Among the four sections of the IELTS test: Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking, the speaking section is incredibly polarised to the candidates, where one aspect comprehends that the speaking section is very liable and the distinct one thinks it is certainly tough. For both divisions, it is important for them to practice the speaking class to improve their speaking skills and to even structure their opinion for a decent total.

In this article, we provide you with a sample of the speaking topics for IELTS preparation. A cue card topic for you to rehearse and know the pattern of answering the questions. Here is a sample- Describe a town or city where you would like to live in the future, a cue card topic for the IELTS speaking test with model answers for you to know the structure and kind of answers required for the speaking test. So do read this article till the end to get a pure impression of the cue card section.

IELTS Speaking Test Cue Card Topic Questions and Sample Answers

The key to attaining the desired band in the achievement is to practice every section with the productive tricks for it. Along with difficult struggle, intelligent work is also required as not much duration is given to a candidate for finishing the assessment. To begin your preparation of the speaking section you can take many sample cue card topics and practice accordingly.

The IELTS speaking component includes a lot of cue card topics. To elaborate such questions like the one given above, one must keep the following points in their mind.

#1 Where is it?

#2 What do you know about this city?

#3 Why do you want to live there?

Describe a Town or City Where you would Like to Live in the Future: IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topic Sample One Introduction 

People often move to other cities or states for a better future and peaceful living. Every city has its own culture and rituals. Many students wish to pursue their education or get a job opportunity abroad. Some shift forcefully due to their family rituals or under the pressure of their parents. I would love to grab the opportunity of moving to another city to pursue my education and settle there itself.

I always dreamt of completing my masters from a well and reputed university. There are many cities with high standard universities. One of my friends lives in Delhi and gives me all the detailed information about the city and education facilities there.

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What do You Know about this City?

Delhi is a very famous and glorious place. The beautiful monument Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan is situated in Agra which is at a distance from Delhi. The famous Red Fort, Jama Masjid, India Gate, Lotus Temple are also few monuments located in Delhi. Chandi Chowk street in Delhi is very famous for shopping and food, people visit Delhi for the main purpose of shopping and having great food. It is worth visiting the city at least once a year.

Why do You Want to Live There?

As said earlier, I dream to pursue my education at a university in Delhi. I would be greatly delighted if I get the opportunity to study there and settle there itself. The famous University of Delhi is very reputed and outstanding. The Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Hamdard University and Delhi Technological University are few more reputed universities in Delhi one can achieve their dreams by shifting to this city and pursuing their education or obtaining a job opportunity.

Describe a Town or City Where you would Like to Live in the Future: IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topic Sample Two Introduction 

There are many places mentioned in my wishlist which I would love to live in the future. I’m a very adventurous person and like to travel the world. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t love my native town. I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. I have a bunch of memories attached to this city. I would like to see myself in a better and favourable place for me in the future.

To mention a specific one I would say, Mumbai. Mumbai is a city in which I would like to live in the future. There are many facilities available which can benefit me to live a better and successful life.

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What do You Know about this City?

Mumbai is a densely populated city which is one of the most significant aspects for me to choose this city. I love being in a city where there is less population. There are many cultural places in Mumbai like mosques, temples and churches. It also has many national parks like the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and the Tiger Zone National Park. It is an amazing place to tour and live in the future with all exciting elements within the city limits.

Why do You Want to Live There?

I feel Mumbai is a city where the people match my interest. I believe I can adjust to the city very conveniently. The enthusiastic culture of the city makes it attractive and a glorious place to live in. It is neither too distant from my homeland nor too near. I can keep visiting my relatives in Hyderabad at least once a month. It even has many spots nearby to visit and explore the state.

Sample Cue Card Topics for IELTS Speaking Test 2021

Given below are rare sample cue card topics that are to be predicted in the IELTS speaking test in 2021. Have a glance to get a notion of what types of topics can emerge in the examination.

#1 Describe your favourite animal

#2 Describe a situation when someone misunderstood you

#3 Illustrate beautiful conservation you had with someone

#4 Describe your favourite memory with your family or friends

#5 Tell me about your first day in school or college.

#6 Narrate a story you heard from your grandparents

#7 Portray a scene where you were the main person

#8 Talk about the trending topic you saw on the internet recently

#9 Talk about the latest fashion trends

#10 Describe a journey you never wish to have again

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Some More Rare Topics for IELTS Speaking Test 2021

#1 Describe a time when someone helped you when you were in a difficult situation

#2 Characterise an old person you know

#3 Talk about the most valuable thing in life you consider

#4 Tell the good news you heard recently.

#5 Describe a book you would like to read again

#6 Describe a moment where you had many mood swings

#7 Enlist the qualities of a good person you know

#8 Describe a love that is unconditional for you

#9 Illustrate a person who you see as your idol

#10 Describe where you see yourself in the next 5 years

Few Preparation Tips for the Students before Appearing for the IELTS Speaking Test

Below are some tips for the aspirant to exercise before appearing for the IELTS speaking test

# Your passive vocabulary is vastly more considerable than your effective vocabulary.

# You can’t use all English phrases you interpret in your verbal English.

# Find reading and listening components on an exclusive theme on the Internet or in journals or magazines anywhere. These aspects may provide distinct or identical opinions. Take comments on the written and verbal parts. Summarize the information and impressions.

# Synthesize the information and learn how the written and verbal quantities relate.

# Conversational English fluency indicates conveying a statement effectively to the other faction as well as being compassionate to your talk friend.

# Try comprehending how the ideas are identical, how one evidence expands over te other or how some recommendations distinguish each other.

# Any theory in the English terminology can be interpreted using additional words.

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Hoping that the above article helped you understand the concept and pattern of the IELTS speaking test. Given above are rare sample cue card topics that are expected to appear in the IELTS test 2021. Sample questions with model answers are also provided in addition.

Preparing for the examination is not a cakewalk. It is as hard as any other examination actually if you are very good at English speaking, assessing, attending, and writing essays. Different from the English skills you also conserve to work on your degree as only 2 hours 45 minutes are allocated to finish the whole assessment. Accordingly, the answer to readying the desired band is to practice and exercise. To strategy the speaking test you can initiate with cue card topics. The justification for this cue card is given above which you can relate to structure your opinion.

Glancing for more such sample questions with model answers and everything relevant to IELTS examinations, then do visit the website IELTS Ninja for a sufficient guide and great quality content for the aspirants.

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