The IELTS exam requires tight guidance and good practice. Here’s the right way to answer in the IELTS speaking section. Let’s go through the article to describe an object you find particularly beautiful. You should perform IELTS exam preparation with the best IELTS speaking online course. So, let’s check it out!

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IELTS Cue Card

This section of IELTS speaking is challenging for the candidates. The examiners ask the aspirants to discuss different topics. The candidates get very little time to think about the topic and then they are asked to start speaking their ideas on it. So, the candidates are required to be calm and composed for this section of the IELTS exam.

Also, the participants must prepare themselves before the test by practicing different topics. They must know the right sequence and way to start speaking and include other aspects into their answer. This shows the candidate’s creativity, presence of mind, and intellect. If they are well prepared from earlier, they will be confident while speaking before the examiners.

So, let’s check out the questions that you must answer to describe an object you find particularly beautiful. These questions will give a good sequence to your answer if you will follow them. So, prepare to answer different topics based on the major questions that must be discussed.

# Where is the artwork/object?

# How was it made?

# What does it look like?

# And explain why you find it particularly beautiful.

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Describe an Object You Find Particularly Beautiful

My home is packed with numerous varieties of objects that have been lying there for a few years, and that are serving several functions of my house. I love art and craft in all forms like painting, woodwork, and ornaments created from gold and silver. It takes tons of talent to make a masterpiece and only a real creative person will pour their whole heart out and make a piece of art.

Nowadays in modern times, everything is a machine created and handicrafts are quite rare and valuable. I actually have visited several art exhibitions wherever I got the chance to witness marvellous works of art. But, today, I’d like to take this chance to speak about a couple of pieces of object that are new, and that I realize are very stunning and splendid.

This object is a painting of the goddess Durga with a little kid. I vividly remember, about 2 years ago, on my birthday, I received nice blessings and precious presents from our near and dear ones.

One of my friends gave me this stunning painting to me on a big day. When seeing this, I had mixed feelings. Genuinely speaking, I used to be on top of the planet and a bit emotional, too, at a similar time because that was a precious gift for me.

The painting was so splendid that once I saw it, I instantly decorated it on the front wall of my room, and I still have it.

If I’m talking about how it looks, it’s a portrait of the goddess Durga standing in the middle of the painting and a child. She is in forward and backwards; there’s a drop right facet, and on the left facet is a body of water serene with moonlight. Moreover, this painting is in vivacious colour, which makes it so real. It’s painted in 3D art, providing a more real and connecting atmosphere.

In fact, there are a number of reasons why I favour it; firstly, this is such a masterpiece designed by an eminent painter. He tried to place all emotions and feelings in one portrait. Besides this, that painting isn’t simply an object for me, but it’s an additional sort of blessing or well-wishes of my friend.

In short, this painting makes me feel so optimistic and emotional at the same time because it shows the significance of love, struggle, and bond between a mother and a child. Therefore this is the thing that I realize is most precious and marvellous. I prefer to observe the painting for hours because it shows the truth of life.

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