IELTS preparation begins with comprehensive testing to assess the candidate’s strengths and deficiencies. To thoroughly grasp the IELTS exam pattern, this should include practising papers, online classes, official learning materials, textbooks, and sample responses. The IELTS training period is determined by the candidate’s level of proficiency. On average, two to three months of preparation time is deemed adequate. IELTS planning can also be done at home with the right tools and research materials.

But your preparation isn’t enough without coaching and proper guidance.

Now a query might pop up in your mind “Which are the best IELTS classes near me?”

Continue reading to choose the best one for yourself.

IELTS Coaching Near Me: All the Major Cities

Your IELTS preparation can take a good leap if you get some coaching and guidance for it. Learn about the best IELTS coaching centres to get a step closer to your desired score.

Why is IELTS Important?

You may be aware that you need to achieve a certain IELTS score in order to pursue your job or research goals, and you may be striving for that goal by preparing for the exam.

Here is a list of factors of why IELTS is important for you.

Key Factor 1

You will be given an objective evaluation of your English language skills. Maybe your peers have told you that you understand English well, or maybe you still do well in school questionnaires. But do you really understand your skill level? When you take an IELTS exam, you will be judged against the most stringent global IELTS criteria.

Key Factor 2

You can receive a highly recognised credential. By completing an IELTS exam, you will receive a test evaluation that is recognised and approved by thousands of institutions worldwide, including businesses, colleges, technical organisations, and government departments.

Key Factor 3

You will strengthen the command of the English language. Any students choose those talents over others. You will be evaluated on all four language skills during an IELTS exam, namely listening, reading, writing, and communicating, so you must learn them all if you’d like to improve.

Key Factor 4

You will develop a clearer understanding of the English that you need. If you take the IELTS Academic exam, you can gain a better understanding of the language available for undergraduate or postgraduate study in Language.

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Key Factor 5

Since you will have a definite target, you will be inspired to study harder. If you don’t have concrete goals and targets, it’s very tempting to put off studying for another day. Taking an IELTS exam motivates you to work hard and develop your English.

IELTS Coaching Near Me

IELTS Ninja (India’s Best Online Coaching for IELTS)

Why should one prefer online classes? Online classes save a lot of time and energy with anywhere anytime access. A great example is IELTS Ninja.

IELTS Ninja offers high-quality IELTS preparation learning. Their courses are created with the greatest concern and pride in leveraging cutting-edge educational technology to provide you with the highest and most productive learning experience possible. Therefore, IELTS Ninja may be the best option for you

British Council: IELTS Classes Near Me

The British Council is the finest IELTS coaching institute. It is a United Kingdom-based educational association that assists students in studying at universities all around the world. They have offices in nine cities throughout India, including Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad. Standard IELTS Preparation lessons last for 7 weeks (42 hours), while Intensive IELTS Preparation runs for 5 days. IELTS classes are held in Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

Jamboree: IELTS Classes Near Me

They are amongst the oldest IELTS training centres. They have branches in cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai,  Pune and Mumbai. The course incorporates all facets and parts of the exams, as well as mock tests and real-world simulations. It also has offices in UAE and Nepal too. The IELTS Training Course runs for a month. The lectures are three hours long and held twice a week.

Megamind: IELTS Classes Near Me

The British Council and IDP have authorised this Delhi-based institute. They have a one-of-a-kind preparation package for the IELTS exam and provide all of the most up-to-date materials. They also have adjustable class times.

Fateh Education: IELTS Coaching Classes Near Me

Fateh has been one of the best IELTS educational institutions in Delhi, and the British Council has granted it ‘tier three’ grade. There are also centres in Kolkata, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

Camford Academy: IELTS Coaching Classes Near Me

Camford is a well-known IELTS coaching centre in Trivandrum, Kerala. The IELTS course lasts two months. They have one-week and two-week intensive classes.

Edwise: IELTS Coaching Classes Near Me

Edwise is a British Council-approved IELTS coaching centre. It is present in over ten major cities across India, such as Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Delhi. They also partnered with a number of foreign universities to offer free IELTS coaching to students wishing to study in those institutions.

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Why is IELTS Ninja the Best Option for You?

So, what makes them a great IELTS training centre? It is not only one factor that has led them to where they are. Their unwavering pursuit of success, as well as the expertise of their staff, are to be lauded. The below are some of their organization’s highlights:

Personal Training

Personalized planning has been shown to be the most effective form of IELTS preparation. In reality, it is required if you want to achieve higher band scores. This is due to the fact that each person is unique, with unique needs and levels of English proficiency. A course that is tailored for the masses with little distinction is not desirable.

IELTS Ninja only offers instruction that is tailored to the needs of the client. Whereas most educational institutes offer a total of five hours of personal training, they stand out with a staggering 25 or even 100 hours of private lessons.

Well Researched Study Material

Their research materials are a source of pride for them. They are the product of months of in-depth study, and their users find them very useful. There are over 20 hours of tutorials, original past articles, and drills to help you focus with even the most minor of mistakes.

There is also 70-150 hours of additional instructional material, which includes lecture recordings, activities, tasks, mock assessments, and practise tests. So, if you sign up for a month of school, you can receive:

30 hours of classes

70 hours of content plus practice

This is their growth recipe, and it never stops. Before taking the IELTS test, all of their outstanding applicants (those who received 8777 or higher) took full advantage of these 30 hours of lessons and 70 hours of preparation and material.

Unique Teaching Method

IELTS Ninja’s team is committed to providing you with the finest online tutoring experience possible. As a result, their approaches are revolutionary and carefully prepared. They realise how important your time is, which is why they make certain that not a single second of it is lost.

IELTS Ninja Programs


This is the classroom curriculum where you can study techniques as well as different grammatical and syntactical principles. There are video lectures in which you “learn” new information.

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They guarantee that you should not waste your private trainer’s time by gaining knowledge that can be learnt in a school setting by educational videos.

The Interactional section is where you share your questions with your coach, get input on your activities, and essentially put the lessons you learned from the instructional videos into effect.

That’s where you bring your trainer’s experience and insight to delve further into the subject and focus on your flaws.

Practice and Assignments

They feel that this is how well you practise is an important part of your improvement. That’s why they structured their practice sessions to be cyclical, so you can still improve. If you participate in a one-month study, for example, this loop will repeat 30 times. So, even though you start with a Band 6/6.5, you can ultimately advance to a Band 7.5/8.

Why Choose IELTS Ninja?

They do have a clause in which you can get a free demo of their service. In this demonstration, they show you how their online, interactive, private classes work. They felt it would be cool to give people an image of what modern age schooling looks like and most of us are used to being educated in a classroom in a conventional way. Since participating in this 30-minute workshop, both of their students discovered that their courses were unlike anything they had previously seen.

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IELTS Preparation Tips

Check out these essential preparation tips given for each section of the IELTS Exam.

IELTS Listening 

One-on-one interaction

The one-on-one part, as the name implies, is an encounter between two individuals. That may be a phone call or a general chat, and candidates would be expected to take notes about relevant details from the discussion. Listening to as many discussions as possible is the easiest way to practise for this IELTS section. Listening to English bulletins on a daily basis is a very simple process. Understanding the proficiency of native English speakers is one of the challenges that a non-native English speaker encounters. This barrier, though, is quickly resolved with routine practices including listening and noting it down in a notebook.


The applicants are required to listen to a voice in this segment. They will listen to a voice in a social or academic setting and respond to a series of questions. The evaluation would assess how well one understands the main concept of the speech and the highlighted problems.

IELTS Reading

Read as Much as Possible

This will be dull at first. As a result, the simplest way to accomplish this is to begin by reading whatever concerns the candidates. It may be a short essay, an advertisement, or even media briefs. If the primary process is complete, they will move on to harder reading materials such as long essays, opinion articles, and short stories.

Make Notes

It is recommended that you take notes while reading. This would improve the ability to look for specifics. It is important to consider what should be highlighted and what should be noted.

Repeat the Exercise

A single reading of a note would not improve. It would be beneficial to go through the entire process of reading the document and it allows candidates to stay up to date and recall what they have already taken care of. When a person rereads a text, he or she will discover new points.

Practice Comprehension

Practising comprehensions is extremely beneficial in the planning process. Because the test questions are built on comprehension type, it is often beneficial to sharpen reading comprehension.

IELTS Writing 

Reading Sample Essays

Reading as many essays as possible is often beneficial. Analyzing the essays critically and writing down critical points are essential for structuring the article.

Grammar Practice

Practising grammar allows exam takers to write error-free essays and summaries. Since it is an English level test, grammar would be one of the things that would be scrutinised. As a result, it is essential that all publications are grammatically right.

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IELTS Speaking 

First Part

In the first section, the interviewer asks the test taker several general questions about their individual interests, academic record, families, and so on. Here are some pointers to help you succeed in this segment.

Second Part

In this section, examinees are given a subject and asked to comment on it for at least 2 – 3 minutes. The interviewer assesses the examinee’s verbal abilities as well as his or her expertise.

Third Part

This section is significant since the examiner raises questions about the subject from the previous section. The interviewer may present any points drawn from the candidate’s voice, or he or she may ask the candidate to comment on a certain point of view previously expressed.


Now you know that coaching is essential along with self-study. You can improve your scores in the next IELTS exam by taking some coaching classes near you. Or you can also go for online coaching with IELTS Ninja. You can easily access the courses from anywhere at any time.

IELTS Ninja offers high-quality IELTS preparation coaching. Their courses are created with the critical interest and pride in leveraging cutting edge educational technology to provide you with the highest and most beneficial learning experience possible.

Click here to register for a course now.

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