELTS, is intended to survey the language proficiency of up-and-comers in nations where English is the essential language of correspondence. To fulfill the dream of working or settling abroad in the UK, Australia, and different nations, we have to clear this assessment. To have the option to clear the IELTS, it is necessary to get ready for the test.

Online coaching for IELTS is a smart choice yet simply going to one doesn’t ensure accomplishment in the assessment. To improve your odds, you have to enhance your planning by taking advantage of the web’s free assets to get an edge over different applicants. There is a huge measure of free material accessible on the web to get ready for IELTS. Since the material is so huge competitors will in general get puzzled. That is why the below-listed tools are a combination of resources that can assist you with accomplishing that punch in your IELTS preparation.

Understanding IELTS-Have a General idea about the  IELTS Exam

IELTS exam key goal is to check whether your English is sufficiently able to flourish in nations where English is the official language. The test reduces to four basic abilities:


Reading (General or Academic)

Writing(General or Academic)


These are the four regions that IELTS tests the candidates in. The test will have the previously mentioned areas and there will be a distributed time period to finish them. Each part is sensitive all alone and should be handled exclusively. Likewise, there are two types of exams – 1) General, where testing depends on basic information on English, and 2) Academic, which is built on features that prepare you for higher education or educational educations.

To achieve this, Here is a list of tools you can use in your planning to expand the capability of the web’s assets for IELTS preparation.

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Android Apps for IELTS Preparation

Everyone has our mobile phones and tablets. This is the time to make the maximum use out of them. These useful gadgets can play a significant role in preparing you for IELTS. Let’s take a look at some of the apps below:

  • IELTS Skills

IELTS Skills is an application that will assist you with getting ready for the IELTS by covering each of the 4 areas – Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. The application gives mock tests, and practice materials. It contains materials from the top of the line IELTS books of Sam McCarter. You can likewise test yourself and see your score by means of an intuitive ‘Can Do’ topic area.

  • IELTS Word power

This is an application by British Council for test-takers to enhance their vocabulary. This application helps you in building your jargon for the IELTS test, to find your nearest British Council test focus, and to become familiar with IELTS.


It contains 200 articles on various themes that will assist you in improving your English vocabulary. It likewise encourages you to understand what kind and style of language you should use in the writing part of the test.

Examples of Finest  IELTS Online Coachings that People Swear by

  • IELTS Ninja-  If you are someone who needs regular evaluation and constant feedback you should definitely check this out. IELTS Ninja offers you online lectures, one-to-one sessions, mock tests, personalized test plans,s and most importantly you will be assigned a private mentor for IELTS preparation. This website also has over 80000 students achieving their desired band scores!
  • Kaplan- It is also one of the famous IELTS online coaching programs. Kaplan offers you to work at your own pace and provides you live streams and resources for 6 months.
  • Udemy- This one especially is designed to achieve a band score above 7. Udemy provides practice assignments, time management strategies, and computer-based plans and programs.
  • Magoosh- It is one of the most flexible programs as it is available and accessible on different devices and platforms like OS. Magoosh offers 125+ video lessons and 640+ practice questions and the best part is they give you a 7-day money-back if the learner does not want to continue with it.
Choose What’s Best for You

The above-mentioned resources are one of the certified leading platforms that you can choose to learn from.  Each platform has its own advantages and perks. All these online platforms are readily available just at a mouse click. It entirely depends on you, which kind of platform you would like to go ahead with but keep in mind that whichever platform you choose should fit the requirements of your chosen exam type.

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