IELTS is a unique exam in its way where you are being rated from 0 to 9 Band scale and there is no pass or fail kind of concept here. The only thing your received IELTS scores indicate is where you stand now and how far you need to work hard for reaching the Band 9 level. Hence, in IELTS, your scorecard shows your improvements in being proficient in using the English language.

While you are practising tests during your training or self-preparation, you must be getting an idea of where you stand and this will predict the likelihood of achieving a band score in the real exam. In this scenario, it would be important to be realistic about your IELTS scores.

Many students develop several misconceptions about the real exams while they are undergoing practice test sessions. Let us understand them and discuss the realism of predicting IELTS scores in detail.

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Importance of Being Realistic About IELTS Scores

Passing the exam will not provide you with all of the English abilities you will require for a new life in an English-speaking nation, and you will quickly discover how much more you will need to study once you arrive. However, because you will not be under the strain of an exam, this should be a relaxing and pleasurable experience.

So, let’s return to IELTS and the English level required to achieve the desired band. IELTS is a test of your ability and skills to apply your English skills to tasks to demonstrate your English language and vocabulary level.

Main Purpose for IELTS

To Study

It’s a study test; thousands of the world’s most prestigious institutions and colleges will accept your IELTS scores as proof of English language proficiency.


Professional registration bodies in a variety of areas, including engineering, accounting, law, medical, pharmacy, nursing, and teaching bodies in many countries, will accept an IELTS result.

This means that once you’ve completed your education, you may be required to take a test to get professional registration in an English-speaking country. If you choose the exam as your university entrance exam, you will be familiar with the format when you take it again for professional registration.


It is the migration test — more governments in more countries accept the exam as a prerequisite for permanent residency than any other English language test. Test results are accepted by the governments of Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand. The score you’ll need is determined by your visa’s requirements.

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Advantage of IELTS

It is the world’s most widely accepted English language test, with over 11,000 businesses worldwide accepting it. It is trusted by immigration authorities in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

There are many choices in life, and selecting the best selection for your future is crucial. You have options before and after the test with IELTS, ensuring that you are in the best possible position for your future:

– With IELTS, you have the option of taking the test on paper or a computer.

– You have the option of selecting one of the test versions.

– You can take the test for school, work, or migration purposes.

– With over 1,400 test centres in 56 countries, you can choose a test day and location that is convenient for you.

Enhance Communication Skills

Because English is spoken as a first language in fifty-five nations, excellent communication skills are required. Demonstrating a strong command of the language could lead to opportunities to work in a foreign nation!

Many countries, including New Zealand and Canada, demand that you speak English beyond “conversational” levels. Instead, you must demonstrate that you are a ‘competent’ user of the language by attaining a specific score on your IELTS test to gain employment in these countries.

The four language skills – listening, writing, speaking, and reading – are assessed in the test. You can acquire several study techniques that will help you improve your English language skills through our Prepare hub.

Assistance for Future Purpose

Unlike other tests that feature an automated speaking component, the test requires you to communicate with the examiner in real-time. This helps you better prepare for life in a foreign country by simulating real-world conversations like those with your neighbours and coworkers. This test advantage could be a crucial factor in determining whether to take IELTS or other examinations.

The test assists you in establishing clear objectives and drives you to study more diligently. It’s easy to not study as hard or wait until the last minute or second when you don’t have defined goals and objectives. The goals of the test are clearly defined, which makes it easier to stay motivated to study daily and develop your English skills.

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Practice Listening and Reading Mock Tests Like Real Exam

Listening and reading modules of the exam are considered to be the most scoring modules since these are objective type questions and only the exact answers give you the band score. You are likely to get the same band score in the real exam also the way you might have been scoring in practice tests.

For example, if you have always got Band 7 or above scores in listening and reading, you are very likely to receive so in your final exam as well. But make sure that you are keeping the same kind of strictness in terms of time duration the way it is in the real exam. The whole set-up of mock tests needs to be very similar to that of the real exam.

Never Get Satisfied of Writing and Speaking Performance in Mock Tests

As compared to listening and reading, writing and speaking modules are the ones where students usually find it difficult to score high. There are cases where students who receive 9 Band in listening and reading modules end up getting 7 Band or sometimes even less than 7 Band in writing and speaking. Writing and speaking are exams that are checked manually and are subjective.

Hence, during your practice sessions, the band score your trainer is giving you would give you an idea of your band score in the real exam. It is not bad if your trainer gives you a lower band score to be strict so that you may try to improve more and be more careful about your highlighted mistakes in the real exam leading to a good band score.

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Are you Over Confident About your IELTS Scores?

Make sure you are not overconfident about your scores. While you should not be nervous and be confident to give your best, you should also ensure that you are not expecting unachievable scores. This is applicable for all the modules, especially for writing and speaking. If you have been making a lot of basic mistakes in writing and speaking, you cannot expect your score to be Band 7. And similarly, if you have been losing concentration in the listening exam, you cannot expect a good band score.


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a well-known and widely utilised English exam. It has the support of almost 11,000 organisations. Understanding the syllabus thoroughly is the first stage in your preparation.

The four sections are listening, writing, reading, and speaking. These parts are designed to evaluate candidates’ fundamental English skills, which are required for survival in an English-speaking country.

For more information and IELTS preparation materials, go to IELTS Ninja.

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