A Little About Kawkab

Kawkab, Is a Jordanian National living in Saudi Arabia. She thought that her English level was fine and could achieve a high band score by some self-study. Although She managed to get high scores in both listening and reading, her writing and speaking scores were disappointing. In Speaking she got 5.5. Therefore, she decided to search for assistance online and luckily google led her to IELTS Ninja’s distinguished Online courses.

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“My General  IELTS exam was on the 2nd of December. As I had less than two weeks to prepare, I joined IELTSNinja Extensive course which undoubtedly highlighted the most important points of focus, and how to deal with the exam itself to get higher results.” – Kakwab

Kawkab’s Gratitude to her trainer Rimple!

“In fact, in addition to IELTS Ninja team, my deepest gratitude goes to the sweetest mentor ever, Ms.Sharma.R , who was the actual driving & motivating force for me to overcome my disappointment! I barely could perform 30 seconds speaking once we started the interactive lessons, my self-confidence started to be built up gradually until my score of 5.5 turned into 7 in 10 days only.” – Kakwab

I Achieved more than My Target Bands!

Target Achieved: 8 Band, & a Perfect 9 In Reading!

Module Band Score
Listening 8.5 
Reading 9
Speaking 7
Writing 7.5


Parting thoughts!

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Rimple treated me as a friend not a student, she was available for me at my convenience even when she had festivals or it was her weekly vacation… she supported me before and after the exam. With her, I learned that there is nothing impossible and I lived the experience of hard work is the key to success!

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